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  1. I honestly think this great news. I've always loved the layout of Vekoma SLC's, but the roughness ruined it. If they are able to make this ride smooth like battlestar galacta or even B&M smooth... It could be a great ride. I wonder if they will be using their new track on the coaster or if they will be using updated, old track. If they make it enjoyable to ride it will be a huge plus (and be the best SLC in the world! ). The only thing I hope they modify in the layout is that they change the entrance into the double inline twist... That part is brutal!
  2. I'm pretty excited for this change because although it is not too rough a ride, the last time I rode it the sudden banked turn at the end made my neck bang into the restraint very hard and it hurt a little bit. Hopefully these restraints make the ride experience even better!
  3. I agree with Justice League for 2017. I just think that if it is true that Chiller's station was taken down, we could be seeing a reopening of that area in the next few years (2018-2019 is my guess) and that the centerpiece of it will be a Trex Coaster.
  4. Could this also be the removed attraction everyone has been speculating about? *edit: also could this mean a new attraction for that area in the coming years? Such as a T-Rex maybe?
  5. Hmmm... On this article (at the bottom) it still says the thing about the Great Nor Easter retracting. I also wonder what the expansion to the waterpark will be! I also think it's a safe to say that the GCI will be happening within the next few years because the sky coaster was removed where the drop would be and the go carts under the Boardwalk have been removed where the under the Boardwalk section potentially could be going. I'm pretty excited!
  6. So... When do we figure out what it is? Or are we going to have to wait a while to figure it out? Also, will it be closed in the offseason, or will it be open in 2016 and closing at the end of this season?
  7. I agree. You pay big money for that thing. CP couldn't be my home park. I'll take the short lines of SFA any day, and at KD on the weekdays. On another note, I'm getting conflicting info on whether or not I should get a fast pass at SFGAdv on a summer weekday. You should be fine on a summer weekday for great adventure. Especially if it's hot, because then everyone is going to hurricane harbor instead of the dry park. And also, because it's a weekday, many parents are still working and can't bring their kids. And honestly, if you feel that you need a fastpass when you get there, you can always just buy one after you survey the crowds. I've never really seen them run out before (I'm sure they have, just not when I was there)
  8. I might know a thing or two Are you alowed to share? Or is it confidential information for the time being? (Or is everything I've said above everything we need to know?) It's fun speculating something that's already been confirmed!
  9. ^ I agree. I would much rather get a B&M Dive coaster or a B&M Flying Coaster. Those are two types I see realistic as of right now because Cedar Fair has really only been working with B&M for the last few years. If it could be any manufacturer though, I would love to see a Mack launched coaster somewhere. I think that it's time that the GCI rumor is dropped. (Although if we ended up getting one I would be siked)
  10. I knew the buzz bars were no more, and also heard retracking was in the works as well... I hope so too, but I do feel that if they were doing a re-track they would've announced it when they announced the new trains. But I hope they do! Do any of you guys think that they might turn the trims off when they get the new train? (From maybe a difference in weight or something)
  11. Did anyone see the rumor on screamscape.com posted today that says someone has seen the track for Total Mayhem and its the same color as the joker track at Discovery Kingdom? I remember it was called "Joker's Total Mayhem" during an interview once. Does anyone know anything else about this rumor? It would make sense IMO and I like it better than just total mayhem because it actually sort of has a theme now. Link to the Great Adventure Screamscape page
  12. If you guys don't want a $20 million 220 ft dive machine record breaker I'm sure dorney or any other park that hasn't received a custom coaster in forever would be happy to take it. Some of you guys need to stop complaining about this. You've gotten 3 new coaster experiences in the last four years...
  13. Okay, I'm confused. The other things sound great. Especially the water park expansion. That sounds awesome. Can't wait to see what they add there. But a retrack of a SLC? I wonder if he meant Great white. That would make more sense. Unless they are somehow getting vekoma to use their new track (like on battle star galacta and their new kiddie coasters) which would be amazing. I always loved the layouts of SLC's. According to people who have ridden the coasters with the new vekoma track those coasters are insanely smooth. And I think it's a possibility because battlestar galacta has an invert with the new track. If the great norEaster was almost as smooth as a B&M... I think It could become a pretty solid coaster. It's probably just a misprint though. Excited to see what happens!
  14. Having ridden superman many times in the back row (in fact it's the only row I will sit in) I must say that the whip over the top of the loop is what makes it so good. The front row is already 3/4 of the way down the loop when it crests so it has some major pull. You are right though that going up the loop at the end isn't as intense as it is in the front row because it already started to slow down a bit at that time.
  15. the only thing that would make me like this is if they put a rollercoaster on top of it. These building are super ugly
  16. I don't think they are different. Pretty sure it's just the camera angle that makes it appear different. Could be wrong though.
  17. I love this log flume too. I go there every year and I've ridden it numerous times. Once I've even been on it when the SLC went on the Immelmann and I was right next to it (never been able to get that timing before again though) and it was at night and awesome. It's also cool how there are no seat belts at all so you actually have to brace yourself when you hit the water at the bottom. Oh and who could forget the "under the Boardwalk" portion. Cracks me up every time. Runner ups would be the two flumes at dorney, the one at six flags great adventure, and splash mountain at Disney
  18. Assuming your not kidding and you really don't know where el toro is its at Six Flags Great Adventure, in Jackson, New Jersey It's known for being one of the best woodies in the world and having some of the best airtime in the world. I definitely reccomend to make a trip there as they also have a great hyper coaster and the worlds tallest coaster and drop tower.
  19. I personally have never thrown up on a ride, however while I was riding bizzaro at great adventure (which I have no clue how it could even be nauseating) someone threw up on the train in front of us (and they were actually running 3 trains with literally 5 minute lines) so the train I was on and the train behind us had to wait on the brake run for 15 minutes to wait for them to clean it up. It was a fun 15 minutes
  20. Hydra: The Revenge at Dorney Park. Also my first real coaster (which is why it's my profile pic)
  21. Yeah I think that the rumor was that we were going to get the GCI in 2008 but it was given to WOF instead.
  22. The only problem with removing the grove (unless they were able to relocate it) is that whenever camps or schools go on trips to the park that is where they meet up and keep there stuff. But I always thought about how cool it would be if they did that. It just seems like too much work for Dorney (Although I'm no expert on the topic so who knows how easy it could be for them to move the pavilions). It would be a good way to get a 200ft+ drop though with the height limit. He said that he photshopped the picture to show how much room Talon takes up to show it is possible to fit a coaster in that area.
  23. Fixed that for ya! And yeah, if there were going to get a new coaster, my guess would be a GCI woodie like gold striker and prowler that replaces dinosaurs alive. Or if they get the height limit removed I would be totally down for a dive coaster (as the nearest one is BGW and is a pretty far drive from that area). The dive coaster could also be just under 200 ft which wouldnt require a change in the height limit but I think it would be cool if they built a new tallest coaster in the park. Or maybe they could go all out with an all new original ride called Fury 326! (exact clone of Fury 325 with 1 ft added on to all the elements )
  24. Looks interesting, and seems to be a good alternative to a wild mouse/spinning coaster. If it gets good reviews, hopefully some of these are built at parks in the US!
  25. It's so funny because last time I was there I had to wait 20 minutes for stinger, 15 minutes for thunderhawk, 15 for possesed, 30 for Hydra, and only 5 for Talon (but front row would've been another 10 minutes). I couldn't even get on steel force because it had a 45 minute wait. This was also in the middle of the summer while the water park was open. So they do get busy sometimes.
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