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  1. A need for speed dark ride would be pretty cool, but idk how they would incorporate a shooting elements into it. I think I would much rather have a themed dark ride over an EA dark ride though.
  2. It's odd because I can see the picture too... And it loads immediately for me too. I can't see the first one you originally posted though, just the new one. *edit* I can't see the new one you just uploaded though. Weird.
  3. Great Trip report! Thanks for sharing! It's crazy that there were still pretty big lines (for Dorney) it that weather. Yeah, it gets /scary/ close. Should have ridden it in the first row, really feels like you're going to hit the bumper. Also fun fact: Maintenance tells me Possessed is cable of launching up to 90MPH by the second launch. I asked if they've ever ran it that high, they claim the highest they've gone is 81MPH, at which point it was hitting the bumper hard enough to /almost/ fully compress it. Something tells me that if it was launched at 90MPH possessed would be closed for a long time... And they would need new trains. Any idea why they would even think of making that possible? Doesn't seem too safe to be able to be able to do that. I'm assuming that they ran it at 81MPH during testing right?
  4. Doesn't have standard lap bars either so that coaster sucks Yeah why would they put ostr's on a wing coaster train. especially on an aquatrax coaster. what the heck intamin. we deserve better than this *cries in corner* also you forgot to mention how rough the entrance to the lift hill is. oh boy it hurts
  5. Hmm. Maybe they will fill the tracks with sand like Talon at Dorney park to remove the problems with people complaining about the noise? Could also be a reason why they would want to replace the entire track. (But it would take away from the whole Hulk's roar effect).
  6. All these posts and pictures make me really wish that Great Adventure didn't take down rolling thunder. The potential to RMC it would've been awesome. Can't wait to see a pov of this coaster. It's great that Kentucky Kingdom is doing so much to become great again. IMO if they got a B&M to replace Chang (but NOT a standup! ) their lineup would be something worth traveling far for. This new RMC is really going to boost their attendance. (Also, is it just me or does it already look 10x better than the animation for it?) Wow that was a lot of rambling from me...
  7. Six flags Great America is at it again with betting on baseball this time making a bet with Great Adventure, which would be renaming a rollercoaster-and the entire park. If the Mets beat the Cubs and move onto the World Series, the rename for Great America will be: -The Park would be renamed to "Six Flags Great Mets" -And Goliath would be renamed to "GoMets" And if the Cubs beat the Mets and move on to the World Series the rename for Great Adventure will be: -The Park will be renamed to "Six Flags Great Cubs" -And Kingda Ka will be renamed "Kingda Cubs" This will be for the rest of fright fest. So cool to see them making bets like this! Link to the article: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/six-flags-cubs-mets-bet-nlcs-333682931.html
  8. Oh that sucks. Hopefully they are able to retrieve it. When I was waiting in Kingda ka's line the train hit the brakes at the top of the "bunny" hill and someone's phone came flying out and landed on the roof of the matinence shed. (And then slid off ). What I find so funny about this is that he managed to have his phone through the entire launch AND when he went up 456 ft in the air but he lost his phone when he hit the brake run! Hopefully he got it back though.
  9. Yep, everything except ya know, Intamin's confirmation that it won't be one... Other coasters with the new type of track: I305 (regular OTSR trains with straps), Formula Rossa (regular trains)... Oops, my mistake. Now I feel like an idiot. Still hoping for the Winged seats even though it's been confirmed. Oh well. Sorry about that. Don't know how I missed that.
  10. I really think that even though it was apparently confirmed not to be that this ride will be a wing coaster. Everything seems to point to it being one. Especially the way the track looks. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that the only other coaster to have track look like this is Skyrush, which is also a wing coaster (but you all know that already obviously). I wonder that if it is one they will have found a way to lessen the pressure on your legs while riding (which I never had a problem with but many of my GP friends complain about it).
  11. It looks sort of like a modern enterprise. Don't know if that is what they are going for. (But I'd assume it is).
  12. Nice to hear that Dorney got some crowds. Were any lines over an hour? It seems that it was a busy week for amusement parks. (Great adventre was more packed then ever before!) Also is it bad that every time I see this thread at the top of the list I immediately get excited assuming that Dorney announce what they are getting for 2016?
  13. Final Destination 3 I love how realistic it is But in all seriousness the Sandlot scene is great. One of my favorite parts of that movie.
  14. Non inverting: Skull mountain (but I'm very biased as I happen to love it in the back row.) Inverting: SooperDooperLooper (which is great because they have great bear just next door which is really the next step after that IMO)
  15. That might make my "top 5 weirdest coasters" list when it's done. (Behind Chinese knockoffs)
  16. It seems that MIA and Dorney are fighting to be the last park in the CF chain to announce their ride I wonder who's going to win. (Unless one of the parks aren't getting anything which is a very high probability based on the lack of rumors for Dorney)
  17. Friday's are generally less crowded. I was able to do every coaster there minus Blackbeards and the kiddie one on just one fright fest Friday night last year. Saturday nights are when the crowds get huge, especially since it's a long weekend.
  18. Out of curiosity which drop tower did you do at Dorney? The one with 2 towers by S&S(dominatior) or the elevator/drop/on to your side one freefall by Intamin (Demon Drop?). And yeah Dorney is always that empty pretty much (only been there once with lines exceeding 20 minutes. And don't worry you missed pretty much nothing skipping thunder hawk. Loved reading this trip report. Can't wait for the next part!
  19. You are so lucky. I consider it smart planning to get to SFGAdv at opening (especially during Fright Fest) versus being lucky. I was in my car ready to leave the park at 2PM hen some friends contacted me from inside the park. I went back in just to hang out and watched to crowds grow and grow. When I left the park at 5PM the parking lot was practically full. Yeah I wasn't able to get their earlier. But your right about the lucky thing. That was bad wording on my part. I was one of the million people that got into the parking lot at 5 haha. We had to park at the very back of the parking lot.
  20. You are so lucky. Later that day when I went the lines were so long that Green Lantern had a 2 hour wait! (And I've never seen that ride get more than a 20 minute wait) Also the lines were so long on all the rides that they had to MAKE extra queue out of ROPE AND TRASHCANS. And all queue extensions were being used on all rides. It might just be when I go but I've never seen that before. Shoutout to Bizzaros' crew though (which was also using all of its queue and had the longest wait it's probably had in the last 10 years) as they were pumping out trains great and the train was on the lift hill when the train before it was on the 1st corkscrew almost the entire time waiting in line. Still had a fun time though because I got a ride on el toro in the magic seat (Note: I made tons of edits to this)
  21. Is Batman still backwards? Thanks . Awesome that you met Fitzgerald!! *edit* fixed sentence error and thanks for letting me know! Assuming lines are long for it though then since it's running 1 train. Hopefully it's not too bad when I go.
  22. It looooookkks soooooo goooooood! Can't wait to see it done! (Also is that in NL2?)
  23. ^ I agree with all of this 100% Also I'm pretty sure Talon is considered their entrance piece coaster, but I might be wrong about that.
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