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  1. Then all CP Fanboys would die because of crying so hard. What if Heide Park never reopens Colossos?
  2. Never, I don't use online banking. When was the last time you went inside a bank to get some money from your account? (No ATM)
  3. ^ is correct and likes Mars < is at school V is not at school
  4. No, they have enough tall coasters another park should get it! Do you like riding coasters in the snow?
  5. Can anyone continue with I or J? Remember, waterparks are allowed too.
  6. It will cost 10 Million $ to ride once! What if your home park adds a Togo ultra twister?
  7. RMC Mack Multi Launch or Intamin Multi Launch?
  8. If B&M Inverter also count as suspended: this Friday on Black Mamba @ Phantasialand Suspended Looping Coaster: May 2016 (Condor @ Walibi Holland) Suspended Coaster: July 2015 (Freedom Flyer @ Fun Spot) When was the last time you met a famous person?
  9. Hug someone with a knife in his hand. What's worse than traveling a long distance to a friend and than he quits the friendship?
  10. ^ is correct, but he's just doing it for the fame. <- can't wait to go to Phantasialand Wintertraum in a few days. V has never been on Taron at Phantasialand.
  11. From what I heard about Balder, Balder Christmas Eve or New Years Eve?
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