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  1. This is such a great expansion for the little ones. Cedar Fair continues its trend of making major improvements to every single aspect of Carowinds.
  2. The last one is clearly because they're retheming Intimidator to be part of Planet Snoopy.
  3. They're dizzying just to look at. Which is kind of cool and fitting for roller coasters, but also not something I would want to look at very often.
  4. I'm mostly amused by the fact that they decided to go with "The Matrix but red" for a teaser campaign in 2017.
  5. Put a Sky Jump in the new area, and replace Mach Tower with a proper observation tower.
  6. However, naming a roller coaster with lengthy underground sections after the god of the underworld is pretty inspired.
  7. First an incredibly popular movie, now a first of its kind roller coaster. Wonder Woman's having a good year.
  8. Who says it has to be a giga? It could be a 315-foot top hat launch coaster (though if BGW is going for an extreme launch coaster, I'd much rather have an Intamin Blitz.) But judging by what is actually said in the article: "If it's a roller coaster, it would be the tallest in Virginia, and according to an expert, the fifth-tallest in the country and eighth in the world." The Pilot was just going for the most clickbaity title possible, and it probably is just going to be a Starflyer.
  9. "I'm a motherf*kin T Rex!!!!! (that seems like a nice tasteful caption... seriously, what's that from? Did I just make it up?)" Nostalgia Critic review of Jurassic Park. Hilarious TRs as always, Bill.
  10. Swap in Afterburn for Intimidator, and you have a good plan.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Seriously, I feel the lands looks amazing and the rides are pretty good (I wish they were a bit less screens and more action, but that's just me) but they really outcast people who aren't familiar with the material. It's a shame... I do find it annoying how when you pay with a credit card, they always refer to it as "muggle plastic." I get wanting to create an immersive land, but come on dude. As ignorant of technology as Harry Potter wizards are, they probably shouldn't even know what plastic is.
  12. Verbolten Flight of Fear Backlot Stunt Coaster Tempesto Grizzly Carolina Goldrusher Woodstock Express Carowinds Woodstock Express KD Ricochet Carowinds Avalanche Huh. I can't believe I made it to ten with all coaster I actually like.
  13. Europe is a lot less uptight about sex than the US. Maybe the park has decided to take a step up with their theming.
  14. It's really just a guess that may be completely wrong, but it's the guess that makes the most sense based on what we know right now. Occam's Razor. Well, that and an element of hope, because who doesn't want more Intamins?
  15. Things we know right now: Cedar Fair is installing four new coasters next year. Two are already accounted for with the CP and KD RMCs. There are already signs of new additions of some sort at two other parks, CGA and Knott's. 2 + 2 = 4 Cedar Fair has said they are renewing a relationship with a coaster manufacturer they haven't worked with in a while. Cedar Fair has said they want to invest more heavily in CGA. Cedar Fair has said one of the coasters they would like to add to CGA is from Intamin, a manufacturerer they haven't worked with in a while. Internet Clouseaus: "Surely this means Cedar Fair will be adding a Gerstlauer and something for Worlds of Fun/Dorney/Valleyfair/Michigan's Adventure!"
  16. Taller. Anaconda's restraints fit so tight over my shoulders that headbanging was nonexistent, and I'm not even that tall (6 feet.) Still pretty janky and not particularly fun, but at least my brain was intact afterwards.
  17. That seems really silly, shutting down coasters just to make them lighter.
  18. InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR InvadR Huh. So it is.
  19. I like the colors of the new Jokers. Having the supports and track be opposite colors on each side reminds me of a jester costume, which is pretty fitting for the character.
  20. Intamin, all day every day. Well, except for when they've broken down.
  21. Definitely a missed opportunity. Disney probably has the name locked up as a theme park ride. I thought John Goodman was very entertaining in the movie. But I may have been inebriated when I saw it. They could always just put it in an open outdoor space that's teeming with people and call it Agoraphobia. Wait..
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