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  1. The only problem with that comment is that it is the least painful and most enjoyable part of the ride. Everything After the vertical loop hurts my legs so bad. So much in fact that even if this ride is a walk on for whatever row I want I still skip it. Such a shame because the layout looks great but doesn't feel great (sit down conversion? Although the drop would be even lamer sitting down...)
  2. That's the thing though. If CF really spent money into this park they could make it great since it already has such a nice line up. IMO a really good GCI woodie would boost the park in every way possible. It would also make or break apart from those parks because this is really the only thing missing from a moderate line up IMO. Add a dark ride the year after, and flat ride package the year after, and your set (a man can dream right?)
  3. Still better than Michigans adventure's announcements I still think we will see an announcement other than this but if this is it at least they aren't tearing down an operating ride for this.
  4. If you go on screamscape it has a link to where the pictures were from. A website called themeparx. I don't know if they took the pictures or not though.
  5. Out of all the ones I have rode I would have to say the KMG Afterburner "It" at Morey's Piers. The ride cycle is so long (Compared to other claw rides, it feels double the length, especially the one at Dorney, which felt extremely short to me.) and I just love it. Also it was the first claw ride I went on that had lap bars. (and the only one with lap bars) I have never been on a giant Frisbee so that all might change when I finally get on one.
  6. Does anyone know if Batman backwards will still be running next week? I know that it wasn't supposed to run this week but apparently it is and I was going to go next Saturday (can't wait for the crowds!) and was wondering if anyone knew if it would still be running.
  7. I wonder if it hurts as much to be outside right now in the storm or to ride the vekoma slc? Maybe the Nor'easter will damage the nor'easter (and hopefully nothing else) and we will just HAVE to get a B&M invert replacement *edit* Nice trip reports by the way. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Out of Vekoma's I have been on, I got to say smoothness wise goes to Stinger. Very surprisingly smooth and intense. Funny story: when I rode it this year I got off and then no more than 5 cycles later the emergency brakes accidentally engaged and it got stuck at the bottom of the loop luckily it wasn't me. Honorable mention goes to The Great Nor' Easter for being the smoothest SLC (IMO) because of the comfortable restraints. Still feels like the train is going to rip off the tracks tho.
  9. Any way I can get a link to that video? Thanks Super excited if this goes in old country and uses the chiller station!
  10. Looks like we aren't going to see an announcement in September. Doesn't seem to promising anymore for really anything I'll hope for the best. Hopefully I just jinxed myself and they will announce something today.
  11. Yeah I know what you mean. Its just a rumor and I agree that it probably is bogus but I wanted to see if anyone has heard anything like that on here.
  12. Did that not damage the ride at all? Or did it cause rust on the supports and stuff? Some of the track is underwater in the right side of the photo! Also I cant imagine what Comet must've looked like! Although it does look like a fun pool: Come to Hershey Park and swim in the all-new great bear swimming pool fit with a giant play area that resembles a rollercoaster for some reason! Also that picture is from 2011 right? (Looking at the link from where the photo was from). *Edit* ^ Nevermind
  13. I have no clue if this is true or not but I read it on a Great Adventure forum (Greatadventurehistory). Apparently one of the survey animations for new rides (It was shown before this was announced though) had a rollercoaster animation with track that looks exactly like this (at the time they thought that it was just because it was a poor animation quality). It was a dueler and apparently the layout had a very similar layout to Twisted Colossus (but without the wooden feel). I am basing this off of what a few people are saying so it might be false but if it is true than Great adventure (or any park in the chain) could be seeing one of these very soon!
  14. I've heard some pretty dumb comments but I got to give it to this one: Six flags great adventure (people sitting behind me on the lift hill of Bizarro) "I heard that BIZZARO is the tallest rollercoaster in the entire world!" Come on. Kingda ka is in the SAME EXACT park! Also I overheard someone saying that they think el toro will eventually derail because "all wooden coasters are extremely dangerous". *edit: spelling
  15. Wait is the new ride going into California's Great America a triotech dark ride or just a regular theater with a 4D experience? Because if its not a Triotech there is still hope for us! (Because we all know Michigan's adventure will get their triotech in 2034 when its considered outdated for 10 years ) Also its so funny how people just instinctively don't count MIA for anything Cedar Fair related anymore All we can do is hope at this point! (and maybe an announcement tomorrow is not so far-fetched as other parks in the chain announced their rides back to back)
  16. Well apparently we are getting an announcement some time in September. So that leaves us with uhhhh... a day! Who else agrees that the chances of an announcement tomorrow are pretty much zero? Who knows, last year's announcement was November 17th! (I'm personally hoping for a GCI woodie, Dark ride, or skyscreamer by stinger or in Hang time's old spot (If there is enough room). We all know though that we will probably get a new 2 by 4 on the side of thunderhawk's support structure or something.(That would be awesome!) The lack of rumors is very upsetting though.
  17. Note: These are all from the same day, I think Steel Force has racked up more mentions than any other coaster today and is giving Mean Streak a run for its money. Are the Dorney Park fans just trolling/grouchy today or is Steel Force really that bad? Steel force holds a place in my heart as my first coaster over 200 feet and at the first time I rode it I thought the drop was insane. Then I rode Nitro and Skyrush. After that steel force's drop never seemed so great. It's still fun to ride though IMO. The airtime on the bunny hills at the end are really nice! Worst drop for me is Wildcat at Hershey park. Not such a bad drop but its so rough and not really enjoyable. RMC please come to the rescue!
  18. The longest waits I've ever had is at Hershey Park on a really busy day. I waited 1:30-2:00 hours for Laff trakk opening day. Which was probably not worth it since its a spinning coaster and I wasted 2 hours that could've been spent riding any intamin there (because looking at the wait times all the other lines were about 15 minutes!) I also waited about 1:30 for Great Bear. It was very busy and the ride ops were not doing a good job. They would never have 2 groups of 2 ride together and single riders never went to open single seats. There were like 8 open seats on every train. I also waited an hour for Comet because they were also not doing a good job running it efficiently. Oh well. Honorable mention is Steel Force had a 45 minutes wait (Dorney had lines?!???!?) so I didn't even waist the time to ride it. Great adventure is my home park and I've never waited more than 1/2 hour for a ride there (very lucky)
  19. I read this news article about VR on a Cedar Fair rollercoaster (which we now know much more about) that says somewhere near the bottom of the article that Dorney will be announcing their 2016 addition some time in September (so assuming that they are telling the truth we dont have to wait much longer ) It also said that they declined to say if it would be a dark ride. Maybe a dark ride in that building that has the show near the entrance? (There also havent been any dark rides announced yet by Cedar Fair this year and they said they would really like one at every CF park). Here is the article: (Scroll near the bottom to find the 2 sentence paragraph about it) http://www.mcall.com/business/mc-dorney-park-parent-reports-earnings-20150804-story.html
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