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  1. That's why. The "insane" ejector airtime on the first drop is back row only. That's where the true experience is
  2. Does that mean that it could still have buzz bars or would they still put in the individual bars that's being used on the new trains? Also that probably means that PTC could be reading these very forums right now! Hi PTC!
  3. I actually kind of like the look of the trains, but no buzz bars is upsetting. The train is lighter though (At least I think I heard them say that) So it would have less stress on the structure. Maybe that means they can turn the trims off? (I don't know if that would have anything to do with it). Also the trains do look comfortable even thought they don't have buzz bars. If these are as nice as Millennium Flyers and improve the ride experience I will be very happy.
  4. I've never had a headbanging problem on green lantern. The only thing that hurts at all on it for me is the insane amount of positive G's to the point where my legs feel like they are going to fall of (literally no exaggeration there, I had to sit down for a few minutes before I could walk again) It does have a really cool layout though, which is why I wish they put sit down trains on it.
  5. (which I guess they could do... After all, they still have that backlot right ?)
  6. Can you see anything in old country? (Like the buildings and remnants of rides?) or is it all fenced off? It looks great
  7. Any rumors on what type of coasters we might be seeing? It's very odd that there has been a full mockup of the water park but the amusement park doesn't show off any of the rides really. I'm so stoked for this project!
  8. Wow, really nice job! (The supporting is excelent too!) The only thing I noticed as at the exit of the loop there seems to be a jerk. Other than that, amazing work! Can't wait to see more.
  9. I once waited about 2 hours... For a waterslide at Great Adventure Hurricane Harbor (Tornado) The waterslide was 15 seconds (we counted) Not worth it. I've also waited 2 hours for el toro (nighttime, last ride of the year, 2nd to last row) and it was worth it.
  10. That's what I was thinking too! In fact that HAS to be what it is. No other coasters are receiving PTC trains this year, right?
  11. Now that we can see just how good they can get the little peeps animation and quality wise, I can't wait to see more coasters and flats!
  12. And you know/saw this how....... Yeah there are PRETTY strong rumors that we will be getting a new coaster next year. (Dorney Park)
  13. Ahem... I believe you meant "Poinsettia Peak Sponsored by Takis". Face the intensity... face it But seriously SF. What are u thinking with these ads?
  14. Interesting. Skull mountain will not only get new decorations but it will it will be renamed too. The rethemed will be "poinsettia peak". I wonder what they'll do theming wise to the ride.
  15. Look a little harder. Oops! I don't have a facebook. My bad! (Also haven't checked twitter in a day or so, so maybe they said something about it on there).
  16. Is the new water park expansion the same one going to Six Flags America? Also I haven't seen the park officially announce it anywhere, though it does seem official.
  17. Ah I get it now. Thanks! (And thinking about it, I do remember feeling it on the drop now that you guys described it to me)
  18. I knew them putting up their second skycoaster for sale in the spot where the woodie drop would be meant something! It better happen this time! Also when it says "loops", does it mean it loops around Hunts Pier and comes back or does it mean that it will be inverting over the area between the two piers? I am beyond excited for this!
  19. Ive ridden Skryush once before, (and loved it) but still dont understand what people mean by a "kink". Could you explain it to me please?
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