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  1. The colors were cooler and the Borg Sphere was a nice bit of theming, but otherwise, it was just as awful then as it is now. Carowinds really got shafted by Paramount, but somehow they got Top Gun/Afterburn out of it, so it wasn't a total loss. And for Kings Dominion, the launch coaster trifecta of Volcano, Flight of Fear, and Backlot Stunt Coaster are/were awesome (Sadly, I never got to ride Hypersonic.)
  2. I chuckled at the irony of this too, but I know there were other factors at play with the Dragons removal. Is it irony, or is it Universal recognizing how much people loved having dueling coasters and deciding to bring back the experience in a new ride that's less dangerous and more importantly, less in the way of Harry Potter?
  3. A name like Maverick Taron or Oscar kids would never put it together with a coaster. A name like Walter, Alan or Werner would never be associated with a coaster A name like Maverick would still get them bullied, even if other kids didn't know it came from a roller coaster.
  4. MiA should kill two birds with one stone and get a Larson Looper.
  5. A shuttle element seems odd with Tempesto already in the park, but I'm certainly not going to turn my nose up at any Intamin goodness if this ends up being true.
  6. Because... Intamin. Just for the record, the other Intamin had absolutely zero downtime the day I visited the park. So... Because... Launched Intamin.
  7. Please don't take away my hope. Plot twist: Firehawk replaces Nighthawk and Nighthawk gets scrapped
  8. "Stir completely around the pot" sounds an awful lot like loops that wrap around other stretches of track.
  9. Maybe it's just because I spent a lot of time reading Jack London as a kid, but I thought the Yukon gold rush was a pretty famous event?
  10. Love the creativity of the layout compared to other dive coasters, love the name, love the colors. The burnt orange is a lot more fitting here than it was for Valravn. And I'm a sucker for interactive moments where guests walk under/through coaster elements, so I really like how the path takes you under that massive helix.
  11. Wow. This is awesome news. Here's hoping more theme parks follow suit.
  12. Nahhh, Carowinds is just having fun teasing all the usual suspects. It's still probably going to be Copperhead Strike.
  13. I have to give Cedar Fair credit. Setting several attractions in a shared universe is a pretty clever way to rehash the same basic theme over and over.
  14. I've also had problems seeing this thread on my laptop, were I use Firefox, but it works fine on my phone, where I use chrome. I've also noticed embedding issues with Twitter on other sites when I use Firefox, but apparently it works fine for other people? :shrug: Anyway, this whole trip looks amazing. Even without the parks, Japan looks like a place I could explore for weeks and never get bored.
  15. Which will obviously be because Canada's Wonderland is saving Ziz for something more appropriate, either a flyer or a wing coaster.
  16. A Sky Rocket II is a good addition to just about any park. Personally, I'm hoping they go with the name Uproar. It feels the most fitting for a vertically-oriented coaster like a SRII.
  17. I love the structure of these Zamperla Endeavours. The arched arms make them look kind of like giant mechanical spiders.
  18. Hahaha, when even the Reddit crowd thinks you're being an entitled dick...
  19. I get where they're coming from. Kings Dominion has definitely taken the lead in terms of major thrill rides in the area. But I don't think getting a proper family coaster would prevent BGW from also installing something more thrilling shortly after.
  20. Well, your well-reasoned argument has certainly convinced me of the error of my ways.
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