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  1. Oh when oh when will a U.S. park buy a megalite? I will move right next door to it. I 100% agree with this. Came on here thinking Dorney and saw that someone already stole my idea. I think a GCi would be nice too but there are many close by.
  2. I'd just like to say to anyone who reads this: find me on the app as the username Suspence and ask me on my wall of you need help! (Also, for those of you who got the game a while ago and don't know there was recently an update to make it compatible with iOS 9!
  3. Whoah. This park is amazing! Just read the ENTIRE thread and I love it!
  4. Looks amazing! Will we be getting a download in the near future?
  5. *EDIT* whoops didn't see that you already have Aircoaster. I'll keep this here though for anyone who doesn't know about it. Look up "Aircoaster" on the AppStore A few weeks ago it got an iOS9 Compatible update with many new features. It is a rollercoaster simulator with an easy editor. The graphics are a little outdated (better than any other rollercoaster apps IMO) but the rides that can be built are on par With NoLimits. It is a rollercoaster simulator and not a theme park creator like RCT. The best part of it is the online community. Pretty much everyone there has become friends and it is a really nice atmosphere. I'd recommend checking it out! (Also the rollercoasters in the pictures of the app description are made by the app developer as a demonstration. The actual rollercoasters are awesome and realistic) Let me know if you get it and check out my profile! (Same username as the one on here minus the numbers and you can find one of my tracks on the most popular page) *edit* there was an update for it today and the reviews were reset so the 5 star rating is gone but don't let that turn you away!
  6. I agree 100%. I will skip it every time. Same with Vortex at KI. I regret riding every time I get off. Never had a ride beat me up so bad and I have a high tolerance for pain. That's so weird because it's the same thing with me. When I rode it at great adventure this past season (backwards) it did not hurt at all and head banging was minimal. When it was foward my legs felt like they were going to fall off and my head banged much more. I wish it was permanently backwards.
  7. An Underrated and Overlooked rollercoaster is Great White at Morey's Piers. It's one of my top woodies. Especially in the back row.
  8. 700 acres... Wouldn't that make it the largest amusement park in the world?
  9. This. I never understood people who refused to go on tilt a whirls. (I only know one person who's actually gotten very sick on one of those before) Never made me nauseous. In fact I've never been nauseous on a ride before.
  10. Could this be a subtle hint that Hulk will be rethemed to Playmobil: The ride????
  11. Right. Happens before the first launch. Got it. No wonder I've always missed it, I skip right to the drop of every on-ride video. I second that!! I completely forgot about Maverick having that kind of transfer track. TTD as well. And Kingda ka. So yeah there's been a lot
  12. You put in the wrong link. It should be This (you entered the link with 2 "http"
  13. I. KNEW. IT. A few pages back people were getting pretty nasty about it being "confirmed" and stuff and I stuck with my theory. I am way too happy about being right about this... I wonder if they modified the restraints in any way for those people who think it is painful. I personally like the restraints but I know many people who hate it.
  14. ...and Skyrush-status. And every-other-coaster-that-pulls-5Gs-status. You'd actually be surprised as to how many there are. That's Vekoma Boomerang status! I still don't believe their stats on that. 5.2 G's?
  15. Some interesting news that I saw on GreatAdventureHistory. In this video interview about Six Flags record earnings for 2015 they talked about Total mayhem. Or should I say, "The Jokers' Total Mayhem" May have just been an error but I doubt it. Skip to 1:20 in this video: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  16. As much as I would love to see another one of these built I feel that there has been too many of these built in the last few years. Also the one that is going up in ocean city has a much better layout IMO (maybe just because it's a change of pace). But a custom premier launched would be awesome.
  17. Am I the only one who thinks that this project will most likely not be rejected? I dont know why Florida wouldn't want the biggest rollercoaster in the world, for tourism and stuff. At the end of the day its not Universals decision (although I guess they might influence it a lot). Plus it would fit in great at the I-Drive.
  18. But there is already an indoor wooden roller coaster: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=25&linkid=166 You got me there Hmm. Id bet that they would still find a way to find a record for an indoor woodie (like Valravn's 10 records ). Like largest indoor wooden coaster drop! Also that ride is so much like a dark ride even though its a coaster. The people who made it mustve thought: "Lets make a dark ride thats also a credit!"
  19. ^^^ It's useful for parks that want a worlds first (pretty much every Six Flags part or Cedar Fair park)
  20. Pretty sure your just hearing the roar on nitro, superman, green lantern, or batman when on the other side of the park
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