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  1. They both have an inverted coaster. Carowinds and Gardaland.
  2. Crush's Coaster - Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios
  3. Anubis The Ride - Plopsaland De Panne
  4. Both have coasters that opened in 1978. Bobbejaanland and Parque de Atracciones de Madrid.
  5. Honestly I don't know. It was the first time I visited this park. Indeed, this ride didn't stand out as nicely as the other rides. It was still nice, but compared to all the other rides in the park, this dark ride could definitely use some care. It just seems like this ride does not belong into the park..
  6. Hello, everyone! On 26 July 2015, I went to Drievliet. Drievliet is a family park located in The Hague, Holland. It has a few good thrills to offer, but it is definitely more a family park. The park does have some good coasters, especially Formule X - a launched Maurer AG X-Car. Enough talking, let’s check it out! Welcome to Drievliet! You see this fountain when you enter the park. Like almost every Dutch park, they have a water slide. It's really fun! There is a great atmosphere at the park! The whale even blows water! There are a lot of kiddie rides, but every single one of them is amazingly themed. The park has a lot of standard flat rides, but every ride looks very good and unique. Unlike some other parks.. The frisbee of the park, called Nautilus. I really like the fish theme. Even the breakdance looks great! Love the theming. In this area of the park, everything is just so well done. They did an awesome job with the theming of this ride! Those animals on the top of the tractors made me laugh. I love it! Tea cup ride. First coaster of the day, Twistrix! It's a bizarre Maurer AG coaster where you spin. And that's all, actually.. But it was kinda fun. And at the end of the day, another cred. I like how they even put so much effort in theming the slides. Well done! The Enterprise of the park is themed after a jellyfish. You see this small parks?? Check this out! More parks should do things like this. And now, the highlight of the day! Formule X, the launched X-car coaster. More little parks should have a ride like this. Hairtime!! One last pic of Formule X. I hope you liked it! One word, AWESOME! The launch was actually pretty intense. 0-70 kmh (0-45 mph) in 2 sec. The first inversion is really crazy. All happy faces. (Maybe a bit too happy??) What a beauty. Formule X launching. This ride is absolutely awesome! The monorail of the park. Hmm.. This looks familiar.. Of course, they also had a log flume. All the other rides are so well themed, I think they could have done this ride better.. Troika!! I really love these rides. Another ride.. The park's Wild Mouse. This ride has a mine theme. After experiencing an other coaster themed after a mine, located not so far away from this park *wink wink*, my expectations were very high. Of course, you can not compare both.. But this was still nicely done! The Mack Powered Coaster of the park, called Dynamite Express. It's a really good themed area.
  7. Yes, there was! You get 3 moments of air time on Baron 1898; at the top of the tower, the end of the 360 helix and the camelback at the end.
  8. Yes I did enjoy it, indeed! I was following this project from the very beginning. I was looking forward to riding it on opening day. Believe me, it had been 10 long months But it was absolutely worth it!
  9. Hello, everyone! On 1 July 2015, I went to Efteling for the first day their new B&M Dive Coaster opened to the public. My intention was to ride the first train of the day, but I had the third train.. But I was actually very lucky I had one of the first trains, because the queue quickly reached a waiting time of 2 hours and more. It was the hottest day of the year that day, and the whole queue was in the blazing sun. It wasn't my plan to return back home as a melted sorbet, so I only rode it once.. About the ride, Baron 1898 isn't the most intense, the highest or the fastest coaster, but that doesn't matter. It's the whole experience that makes this ride so much better! The theming really is incredible. I've never seen something like this before. I think this is the best themed coaster in the world, but that's my opinion of course ^_^ Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of the 2 (actually 3) pre-shows. But you'll be amazed by the coaster itself. Let's check out the photos! The skyline of the park will never be the same. And that's a good thing! There it is, in all of its glory! The other side of the Baron 1898. The miners are having an awesome time! You can see the queue here. At this point the park was open for about 40 minutes, and the wait time for the Baron was already 100 minutes. New miners going up the tower. Even the trains look great! I never thought it was possible to fall in love at first sight. But that changed today! Diving into the mine shaft. Searching for the gold. What a stunning structure. What a beauty it is! The dive drop is really good! Although the tower is "only" 30 meters (100 ft) high, the drop is 37,5 meters (123 ft). Ready for the dive into the mine shaft? I guess the woman on the right isn't.. The Witte Wieven (White Women) keep the miners away from taking the gold. As you leave the mine shaft, you can see the Witte Wieven (the mist) following the train. It's really great! Baron 1898 is absolutely an amazing piece of art, well done Efteling! Followed by Witte Wieven, you'll go into the Immelmann. And into the zero-G roll. They really have thought of every detail. There's coming smoke out of the chimney. A little bridge with some nice lanterns. It is a great ride! You get some G's at this 360 helix. Beautiful signs were all over the area. Translation: Miners. You can start immediately. Wealth will befall you. A "little bit" theming here and there. An underneath lift hill shot. The sign for the storage. Really impressive! Some more miners going up the tower. Everything is so well done! Welcome to Rijksmijn Baron 1898! The storage for the bags.
  10. There are 2 types of boats, one with a cover, and one without a cover. This is the boat with the cover.
  11. Hello, everyone! On 18 June 2015, I went to Duinrell. Duinrell is a family park located in Holland. It has a few good thrills to offer, and it also has a great water park with thrilling slides. I didn't visit it this time, but the previous time I went to this park, the slides were absolutely brilliant! Duinrell is very popular in The Netherlands, especially for its water park. The last years, the park really invested in adding some thrill rides and coasters. The latest addition of the park is Dragon Fly, a really good Gerstlauer Family Coaster. Enough talking, let’s check it out! Welcome to Duinrell! Rick The Frog, the mascot of the park. It's not the last time you'll see Rick in this park, believe me. First ride of the day, Aqua Shute. It's a fun little water slide. But don't be fooled, it goes faster than you think. Like most little parks in Holland, this park was also very well themed! They have a little free fall ride, where you have to pull yourself up. It's themed as a candle, don't ask me why.. Unfortunately this was closed.. I really like these kind of rides. The pirate ship was closed too, apparently they were working on the wheel that powers the boat. One thing for sure, it's better themed than most other pirate ships. There is a really good atmosphere at the park. This is the water park, called TikiBad. It is located in the middle of the park. As I told you, they have some really good slides. No park without a ferris wheel. It's not that big, but it's very nice. The swing ride of the park, called Aqua Swing. I don't know why they gave it that name ^_^ Duinrell also has a Toboggan. It's a really long way up. 2-3 minutes, at least.. But it's worth it, it's really fast! The first coaster of the park, a Tivoli Large from Zierer. Do you have any idea why it is called the Frog Coaster? I wonder what kind of ride Splash would be? The coaster is not that big, but it's got plenty of airtime. Oooow, it's a water ride. This park puts so much effort in choosing the names of their attractions, it appears.. Dragon Fly meets Frog Coaster. Next up, Mad Mill. One of the thrill rides of the park. It's a Frisbee, themed after a mill. Very well done, in my opinion. Even the details are great! It is a beautiful ride. You don't get to see this side of the ride all that often. It's not such a big splash. Okay, THAT is a big splash! Duinrell also has a Top Spin, called Waterspin. Probably because it spins, and there's water.. A special pic for those lift hill enthusiasts out there. The ride looks really good. Just chilling, and a bit hanging around. You can take some really nice pics of this ride. Now it's time for Dragon Fly. The latest addition of the park. It's a Gerstlauer Family Coaster, the same one as the coaster that's coming to Belantis in Germany later this year. I always loved track piece 31. I don't know why, but 3 & 1 makes 4, and 4 is almost 5. I know, that doesn't make sense. I really like the trains. What do I see there? It's definitely a great addition for the park. The ride fits very well in the park. ..Must come down! I don't know why, but I noticed this. Don't get me wrong, the ride is very well maintained. Brace position. Not the Vekoma one, of course. Vertical Loop, viewed from underneath. She had the ride of her life, I guess. Dragon Fly climbing through the woods. The cutback of the ride. Random people having a good time. It's really nice that the park is located in the middle of a forest. It's such a great atmosphere. A last pic of Falcon, to end the day. I hope you liked it! =D It's Falcon, the biggest ride of the park! It's a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter, the same one as Untamed in Canobie Lake Park (USA) and Rage in Adventure Island (UK). Zero G at the top of the loop. What goes up.. Another special pic, this time for chain dog enthusiasts. Just like the rest of the park, this ride was very well themed.
  12. Hey, everyone! On 12 Sep 2014, I went to Toverland. Toverland is kind of like saying Magic Land or Wizard Land in English. It's a nice little family park with a few good thrills. The last couple of years, they really invested in adding some thrill rides. One of these additions is Troy, a GCI Woodie that is considered as one of the best wooden coasters in Europe. But that's not the only good ride out there. Let’s check it out! When the park opened in 2001, it was all indoors. Toverland did a few big indoor and outdoor expansions over the last couple of years. This is the entrance of the park, that leads to the indoor area. Once you come in, you'll see this eye catchy Swing Ride. It's called Sim Sa la Swing - don't ask me why, but it made me laugh. lol The park is really well themed. Hey, look there! It's Boomerang! No, not the Vekoma Boomerang, although it's still a Vekoma. But this is a custom junior coaster. It was rough, but still a good ride. They do not have just one slide, they have two of them, woohoo! It goes outside for the main drop. As i said, very well themed. The wait for the logue flume was pretty much straight on. Okay, it actually was straight on! More green track! This really is a good ride. It has a great launch too; 0-75 km/h (0-50 mph) in just 3 seconds. Once you come outside, you'll see this green track. It's a Vekoma Motorbike Coaster, and yes it has a name! Booster Bike. You can get some really nice pics of this ride. The new themed area of the park, Magic Valley. This area is really magical! More parks should do things like this. Even the Rapid River is very beautiful. I really like how this park puts so much effort in details. What do I see there? It's the new Mack Spinning Coaster called Dwervelwind. It's the same one as Twist in Le Pal, located in France. Even the station is awesome! I probably should mention that the weather was really great that day. Dwervelwind in all of its glory. No, it's not the S of Superman. It's the S of euhm.. Spinning Coaster I guess?? Mack makes some really good coasters. I really loved this ride. Ow yeah! Troy is waiting for us! Yes, they have a pirate ship too. But this one was - just like almost everything in the park - very well themed. The entrance to the Troy themed area. Even the Trojan Horse looked amazing! The station of Troy. With a height of 32 m (100 ft) and a speed of almost 90 km/h (55 mph), this really is an awesome coaster! Random people having a really good time! This woodie is definitely the best woodie I've ridden. It even has a station fly-through! A last pic of Troy, to end the day. I hope you liked it! =D
  13. Yeah, everybody has their opinion. If we all had the same one, it would be very boring, no? But indeed, that SLC isn't the smoothest one out there
  14. Hey all! Let's get straight to business. This was my first time to the park. I was told that it was a nice park, but it could be very busy in the high season. So I went in April, and I must say the park was not as crowded as I expected, and that's a good thing! My general opinion about the park; it's a good park for family's, but for thrill seekers like me? Nhah, not really. Don't get me wrong, it's a good park. Okay, enough talking! I'll show you around the park with some pics. Here we are! Movie Park Germany. I really like the fountain thing when you come in. I went straight to the first attraction of the day: Alien Encounter. A Dark Water Ride themed after the Bermuda Triangle. Sklooosh! After our alien experience, we went to the newest attraction of the park. It's a 360° simulator, called The Lost Temple. I must say that it's pretty impressive, altough the attraction broke down and we were stuck for about 20 minutes. I'll give you a hint: it's not the last time that will happen during my visit. Sadly, Avatar Air Glider was closed. Our first coaster of the day. A Mack Wild Mouse Coaster. Nothing special, just another credit Splat-O-Sphere. It would've been better if we didn't get stuck in this, for about 10 minutes. Backyardigans Mission To Mars, a Vekoma Junior Coaster. While we were waiting, the coaster broke down. Surprise.. I think it's getting pretty clear that the park was just open for about a week. Dora's Big River Adventure. You really get soaked in this! Indeed, Dora made us very wet! Credit! A Vekoma Family Coaster, named Jimmy Neutron's Atomic Flyer. We were shocked that this ride didn't broke down while we were waiting! The latest coaster of the park, Van Helsing's Factory. A Gerstlauer Bobsled, and it's was very smooth and very well themed! Defenitely the best coaster in the park! NYC Transformer was also closed. One of the reasons I went to this park! It's a Stand-Up Free Fall Tower, called the High Fall. Altough it's only 60 meters high, it's very powerfull because of its weight -- it's very heavy. Absolutely loved it! One of the best free fall towers in Europe! Bandit, a woodie. But not just a normal woodie. Oh no! Imagine your most painful fear, and multiply it by 10. I'm not exaggerating! This really is the worst coaster I've ever ridden. Altough they retracked it during the winter, I only see one option.. Break it down! I really didn't want to spend more time on this one. Yes, this park also has a "famous" SLC It's really waiting for us, it seems. MP Express. It's an SLC, I think no more words are needed At least it's photogenic. The park also has a Frisbee. Side Kick. A Disk'O Coaster - Crazy Surfer. It's one of the new attractions at the new themed area: Santa Monica Pier. I must say, these rides are pretty good. A photo with the fountain thing to end the day. I hope you liked it
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