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  1. One Trip in May is planed, the rest is unclear if/when I visit those. May Trip: Port Aventura Ferrari Land Parc Asterix Foire du Trone Defenetly: Connyland Europapark (already visited on January 6th) Phantasialand Probably: Efteling Toverland Movie Park Energylandia Legendia and probably a few more...
  2. Rock & Roller Coaster (Vorlop) at the Herbstmesse in Basel, Switzerland (autumn fair)
  3. And the fastest one in building it up. You just need to put the handbrake one and it's done
  4. There is no maximum rider height, but I could ride it with my 6ft 2in
  5. I think they can leave it like that for transport, since a carnival car normally moves at a parade.
  6. Yeah, well it's the first test run in the morning, so maybe some dirt or so from standing around.
  7. This Saturday I was able to ride the small looping coaster on top of a carnival vehicle. This coaster is also known as Worlds smallest looping roller coaster. This coaster was built by the carnival club FaKoBa from Bassersdorf, Switzerland for last year´s carnival. During an information event for next carnival, they showed their coaster and so I could ride it. The ride itself is actually really good for a homemade coaster. It gives you two punches between the looping and the curve, but the rest is surprisingly smooth! The first drop fells kinda like one from an Eurofighter, because it happens so quick. The Looping you don´t really notice, it fells a bit like a fast backflip. After you jerked into the curve, you move around and roll out in the end "valley". If you would be too fast, there is a tire as a bumper to stop you. They even have a vertical elevator to bring the cart back up. For this they mounted a piece of track onto a fork-lifter that is built into the ride. Overall it´s a great and unique experience which I won´t forget. To see how it looks, I have some photos and a video for you, and of course, with a POV:
  8. Connyland builds a 56m tall Catapult Tower According to an interview with St. Galler Tagblatt the managing Director Erich Bran­denberger said, Connyland will be adding a 56m (184ft) tall catapult tower. They already have the building permit and construction will start soon. It is scheduled to have the foundations done until the end of the year. So they´re planning on being finished for their season opening in Easter. It will be powered with compressed air. Mr. Brandenberger also said, they are happy to report the great season they had, with up to 4000 guests on "Auffahrt" (publich holiday) and on average 2500 to 3000 guests on a sunny sunday. The new additions are well accepted from the visitors, especially the new laser parcours, Lasertempel.
  9. Superman at Warner Bros Movie World Australia at 3:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5qS4E0wHJI
  10. I think a month ago or so. They weren't chips, they were peanut flips. When was the last time you used advanced math?
  11. If school counts as work, yes Did you watch the news just because of Irma?
  12. Then Saudi Arabia wouldn't be able to sell their oil and they get poor. And a lot less CO2 in the air and less global warming. What if america had good chocolate?
  13. Starflyer, there you can spin around yourself. Would you rather Q an hour in the rain and ride the coaster in the sun, or Q an hour in the sun and ride in the rain?
  14. To make it worse Steel vegenance burns completely down one day before the opening. Colossos at Heide Park won't reopen.
  15. Snow skiing because I know how to ski in the snow Would you rather ride an unicorn or a horse?
  16. Then Europapark hadn't something to copy. What if the USA had a good public transport infrastructure like europe?
  17. Found some more of your footage in top 10 videos: https://youtu.be/OirNONSaOK0 (Blue Fire) (Blue Fire) (Blue Fire) https://youtu.be/BVo7-JLTwNY (Colossos) https://youtu.be/3YSDAtlZbc0 (El Toro and Bandit) (Vekoma Boomerang and Formula Rossa)
  18. To make it worse each VR attraction costs 20$ upcharge. Phantasialand replaces Taron and Raik with an old used Golden Horse SLC without theming.
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