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  1. No Have you ever been evacuated from a coaster or another ride?
  2. Several years ago When was the last time you were late for school/work?
  3. 9/10 Vekoma MK 900 (for example Temple of the Night Hawk at Phantasialand or Vogel Rock at Efteling)
  4. No, I'm not even old enough to drive a car. Are you already planning your summer trips?
  5. Never ridden it but I'll say 7/10 Ferrari Land (the one next to Port Aventura)
  6. To make it worse, it's another larson super loop. Phantasialand replaces Black Mamba with an Vekoma SLC.
  7. Limit @ Heide Park This ugly ride ind the middle back of the photo
  8. Elitch Gardens Cheap and slow train or expensive and fast train?
  9. To make it worse, Togo buys it, removes all the rides and build their factory there. No public transport connection to a theme park.
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