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  1. Yeah that's what I recommend. Look at tracks that are on first page in the editor for help and stuff.
  2. Oh that makes much more sense. Thanks! (I was very confused at first!) I wonder when they will begin testing the real train. It hasn't arrived there yet right?
  3. Is that just for testing, or will there actually only be 2 rows?
  4. For lift yes, but for the regular layout no. Depending on who you ask. I like to keep my segments less than 5 horizontal though because it helps smoothen out bumps. Other users do not do this. If I were you though, I would practice doing it with 5 or less because it makes it smoother.
  5. I don't think so... There hasn't been any problems with them to my knowledge. All I know is that since the accident in 2013 that Gerstlauer and Six Flags have been arguing and have not worked together since. I don't see them getting rid of them though.
  6. I believe so. Don't quote me on that though. I remember seeing it somewhere. I do know that they haven't worked with them since though.
  7. As Great Advenrure being my home park, I can say that it is one of my favorites there (behind el toro and nitro). It is actually my 3rd favorite. It's unpopular because of its location in the park, not ride quality. Although it has been unpopular it is starting now to pick up popularity again and the last time I was there the line for it was so long that it filled up the entire queue. The ride ops were doing great that way and we only waited an hour and there was minimal stacking. Every train was dispatched when the train before hit the MCBR (or even before sometimes!) The ride ops were actually racing each other and we placed friendly bets on who win when we were getting checked. I bet on the wrong person But yeah, I would really miss that ride and I really don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, if they add a new attraction back there in the coming years I could see it becoming very popular again because when people go back there to ride the new attraction they will see it. I do agree though. If SFSTL got Bizarro it would be great for the park. I just don't want it to happen! *edit* The reason why no more Eurofighters were installed was because of the incident with NTAG I believe. They haven't worked with them since.
  8. They are running their batman clone backwards, not their SLC. Yes, they have both.
  9. Exactly Same... Even better, an RMC launched invert... in the middle of La Ronde. That'd give the park the title of most inverts of any park anywhere (SLC, BTR clone, RMC). Check your facts bro. Dorney= 3 Inverts Talon Possesed Stinger Oh boy Kings Island: Banshee Invertigo Flying Ace Junior SLC The Bat?? It's at least a tie Dang and I thought I was being smart Well Dorney is a little different though because it's 3 of their major coasters
  10. Exactly Same... Even better, an RMC launched invert... in the middle of La Ronde. That'd give the park the title of most inverts of any park anywhere (SLC, BTR clone, RMC). Check your facts bro. Dorney= 3 Inverts Talon Possesed Stinger Oh boy
  11. There is also a vekoma boomerang, which I also consider sub-par (although the restraints on that particular one are not bad!) But yeah I agree with everything eveveryone has been saying above. My predictions for the next 5 years are a drop tower, a family ride or park improvemts, a RMC of wildcat, Family ride or park improvemts, and then finally a waterpark expansion (hopefully a complex like snake pit). That would be a REALLY solid next 5 years (and then hopefully they can add my dream Giga coaster!)
  12. Very nice. Really good for a first layout. The only thing I would change is make sure that the lift hill isn't bumpy. It may be because the segments are too large or because you used the sliders. Make sure that you go up no longer than 5 horizontal.
  13. A B&M Giga coaster would work great here. There are none nearby, and although they have skyrush, they don't really have a floater air ride. Plus it would be the new tallest ride there and could potentially be a new top 3 (in the world) coaster if they do it right! But what they really need is a drop tower.
  14. At the bottom it says "there will also be other family rides added to the parks" *edit* copied it from the site so you don't have to look for it:
  15. Hmm I wonder what changes this will bring. Exited to see what happens! What could potentially change with a new GM?
  16. Bizzaro, the parachutes, and Skull Mountain will be closed *edit* proof for the above info: (from sixflags.com) The Frontier Adventures area of the theme park, including Safari Off Road Adventure, as well as Bugs Bunny National Park, the Parachutes and Skull Mountain will not be open during this limited operation weekend as we prepare for the all-new Holiday in the Park, beginning November 21. - See more at: https://www.sixflags.com/greatadventure/special-events/fall-fun-bonus-days#sthash.4b9QK9RV.A51rSH2B.dpuf
  17. I posted on your wall on the 27th. You must have not seen it. Go to your profile and click 'Go to wall' and you should see a huge wall of text I posted for you Let me know if you need anything else.
  18. I see what you did there But seriously. If the park keeps on adding additions like this they could be a top park.
  19. Funny story: Laff trakk had just opened. There was a 2 hour line. You can probably see where this is going already but I'll continue. I had to use the bathroom really bad after about 45 minutes of waiting. We were still in the outdoor extended queue so I got out and went to the bathroom and ran back as fast as possible. I did the "excuse me" thing AND pointed to the people I was with so that people knew I was legit. Ride op lady comes up to me and starts talking about "how she isn't going to fall for one of these again". I tell her my group is down there. She says "oh yeah what are they wearing" so I describe exactly what they were wearing. She walks down to them and confirms that I am with them. Here's the kicker though: she refuses to let me go back and claims that "it will cause the line to be longer" here is the dumb part: each car holds 4 people. We were a group of 4. So the line literally had no effect on me being their or not. Eventually after she left all the smart humans in line let me get back to my group because they weren't complete idiots. Pretty funny story. That is the problem though. Some people are actually going to the bathroom and not line jumping.
  20. Both of those make sense. There is already another skycoaster on adventure pier, (and they both have low ridership because of the upcharge) and the Tornado is on adventure pier which generally has thrill rides so it doesn't really make sense being there. The skycoaster on surfside is where the drop of that wooden coaster was supposed to be though!!! I could see a new thrilling flat ride going by tornado (Sky race maybe?) and maybe the wooden coaster is finally happening????
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