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  1. Double post (sorry), but I just had this really cool thought. With that amount of land, I think that a Chance Hyper GT-X would be a great fit, especially for this park! Any thoughts on this Azoosment@SV?
  2. I just realized that Dragon Coaster is right next to a big lot of land. Six Flags Great America is a good home park, but it's not just enough. I would really appreciate it is Azoozment@SV account would acknowledge this post, I would really like to know the park's thoughts!
  3. The park is not "running out of room." Whenever you think "Hmmm, this park is starting to run out of room" just remember Gröna Lund. . . And in case you forgot what Gröna Lund looks like: Therefore, "The park is running out of room" is never allowed to be an argument. . . Holy crap... America would never give any park permission for that
  4. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1JZAP_enUS699US699&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=goliath%20six%20flags%20great%20america Lol why does one of the Google Reviews say "Too many black people in line"?
  5. Roar was transformed to Joker over one season, and track didn't even start showing up until early November. And right now it's mid-October. Plus, it opened at the end of May. I'm going for 2017. They just need to announce it soon
  6. Six Flags is slowly degrading. They need another company to work with. WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT INTAMIN!?
  7. Holy crap! I just realized I never finished my Kings Island TR!!! Let's get back to that! KINGS ISLAND PART 2 Just like that Prius commercial! Almost ready for us Let's... get our credit later tonight Marching Band! Shu-NAZZY! How massive can you get? No... I was talking about my finger, the coaster is average-sized Yep, it wasn't announced yet when I went to the park Okay that's enough finger photos. Let's get to Planet Snoopy for the creds Time for the Whore-Stock Express of Southern Ohio! A line this long? For a family coaster? That's, like an actual plus side to Six Flags! Not cool Such a brave little soul Best Kids Area is awesome, but they really don't need a new Chevy SUV to make Surf Dog look sexy Holy crap, that's creepy Up next was the family-size Mind Eraser See? Even the youngster *ahem* GP DON'T LIKE VEKOMA! I spy with my little eye some leftover Paramount Parks paperwork! Or, P3! Yeah, nobody really cared about this one that day Bye Planet Snoopy! We (probably won't) catch you again soon! This place had surprisingly good food, which was unexpected. Nice job with this one Cedar Fair... or Paramount... or whoever owned the place at the time this was built! Nobody really cared about this one that day either This probably held a ride at one time or another, right? After lunch we rode the Beast. DAMMIT FINGER!! WHY!? WHY!? Who doesn't love riding the Beast with no line!?!? I think we picked the right day to come here Hello butt! This is the last photo for now, the last thing I have to say is that Beast was very underrated. Not nearly as ok as people have said. I thought it was absolutely amazing, and it's my favorite wooden coaster as of Fall 2016
  8. I was in line for V2 at Great America. I overheard a group of GP ask if it was possible for a roller coaster to go backwards
  9. Definitely: -Disneyland -Dollywood -Six Flags Great America (Home Park) -Six Flags Magic Mountain Maybe: -Elitch Gardens -Las Vegas Parks (Hoping Speed has been re-opened at Akita Plaza by next summer, come on Premier)
  10. https://rcdb.com/14231.htm Whoa! Casino Pier is finally getting something big and good at the same time? Forget the family coasters! They're getting an Infinity Coaster!
  11. B&M - Hyper Coasters Intamin - Blitz Coasters Premier - LIM Shuttle Coasters S&S - Screamin' Swing Larson - Drop Tower RMC - Topper Track Wooden Coasters Arrow - Hyper Coasters Vekoma - Custom Other (Just purely because of Everest) Schwarzkopf - Classic Looping Coasters Maurer Söhne - X-Car
  12. I was just looking for information on any future Mitch Hawker polls, and I found this thread here and Robb replied with this. Anyone up for the idea of having this happen, and bring back the concept originally from good ol' Mitch Hawker? I'm all in for it, a 3-year outdated Mitch poll would be better than the Golden Ticket Awards (with the minor exception of Fury)
  13. Just remove the VR and give it to some other coaster. Trust me, I rode it less than a month ago with and without the VR (I had a flash pass) The Demon without the VR is okay at the least, fun coaster as usual. Demon with the VR is bad. This thing gives you no room to move your head around unless you're tall enough that your head isn't stuck between the restraints (I'm a shortie), and it's (censored)-ing basic (The VR I mean) But yes, I'd say give it the restraints that are on Blue Hawk. They probably won't remove it for a while though... Go to 55 seconds in to see what I mean
  14. I made a collage of my Top 5 Favorites 1. Maverick, 2. Beast, 3. Goliath (GAm), 4. Magnum, 5. Diamondback My Dad's favorite: My Sister's favorite:
  15. Yeah, Justice League first is a given. Here is my current plan of attack: 1. Justice League 2. Mr. Freeze 3. Boss 4. Screamin' Eagle 5. Batman The Ride 6. American Thunder 7. Xcalibur 8. Pandemonium 9. River King Mine Train 10. Ninja
  16. On September 17th, I'll be at SFStL for the ACE event. Besides some evening ERT, I was hoping that I could get some tips and possibly a strategy for hitting all the coasters and good rides on a September Saturday
  17. Goliath at Great America on National Roller Coaster Day Only RMC and 3rd best coaster I've ever ridden! (BTW, larrygator you need to fix Goliath on the GAm Park Index page. Still says closed lol)
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d06TDdqXjtI I made this video, I know it's crappy
  19. Planet Snoopy? Hurler not getting renovated? GUYS! B&M HYPER DIVE WINGRIDER AQUATRAX 2018 CONFIRMED KINGS DOMINION
  20. Tbh, I gotta say Six Flags Over Georgia. Maybe it's because I went when it rained and I the only good rides I rode were Goliath, Georgia Scorcher, Batman The Ride, Mind Bender, and Great American Scream Machine. I also had the honor of riding Ninja and Georgia Cyclone (the 2 worst coasters I have ridden). Everything else was closed.
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