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  1. I'm a bit disappointed, not just with NoLimits 2 animation but the coaster itself
  2. Dude, you've answered your own question already... Lines can range from nonexistent to packed in, depending on what day you visit and what ride it is. In the five times I went last summer, Dark Knight generally has horrendous operations so if you want it, ride it in the morning. By afternoon it will have a full queue. Goliath right away will have a the first major switchback area full but that's it, and Superman always extremely close to spilling out on the walkways. X-Flight gets big lines as well because it's a wing coaster. Raging Bull can get long lines, but I have yet to see a line longer than 30-ish minutes. I'm sure it happens though. Later in the day, the lines can absolutely horrific even during the week and probably approached about an hour or more. The rest of the lines were pretty evenly crowded, with Superman of course taking the lead. Oh wow, I remember that now! Never mind then kthxbye
  3. Yeah, with being my home park I noticed. If it's your home park, you probably shouldn't need to worry about doing everything. Normally I wouldn't, but because I ran out of money to buy a Season Pass with Cedar Point and Kings Island, this might be my last time this year I go (unless I find sometime during Fright Fest). The first time I went this year was on opening day (big mistake) and throughout the ENTIRE 12 hours of operation, I only rode Whizzer, Raging Bull, Goliath, X-Flight, and Spacely's Sprocket Rockets. 5 coasters in 12 hours
  4. Yeah, with being my home park I noticed. I'm only skipping Justice League because I'm going to ACE's Daredevil Daze Event at Six Flags St. Louis and should get some rides on their Justice League
  5. Alright, I'll be going on Friday the 22nd. What's the best strategy for a day like that to get every coaster in? I don't care about Justice League I am NOT using Flash Pass
  6. Can you explain more on this idea? Except for Steel Dragon 2000's support structure
  7. Has anyone seen anything go on in the Ragin' Cajun or Ropes Course (SkyTrail) areas? I feel they are the 2 locations for 2017.
  8. ^ I think they are rather homosexual, just thankful that they aren't as bad as emojis I want bananas on my waffles!
  9. Man, you guys have had so much fun, heading to any more parks like Holiday Park?
  10. Your majesty, I would like a custom title that says 'The Leader of the Vekoma Flying Dutchmen'
  11. Who would've thought? Arashi is a new S&S Free Fly Spin for Nagashima Spa Land in 2017. This is really a surprise, especially considering they just got a B&M Flyer 2 years ago!
  12. All right, after removing the videos to stop the fiasco going on, I synced my photos. It's time. KINGS ISLAND PART 1 Hooray! I haven't been here since 2008, when I was 7 years old! The skyline had changed since I had last been there. No more giant, painful RCCA wooden coaster This entrance is so 'Ew!' Mandatory shot Testing, testing, testing! I thought we were at Kings Island, not Disneyland Paris Or is it Disneyland? The Italian Job Stunt Coaster hasn't changed since '08 We have to head to the park of the park for our first ride! Which is... Racer? Nah, just kidding. Ride #1 was X-Fli... I mean Firehawk! If you find me and my Dad in this picture, you get a cookie Being completely honest, this was better than the Superman clones Flight of Fear wasn't open so we had to skip that... I MUST WIN THIS GAY MONKEY!!!! After I won my ape, we made a quick stop at the Dodgems. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend them, it's pretty small to hold all those cars. *Noted and new profile picture! See what I mean? Too many cars! Coaster #2 ~ Backlot Stunt Coaster This was the biggest coaster I rode here when I was 7 At least Kings Island can stay true to their effects *cough*cough* Cedar Point *cough* Rougarou *cough* B&M is special this way You can ka-ching my head later, Arrow NOTED "I don't care I'm being chased by the cops honey! Besides, you're always telling me I need to spend more time with my daughter!" At least Cedar Fair had the balls to keep the Mini Cooper cars when they transitioned this into Backlot Stunt Coaster from the Italian Job
  13. Actually, I purchased a pair of video recording sunglasses so it isn't so obvious. I waited to get out of the station then start recording. None of the attendants here OR at KI suspected a thing
  14. I wanted to, but it broke down before I could ride it Thanks for those words, yeah Rougarou probably is smoother (I never got to ride Mantis). The only B&M Stand-up I've ridden is Georgia Scorcher, so I probably got a better exposure than Mantis. FINAL CEDAR POINT UPDATE How could you not ride Raptor when the lines are so short? See? Raptor doesn't deserve lines this short! Hasta la vista, dinosaurs My last two rides of the night (Which I got no photos of) were Wicked Twister and Blue Streak. Bye Cedar Point! Hope to catch you within the next couple years! AND NOW... We have a montage of on-ride photos GateKeeper Magnum #1 (I was the only one enjoying it ) Magnum #2 Maverick Whore-stock Express Rougarou Me and my sister --Josh "Valravn broke my glasses lenses" Peterson
  15. Does anyone know anything about Goliath? I'll be at Great America in a couple of days
  16. Wow, I haven't posted here yet! Six Flags Great America, 1 hour 10 minutes away
  17. 1. Maverick 2. Diamondback 3. GateKeeper 4. Magnum XL-200 5. Beast 6. Banshee 7. Dragon Challenge 8. Millennium Force 9. Goliath (SFGAm) 10. Incredible Hulk
  18. They said *more* than 30 years, Splash Water Falls has, unfortunately, only been 30 years exactly
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