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  1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]What do you think about this transformation concept?
  2. Here is my trip report from Tuesday last week, which was supposed to be rainy. It did not actually rain, allowing the lines to be shorter. However, I won't waste any time with a lengthy introduction, so let's get right into it! Houdini's Great Escape - x1 Spooky fun for the whole family! I went on with my friend and our mothers, but it was cheesy as usual and lacking those extra exciting moments it should have. I think that it would be much better with a crowd of new riders than a tiny group who have ridden before! - Tomahawk - x1 I actually kept my eyes closed the whole ride because I really don't find this very thrilling anymore, as fun as it is. I like that they got new restraints from Texas, but I guess they wanted to change the ride program, too. The result is a less thrilling experience... Usually it would rock back and forth, start spinning one way and get up high, continue, switch directions, and later stop. The new one spins you low to the ground in one direction, and then changes directions and goes up high like that for the rest of the ride. You don't get any variety in the ride like it had last year. I also skipped Rock n' Rodeo (the new, secret, unadvertised Taxi Jam) because it wasn't amazing last time and there was actually no one in line (not a good thing). - Goliath - x1 This ride was scary and somewhat painful like I remember it. It was actually my second time on, because usually I'll skip it because of the line or because it's closed (which is the case a lot of the time I go)! I still experience the seat digging into the backs of my legs, and I may have not had headbanging, but I still had a headache from the vibration afterward! - Pandemonium - x1 This was a fun ride, though the line moved slowly even for the small group of people there. I spent most of the time observing the mechanical parts and supports rather than the ride (for making accurate Gerstlauer spinners in NL2), but I still knew it was very forceful and thrilling! - SkyScreamer - x2 I find it ironic that the name is SkyScreamer yet I've never heard anyone scream on it before! Like my school music teacher once said during the season it opened, "It's not very thrilling, but it's more like a scenic ride". I also liked how they had the speakers working all the way up the tower and also how they actually fade on and off as it goes up and down the tower! - Blizzard River - x1 You barely get wet on this ride, but people are still praying not to get wet when they go on! I happened to get my back wet from a passing waterfall, but unfortunately the raft still completely evades a waterfall during the ride. The water jets that were once working don't appear to be there anymore, and the indoor parts have water working better on some sides than others. I honestly love the theme of the ride, and I would love to see this renovated and even themed to The Penguin himself (because it might as well be with all the penguins and Penguin brand crates everywhere)! - Thunderbolt - x1 I believe that this is a hidden jem, though still rough! I got the bar slammed into my chest on some of the hills, and the track shaping was extremely inconsistent... I still love it anyway! - Catwoman's Whip - x1 We went on this for the LOLs, so we weren't expecting much - Buzzsaw - x2 The middle rows are the way to go, it is important that you should know, that a seat in the back is a free heart attack, and your stomach will probably thank yo (later) - Batman the Dark Night - x2 We got front the first time (I asked for it, like usual), and I enjoyed it as usual. I feel the need to hold my head back as far as possible on this ride, because I definitely know that I would have headbanging if I didn't. We went on it a second time in an assigned row (middle to back), and on the brake run I was fortunate to see the transfer track control panel, and that excites me because I see it in NL2 and know how it works, and I love looking at technical things on coasters! - Wicked Cylcone - x3! This ride kicks butt all day and all night! We were fortunate enough to have a walk on the first time (with front row!), a short wait for near the middle, and a slightly longer one for the second to back! I think that the back is the best place to sit because the airtime is insane and you can just see the train twisting ahead... also, the jet fighter roar is gone, and there were no noticeable vibrations, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it - :airtime: Superman (Virtual Reality) - x2! I was actually blown away the first time I rode, and even the second time (though not as much then)! The first time I rode by myself and my friend waited with me. The second time I was able to convince him to go on after a long wait filled with questions and self doubt Like I expected, he loved it, and is excited to ride it again soon. Spoilers of the Experience Below! They immediately hand you a headset and direct you to a row, and have you strap on the headset. After the phone camera (yes, there's a phone in there...) scans the nifty little QR code on the back if the seat in front of you, a city appears in front of you, and you see you are sitting in a hovering tour vehicle. I was actually wearing my Superman shirt that day, and when in looked down at myself, in saw my virtual self wearing a Batman shirt, which made my literally laugh out loud! Anyway, the train leaves the station, and you see Lex Luthor and his Lexbots hovering in front of you, and they break the vehicle open. Lex Luthor uses his anti gravity gun, and you see things start to float in front of you, mainly a man hanging out of a police car. He suddenly falls (and the riders gasp), but Superman swoops in and catches him, and brings him away. Lex comes back with his gun, but this time Superman flies to him and destroys it with his laser beam eyes! Then, everything begins to fall out of the sky, and slowly you crest over the lift. You immediately plummet down to the ground of the city as an oil tanker falls in front if you, and you honestly feel like you are falling a longer distance than usual. Superman comes to the rescue again, and grabs your vehicle and pulls it through the explosion ahead (the tunnel with mist simulates the cloud), and you then rise up and are pulled up and down through the city blocks! You continue this throughout the ride, and at the end Superman brutally throws the giant Daily Globe at Lex and battles him for the last time. The ride hits the brakes, and you see Supes holding Lex in front of you, and then he flies away to the theme song. What an experience! I thought the whole ride was amazing with the virtual reality, and like others have said, you almost forget the layout and the heights are exaggerated to a point where you are actually scared for a bit! Complaints about the ride: the lift speakers should be turned so they face the riders as they ascend, and it shook a good bit in spots like right after the overbank and the turn into the spaghetti bowl. The second time I was on, the staff was too busy to help us to our seats, and the lenses on mine where very blurry. The straps also were mildly uncomfortable, and dispatch times were painfully slow. Those are the main things I would fix if I were them. Final rating - Fireball - x5!!! Last but not least, the brand new flat! I fell in love with this ride! I had fun each time I was on, and the random sequence chosen by the operator helped that. I think it was a good move to install these at all the parks, and I would be happy to ride one if I came across one sometime! The halftime sensation was incredible! I personally like the middle or end seats on it, as you get the best hangtime there. One silly complaint... the logo shows a coaster track! - Overall I had an amazing trip, and I will be back again soon! -
  3. If anything I actually think the VR would have been more exciting as Bizarro than Superman, adding to the intense effects that were already there! The visuals could have been even crazier, and they would be welcome to keep the music I'm still not over the transformation, give me a few more years
  4. The water park is pretty ok I guess. You'll probably burn your feet off, and the lines aren't always worth it. They don't have tons of variety, but Typhoon is worth a try! But that's just my opinion, I prefer not to go. Anyone else think differently?
  5. A turn in the right direction? I don't know what you're smoking, but I think it's time to find a new dealer. Like FrFr you must be smoking Di*k Dope and Dynamite, I know coke is a hell of a drug but it ain't even that damn good lol You guessed correctly
  6. Somebody posted a comment about them speeding the video up... I swear I was about to smash my head against a desk if there was one around me
  7. So as I am doing a recreation of the park in NoLimits 2, I need to add a lot of detail to make it accurate using signs. I am actually able to either recreate them digitally or use photos and warp them so they're flat, but occasionally I can't really do either of those. My idea is to contact someone who can help me get certain graphics (mainly for Gotham City Gauntlet), so who should I try to email? Jen McGrath or someone else?
  8. What if they named it something related to the Beast? Like bring back Son of Beast like they did with The Bat
  9. So I've heard discussion on whether or not the wood/steel mix looks good on the lift/turnaround/drop, and if they should have made the turnaround part of the metal structure. Personally I think so, and they also should have continued the structure until the bottom of the drop, too. What do you think?
  10. I don't know, but people sure will get wet with that new water pistol gun effect I mean it was an interesting use of the fire pipe but no one saw it except me on the ride
  11. Well I went on a ride at Disney World (it was Maelstrom or Hollywood or something tame) and he never looked up from his phone... that stuff really pisses me off badly, so much I want to take their phone and throw it and then remind them how they spent their life savings for this trip and basically burned some of it by doing that
  12. I had to explain how that works to a group of people while waiting for a night ride on Bizarro at SFGA, which made me happy!
  13. Jesus Christ, I hope no one got it on video like during the Xcelerator explosion (where they suspiciously had a camera ready to record it happening...) or else Knott's will be under the microscope!
  14. Know to Jews because it's there mythology. The only time we mentioned it is for the rumored coaster. This isn't Jewish Wonderland. The Jews run Kings Island confirmed
  15. I never was on it prior this year but it was my least favorite ride when I went last month. I don't know if it was the restraints that were too tight or what but the edge of the seat dug into the back of my legs behind my knees and left some nice bruises. I've never had that issue on a ride anywhere before. I've also experienced that, and I've ridden it once... Also, I'm starting a SFNE recreation in NL2, and this is the beginning of GCG: ECAA! I didn't make the coaster itself, but I did have to do the colors and I started making the queue!
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