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  1. How tall is Wonder Mountain? It wouldn't surprise me if the height of the new coaster is just below that to keep from ruining the view from International Street. Maybe also why they decided to go with brown track, to help it blend in?
  2. It's a decent design, but it does kind of make it look like someone's way more excited to ride a Huss Troika than an RMC.
  3. Well damn. Good thing I went to BGW a couple times last year and got to experience DarKastle before it closed for good. I thought it was a really fun ride that was a great way to cool down and relax between riding coasters. And maybe I'm just weird, but the fact that it wasn't IP-based was part of its appeal for me.
  4. To be honest, if I lived close enough to use this as an escape from family on Christmas, I probably would.
  5. This relatively healthy economy probably won't last much longer, though, so I wouldn't get my hopes too high.
  6. Did we ever figure out where Knotts boomerang went? Oh that would just be cruel.
  7. Intimidator 305 Fury 325 Apollo's Chariot Afterburn Volcano Griffon Dominator Verbolten Alpengeist Flight of Fear
  8. Afterburn and nothing else interesting. Carowinds gonna party like it's 1999-2009.
  9. As opposed to being figuratively appalled? Well, the literal meaning of "appall" is "to grow pale," which he could have actually done, so at least in terms of grammar...
  10. I have to say, Bill, that was your best log flume TR yet. Oh, and the rest was good too. Great America seems like a fun park with a solid and relatively unique lineup of rides.
  11. Of all the legitimate gripes about the GTAs, this is not one. People's tastes don't just radically change from year to year, so why would you expect major changes in the poll results?
  12. Hey, at least they finally figured out which Intimidator is superior. Baby steps...
  13. I'll go for a slightly trickier challenge: Vekomaland. Standard family coaster Family boomerang Family invert (Orkanen model) Mine train Motorbike launched coaster SLC (with smoother track and new trains like Great Nor'Easter) Boomerang (also with new trains) Indoor spaghetti bowl launch coaster (also new trains) Bermuda Blitz looping coaster Firestorm launch coaster Next-gen flying coaster Hyper based on their proposed Energylandia concept. Wooden coaster with a similar layout to Thundercoaster.
  14. Short, but looks good. I love that they kept the blue handrail color for the new track. And the C1 Corvette, err, "classic 1960’s sports convertible" trains are the sexiest design RMC has come up with yet. Interesting that this shows Twisted Cyclone with unpainted supports. Does this mean the ride will debut with a part-painted and part-unpainted structure? I look forward to someday doing a Great RMC Road Trip with Wicked Cyclone, Twisted Cyclone, Twisted Colossus, and Twisted Timbers, with maybe a Mystic or Shivering Timbers thrown in for kicks.
  15. Busch Gardens Williamsburg Loch Ness Monster--I hate to say it, because most of the ride is surprisingly smooth, and that enclosed helix is awesome, but Arrow looper trains are some of the worst things ever invented by man, and there is some pretty bad jackhammering at the bottom of the loops. Carowinds Vortex--Not riding a standup should be self-explanatory. Carolina Cyclone--See above comment about Arrow looper trains. Hurler--I might be willing to give this ride a shot, just because there are so few good coasters at Carowinds, and sometimes I want to mix things up between rides on Afterburn and Fury, but generally I'm perfectly happy never riding this again until it becomes Twisted Timbers' twisted twin. Nighthawk--Being a rattly torture machine is only the third worst thing about this coaster, after the absurdly long wait times and the ten minutes you have to wait on the brake run with the sun burning into your eyes as you wait for the next train to load. Kings Dominion Anaconda--Actually probably the least painful Arrow looper I've been on, but still not fun. Rebel Yell--Boring layout, rattly ride. Ricochet--Those brakes bite hard. Takes away any of the fun of the hairpins and turns it into Gut Punch: The Ride. Plus any twirl-and-hurl flat rides and kiddie coasters. I'd be willing to give the Arrows a try (especially Nessie) if they get new Vekoma trains with vest restraints. Nighthawk, on the other hand, cannot be scrapped soon enough.
  16. Hah, I just realized the image they used for the Vortex conversion was Patriot at Worlds of Fun. That's funny.
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