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  1. ^I stumbled upon them on Facebook, I guess. I can't find where exactly I got them from, though. I am sorry.
  2. Here are some concept arts for Bobbejaanland's new Infinity Coaster. Source: Bobbejaanland
  3. Amusement park in Denmark replaces two classic roller coasters Two old roller coasters in a Danish amusement park will be replaced this year. Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen will close the powered coaster Odinexpressen and the children's roller coaster Karavanen. Two new roller coasters will replace them. In 34 years time the three hundred meter long rollercoaster Odinexpressen, built by the German manufacturer Mack Rides, made almost thirty million trips. The top speed was 60 kilometers per hour. The same company supplies the replacement Mælkevejen ('Milky Way'), which becomes higher and quieter. The opening will take place in the Christmas season of 2019. There will also be a new station building. Roller coaster Caravanen opened in 1999. The modest attraction in oriental style was sixty meters long and just over three meters high. At the start of the summer season in April there is a new, longer children's roller coaster at that place, with the same name. The park also invests in new, modern bumper cars and a water playground. The existing Fatamorgana attraction - a 45-meter-high tower with rotating gondolas - will be slightly more spectacular thanks to the addition of tilting seats. Because of the limited space, Tivoli Gardens regularly breaks down attractions. Last year the break dance attraction Snurretoppen had to clear the field. Source
  4. Movie Park Germany announces new themed area Movie Park Germany is opening a new themed area this year, dedicated to the well-known animated series PAW Patrol. There are several children's attractions, including a truck ride and a playground. The themed area is called Adventure Bay. "With new attractions, many details and interactive elements, the place from the Nickelodeon TV series is being brought to life", says the German movie park. The opening takes place in the spring. Adventure Bay will be located in the existing Nickland park section, between a snack restaurant and the entrance to the Excalibur rapids ride. One of the new attractions will be a convoy ride from the Italian manufacturer Zamperla. There will also be a playground with interactive elements. Furthermore, the existing children's attraction Swiper's Sweeper - based on the Dora children's series - will be moved to the new area. The ride will be called Zuma's Zoomer. The eye-catcher will be a fifteen-meter-high tower, which will serve as a meet-and-greet location. The Dutch Leisure Expert Group is responsible for the design. Movie Park also works with Nickelodeon Experience Design from American Florida and the Spanish decoration company Rocas & Design. The area will have an area of 1800 square meters. The Canadian-American animated series PAW Patrol has been broadcast since 2013 by children's channel Nickelodeon. The story is about a rescue team with seven heroic puppies. There are now 130 episodes made. Source
  5. Yes, absolutely! Maybe another big flat ride would work really nice in the park, but apart from that I really like the line up of my homepark, Efteling. Do you have a Mack Rides coaster in your top 10?
  6. So, who is still in the 2019 camp? With the new hotel as part of the new area, I am not too sure if it's going to be all ready for 2019. We'll see.
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