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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have tragic news to report! Unfortunately, my Knott's file has become corrupted and I am not able to load it again. I was using openrct2 to finish this project once and for all, but for some reason, the whole game crashed on me. When I tried to reload my saved game...a message with a red box says, "Unable to load file" If anyone has any advise on what to do, let me know and I should resume work ASAP. Keep in mind, it may take awhile due to college and work. Thanks for reading and God bless.
  2. Disclaimer! This project has been under construction since early 2014 and hasn't been messed with ever since. Now I would like to show y'all what I've got so far and is currently in the makings. Please note that quite a few things are off scale due to RCT limitations. SCR5.BMP The Boardwalk partially completed. SCR6.BMP Boomerang when it had its old color scheme. SCR7.BMP Ah Xcelerator, the fastest coaster at the park and scariest, but fun! SCR8.BMP Not the best pic. More is to come tho! SCR9.BMP Sneak peak of the Fiesta Village junior rides. SCR10.BMP I realize that this is way off but its only because of limited space. SCR11.BMP Back when Knott's had Kingdom of the Dinosaurs! SCR12.BMP RIP Perilous Plunge! Miss you. Sep. 15, 2000- Sep. 3, 2012 SCR13.BMP Screamin' Swing under construction!
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