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  1. 2 DAYS OF CAROWINDS Went to Carowinds yesterday to check out Fury. Faster than a speeding bullet! (Superman Escape from Krypton, I bet you are angry! ) Beauty! 25 dollars of wasted money right here. Vekoma's broken, why am I not surprised? DAY 2 OF CAROWINDS Entrance of dominance-ish.... I like carowinds! Moar Station Photos.... I WANNA GET STUCK.... lol no I'm scared Forgot to paint a connector? Your killing me "smalls" (oxymoron yay) I brought my cam on Intimidator because why not? Why wasn't this spared instead of Thunder Road? Oi... Gonna be seeing a Floorless conversion soon That's all folks! Regards, -Imagineer Josh
  2. Hi everybody! Yes, I have been more active on the forums more lately. I was editing my profile and wanted to change the part where it says "I guess donkeys are okay". ^What is circled in blue is what I want to change. Can anyone show me how to change it? Any help appreciated!
  3. I'm bringing this thread back! 1). Goliath (Six Flags Great America) 2). Raging Bull (Six Flags Great America) 3). X-Flight (Six Flags Great America) 4). Incredible Hulk (Universal's Islands of Adventure) 5). Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast (Six Flags St Louis) 6). Dragon Challenge: Hungarian Horntail (Universal's Islands of Adventure) 7). Expedition Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom) 8). Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom) 9). Batman The Ride (Various Six Flags Parks) 10). Mind Bender (Six Flags Over Georgia)
  4. Dylan, I actually found a really good spot where they could put a Giga coaster.
  5. Hello! I have a question for you. The three best manufacturers are easily Intamin, RMC, and B&M (IMO) But which coasters are the best? So this thread is asking for your opinion on what you think the best coasters from these three manufacturers are! Intamin IMO: 1). El Toro 2). Millennium Force 3). Bizarro now Superman The Ride 4). Maverick 5). Top Thrill Dragster 6). Intimidator 305 7). SkyRush 8). Superman Ride of Steel (SFA) 9). Fahrenheit 10). Volcano: The Blast Coaster Rocky Mountain IMO: 1). Outlaw Run 2). Goliath 3). Wicked Cyclone 4). New Texas Giant 5). Twisted Colossus 6). Iron Rattler 7). Medusa Steel Coaster (There are more than 7 out there but only 7 are operating) B&M IMO: 1). Fury 325 2). Leviathan 3). Diamondback 4). Intimidator 5). Behemoth 6). Banshee 7). Goliath (SFOG) 8). Nitro 9). Manta 10). Tatsu What are your opinions on these Manufacturers and other manufacturers that you think are good? Regards, -Imagineer Josh
  6. Sorry for double post, but is anyone going to answer the questions?
  7. Okay, so I love coasters, and I am an enthusiast. In fact, this past summer, I went to all of Disney World , Universal Orlando, Six Flags over Georgia, and of course my home park Six Flags great America Anyway, onto the park fun! Question 1). Why do you consider yourself a Coaster Junkie? Well, here is my answer! I consider myself a coaster junkie because I am brave, and have had a history of riding coasters. And I cannot thinking about when I will go to parks and ride rides! Question 2). What is your coaster count, and what are some of the coasters you have ridden? My coaster count: Probably, like, 50-ish. Some of my favorites are Goliath, Raging Bull, and the Incredible Hulk. Question 3). What is your favorite roller coaster manufacturer(s)? 3. B&M, 2. RMC, 1. Intamin Question 4). Do you have questions to ask? If you guys have any questions that you would like to ask TPR about roller coasters, just put them down below in the comment section! Bye-bye
  8. Honestly, that all looks awesome! The Frozen act looked really cool too, but I think the movie Frozen is overrated, no offense. But this is how I feel once Frozen will become live action:
  9. Does anyone else think that Pictorium might close in favor of a Justice League Dark Ride? I need your opinion because it's my home park!
  10. I'm most excited for Valravn. Why? I found this picture on Cedar Point's Facebook page!
  11. I'll be at Six Flags Great America on July 30th! The first time I'll be using the Flash Pass and shite...
  12. Damn, what greatness can we expect? Here are my predictions: Inversions: Inverted Stall (180 Degrees), and 2 barrel rolls. Name: Roar Reborn, "New" Roar (Kinda like the RMC Texas Giant), Iron Roar, Roar Steel Coaster.
  13. Do you guys think that Six Flags New England would remove Flashback and send it to Six Flags Great America to put in Ragin Cajun's old spot?
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