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  1. My favorite sounds at a park are Intamin Accelerators launching and the sound that S&S towers makes shortly before blasting up or down. My least favorite sound would have to be the tires/brakes that take Wildcat (Hershey) back into the station. Would it cost that much to silence it? It sounds like a seal exhibit back there!
  2. I didn't know S&S built inverted coasters, but that's fine. It looks like it will be a solid coaster for Dutch Wonderland next year. Also, I know it's just a rendition of a ride with kids photoshopped in, but the reaction that the kid on the right is having combined with how the restraints look, it looks like he's riding another yellow and blue rollercoaster in Pennsylvania that provides a very different experience.
  3. Alan Rickman. What is the tallest building in St. Louis?
  4. Talon, last Saturday, idk what seat. It was chilly though. I don't know what it is, but there's something about riding a rollercoaster with a bunch of layers on.
  5. Pretty hard but I'll go with sour cream Thin crust or thick crust (on pizza)?
  6. So, I found this weak Vileplume on my walk today and caught it. Should I boost the hell out of it or just let it go?
  7. I don't feel any thigh pain until after multiple rides. I usually save the best for last because after 3-4 rides I can't walk straight and I have to go on Bench: The Ride.
  8. Went out for a few minutes. Numerous Cubone and Meowth also spawned along with the others. Can someone else see if this happens for them as well?
  9. The event has started a few hours early!
  10. It will only operate at night, at the top of the lift the coaster will stop while you wait for the guy that has to hold the stop sign to turn the sign around, and if it goes through the layout too fast then everyone gets fined afterwards. In all seriousness though, I love the ways that Tony Clark responds to the enthusiasts asking why there's track on site.
  11. Just saw this page show up in my FB feed and I shook my head SMH
  12. I really enjoyed the front of Skyrush as well. Normally when you sit in the front of a coaster, you can see where you are going and you get a bunch of wind in your face. With Skyrush, not only do you get a great view, but you feel like you have the world's largest turbine in front of you for the duration of the ride. Combined with the intensity and "Holy Crap!" airtime, it's an amazing experience rivaled by few coasters out there.
  13. By liked it do you mean he genuinely liked it or he "tolerated it enough"?
  14. Why wait for the Nintendo Switch when you can make your own today?
  15. I still play a couple times a week. I like to go out on my bike with it since it makes hatching the eggs easier. On the topic of the gyms getting stuck at high levels, there's a few gyms locally that are like that but other than today where there were four of them, usually these are few and far between.
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