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  1. Around 5 in the morning. I was wrong the announcement happens @ 6:00 AM.
  2. Can anyone enlighten me on how long the lines are for wicked cyclone and superman. I'm visiting the park this coming weekend for two days I believe.
  3. ^The only slide that is good on that tower is the green one. The other slides are terrible imo, especially the yellow one.
  4. Oh you poor bastard I made that mistake once and got off extremely dissapointed but then I got back in line and rode 2nd row and was a lot less dissapointed.
  5. Judging by his coaster count, it might be because he doesn't like steel coasters.
  6. If they do remove V2 hopefully they send it to another park instead of scrapping it.
  7. To make it worse it's in a country under the travel ban. American Dream's amusement park is taken over by Cedar Fair
  8. To make it worse it's a regular Disk'o Marriott gets back into the theme park business
  9. By the way, this is what I was talking about every time I mentioned Mat Blaster [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  10. I disagree. I was thinking one of the non-capsule ones like the Blizzard Beach one. They seem to be water park staes and are always popular with guests. If it's any consolation, the park had originally proposed building a tower complex that had two vertical drop (non-capsule drop) slides along with mat racing slides in the spot where Bonzai Pipelines is now. Now that Bonzai Pipelines is there, not sure what will happen with those plans.. I could see this still being a possibility but probably not as likely.
  11. I disagree. I was thinking one of the non-capsule ones like the Blizzard Beach one. They seem to be water park staes and are always popular with guests.
  12. Im sure this isn't a "family" addition like other people were hoping for but I don't think it's gonna be anything huge either. I'm thinking at the most this might be a 4D but I'm guessing it might just be a Disk'o.
  13. There's also a lot of protected wetland/forest land around/under ZoomAzon Falls. The ride can stay there because it was built before the regulations were in place, but if they removed ZoomAzon Falls, they may have issues building anything new its place due to the current environmental regulations. Ah I didn't know that. My other guess is the remove Reef Runner and expand from the Splashwater Falls to The regular pool. They could probably fit at least 2-3 slides in that area. Things that the water park needs that could fit in that area: Water Coaster Vertical Drop Slide Mat Racer A single/double tube slide
  14. ^ Not sure if you were asking me but if you were asking me, my guess is Zoomazon Falls. On crowded days this slide will still only have a 3-4 person wait. It's incredibly old, and sits on some space that could be used for a pretty big water park expansion.
  15. I don't see either getting removed. 1. Got to have a spot for the kids to play 2. I'm assuming you mean the pool with the "lazy river"? I just like to float there at times. 1. They've got Splashwater Falls/The lazy river pool. 2. That pool is incredibly dirty
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