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  1. I think the emphasis on the word one is interesting, as it doesn’t specify specifically what one is, and it has an ellipse after. Could they possible be hinting at one rail? I also don’t think this clue rules out a dueling ride, just that it won’t be two separate rides. It could still potentially be a möbius ride based off of this clue, though it is unlikely. I do feel like it has to be at least some kind of roller coaster though, as this whole teaser campaign wouldn’t make much sense otherwise (although el Diablo was a thing...)
  2. Seems like something themed to the Riddler... I’m staying by my prediction of a custom Raptor, which seems to be a very popular rumor now. The fact that they are actually teasing it gives me hope that it’s something sizeable, as they haven’t teased much the past few years and the additions have been pretty solid.
  3. I feel like it’s definitely going to go by Congo Rapids, since that’s where the only movement/markings have been seen. Also they apparently use that open space by Toro for maintenance access from what I’ve read. In terms of roller coasters, RMC did say that due to high demand they will be producing custom raptors, and that could be an easy way to claim a record if they go the roller coaster route (tallest/fastest single rail, and it could be something like 150ft Max). I feel that that’s a best case scenario kind of thing though...
  4. I know your kidding, but I read a rumor that this is exactly whats happening Now obviously there's no way to be sure if its true, (although apparently this rumor also originates from Riding of the Bull, in which one of the staff members told a couple of people it would be leaving) but I honestly won't be surprised if this happens, and then the "big project" for 2020's ride entrance is located where El Diablo is currently.
  5. The model going to this park and Great Adventure, as well as the one at Magic Mountain are technically called Giga Discoveries, since they are all 170ft tall instead of 140. That may be what he was saying.
  6. Hershey Park they are right next to each other on the same pad. .that's one drop tower. in the same way Scream at Fiesta has 3 towers, together. I'm talking two drop towers in separate areas of the park. . . and before the "critics" get out. . no, I'm not talking a kiddie drop tower also in the kids section. If you count demon drop as a drop tower (which I do) then Dorney actually has 2 separate drop towers. Demon drop was also added after their S&S towers too, so it’s not unprecedented.
  7. That specific rumor was confirmed fake by the user who posted it on reddit, there is a screenshot of it in the Six Flags America thread if you want to check out what he said. Unsurprisingly he was trying to see how many people he could trick, or something like that.
  8. Yeah, he made 2 throwaways since he lost his account password to the first one. He deleted his entire second account, which can be seen by going into his original post and looking at the comments. I should have screenshottes his new post, I had no idea he would delete it so quickly. That’s why the original post is still there, he can’t delete it because he lost the password.
  9. The guy who made the leak posted on the subreddit again (although he has since deleted the post), and he declared that he made the leak up and that it’s all fake, and he just wanted to see if people would believe something a random person posted. So the Fortnite thing is most likely not happening. I guess his prediction of the Giant Discovery at Great Adventuee was just lucky, as it was very predictable. Still can’t belive people took it as fact so easily.
  10. I doubt they would actually tease a new ride and then not add anything, I was more kidding about that knowing Dorney’s track record. It would be pretty crazy to see them getting a large ride though, with there being no previous rumors whatsoever. The teasers do seem to hint towards a new coaster in the dinosaur’s alive/stinger area, although I don’t really see the need for a new coaster considering none of the current coasters get more than a 5 minute line. I guess time will tell.
  11. Has anyone checked out the screamscape rumor just posted for this park for the teaser video Dorney posted yesterday? I don’t want to get my hopes up, but there does seem to be some evidence of at least something for next year. Although who knows, it could be Dorney just messing with us.
  12. Was at the park today, and I was surprised to see the path between El Toro and Kingda Ka open (the actual one, not the one through the animal exhibit). Has it been like this all year? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it open. The path between Justice league and Cyborg that leads to the main fountain area was also open today, which I have seen open before, but very sporadically.
  13. Alright, thanks for the help! Another question: should I buy fast lane in advance or wait until I get there to see how crowds are? I know they limit the amount of fast lanes sold per day and I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t buy it, but I also don’t want to spend $100+ If for whatever reason there are no lines.
  14. Are they still understaffed by Memorial Day weekend? I was hoping to head down then but if the staffing is really such an issue I may reconsider going that weekend. Wait times were not an issue for me as I would buy fastlane+, since I’ve heard that it’s a very busy weekend. It will also be my first, and most likely only visit to the park for a long time.
  15. I was there this summer, and I was mistified to witness a worker open the switchbacks for hydra, and 3 filled up. We waited about 25-30 minutes for the ride. I'm pretty sure it's getting a line because the entrance to the catering pavilion is right next to it, so it's the first ride that people are going to now after leaving the pavilion. Of course all the other ride lines were non-existent. I was also talking to an older ride op on Possesed and he confirmed that the holding break will never be fixed, as it costs way too much money to fix and operate. I'm definitely a little upset about that because that's one of the standout parts of the ride, but as he put it to me: "A half working ride is better than no ride", and I couldn't really argue with that.
  16. I visited the park today for about 5 hours. Thanks to everyone who gave advice, it helped a lot. Overall, I had a great time here. Superman and Batwing both surprised me as super fun rides, and the airtime on superman was pretty good, especially on the hill after the straight section. Joker's Jinx kind of dissapointed me, I was expecting a more intense and smoother ride, but it was still fun. I survived both mind eraser and Apocalypse. Apocalypse was my second stand up, the other being Green Lantern, and I was surprised by it. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Not to the point where I wanted to go on it again, but I still thought it wasn't so rough, other than some points here and there. On the other hand I absolutely hate green lantern. Rajun Cajun was surprisingly painful but we spun a lot, the most I have ever spun on a spinning coaster. Unfortunately, Roar was closed all day. As I was headed to Wild One, it broke down and it did not start running until I was on my way out and I unfortunately was not able to ride it. That was pretty upsetting because I was looking forward to riding it because I have heard that it was one of the better classic woodies. Chop six was okay as far as food goes, and my first time eating in one. Nothing to special. Service wasn't too bad, but I was pretty much the only one in the entire resturuant so that definitely helped. I did not have enough time to visit the water park, but I did go on the Penguin ride since I have never been on a ride of that type before. We noticed that not one group was getting wet, and then when our boat got to the bottom we were completely soaked. No clue as to why, but it was very surprising. After getting soaked on that ride, we headed to superman which was a complete walk on and I got 4 rides in a row which helped dry me off Overall, I definitely only experienced only a little bit of what the park has to offer because I missed the entire water park and most flat rides, but I still had a great time. It was very interesting to me how small the park was, I'm very used to great adventure where everything is all spread out. I was also impressed with the cleanliness. The only issue I had was the operations. Most of the time it was decent, but there were times that you could tell they were not in any rush. All coasters were running one train (besides rajun Cajun of course) but I get that because it was pretty empty. One final random thought is that I felt it was weird how out of the way batwing was from all the other rides. I feel like the space between batwing and superman could use a flat ride or two to make it feel more connected. Overall, a fun park and I would definitely go again if I'm in the area, but I'm not sure I would make a trip specifically for this park.
  17. 1. You probably won't encounter a line longer than 10 minutes for anything on a weekday unless you plan on a water park visit. 2. Wonder Woman, Rodeo, French Quarter Flyers, and the Rapids ride are all pretty solid flats. 3. My personal faves are Crazy Horse Saloon, Chop Six, and Gator Mcgees. Gator Mcgees Jambalaya is really good but you have to ask for it because it's not on the menu. 4. If you are a water park person, you should definitely do the one here. Don't waste your time on the drop tower. Ride front row on Mind Eraser and Apocalypse because other wise it's not as good. Lastly, Have fun and post a TR. Thank you for the tips! Unfortunately I won't be able to do a full trip report because I won't have a camera but I'll definitely post my thoughts on the park if you would like that. Thanks again!
  18. Hi everyone, I'll be headed to six flags america soon on a weekday for a few hours. I had a few questions to make sure I was making the most of my time there. 1. What is the best plan of attack for hitting all the coasters in the shortest amount of time? I will not be arriving at opening. 2. Are there any flat rides that are worth hitting up? I haven't looked much into the flat lineup here but it seems like there are some cool rides. 3. What is the best place to eat? I'm looking for somewhere fast with quick lines. 4. Any other general tips that I should know about? Thanks, all help is appreciated. I tried looking back 10 pages or so and I didn't see anyone ask these questions in a while so I am sorry if it has been answered recently. Thanks in advance!
  19. The only other ride of its type that I am aware of is Derby Racers at Rye Playland, which I'm pretty sure still runs at full speed. I was able to ride it last year, and I must say, it is insane! I could not believe something like that was allowed to operate in this day and age. If my memory serves me right, there were no seat belts and I felt like I was going to fly off at any moment. It got to the point where it was hard for me to hold on. Even crazier, someone on the ride was breaking the rules or something and instead of a ride operator telling the person over a speaker, another ride operator just jumped onto the ride while it was in full motion! You could tell it was something he practiced. It was very impressive. *Edit* According to Wikipedia, there are actually 3 in existence. The two listed above and one at Blackpool pleasure beach.
  20. It was either last year or the year before, but yea, you're right. Wasn't down for very long either. I'm willing to bet it'll be functional by HITP. Seeems like it was even sooner than that, because I was at the park yesterday and it was open! I saw them working on the motor while we were entering the park and then a few hours later it opened to the public. It broke down for an hour or so at one point but at the end of the night it was still running. *edit* Forgot to mention how amazing the nitro team was yesterday. They were dispatching trains when the one before hit the MCBR. (Or even sooner sometimes). They would rush you saying "45 seconds to dispatch, please sit down immediately" and it worked great. It turned what wouldve been an hour wait if it was a slow crew into a 15 minute wait. Even funnier that the wait times app said it was a 90 minute wait when we got in line.
  21. I don't think that the property developers that will be building the homes complex has actually bought the land yet. In the article it states that they need to get a few more approvals before they can "buy the land and move forward." It seems that they got an approval for this project before they even acquired the land. If bowcraft says they are reopening next season and that they haven't sold their land I think that might mean they aren't willing to sell the land to the builder, or that they haven't sold it yet and the park will be open another year. Only time will tell.
  22. I don't know if anyone else thinks this, but this seems like it's going to be the spiritual successor to jaws: the ride. You ride in a car that I'm sure will have a live actor- like the skipper, and it goes from being a tour of the area into a fight for survival (jaws the shark in jaws and the dinosaurs in Kong) does anyone else think this?
  23. I agree. Either of those two models would be perfect because capacity isn't a huge problem there with the longest line being the wild mouse Also that would probably take Great adventure out for getting the raptor design because it only has 1 seat per row and they said 400-600 pph which is not that high (Although it probably will have similar capacity to The Joker, so not all hope is lost). IMO, if great adventure ever gets an rmc product it will be a T-Rex.
  24. I legit laughed But if they actually rethemed Blackbeards that could be pretty interesting. I wonder if they would go for a rethemed to that area (maybe Gotham city or something?)
  25. They also just opened an awesome indoor waterpark! (you have to stay at the Camelback Logde hotel there to go to it though)
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