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  1. September/october 2016 (language stay in Cambridge, UK) When was the last time you were bored in the internet?
  2. Uhm, Yes, there are no woodies in Switzerland Have you ever been on a train that goes faster than 150mph?
  3. Yes, I've been to all 5 neighbor countries from Switzerland. Do you collect theme park maps?
  4. Lifthill because of the lifthill-song Lifthill-song or log flume-song?
  5. To make it worse you got lung cancer and will die in a few months. I sprained my ankle on the icy pavement.
  6. Yes, this country is next to Switzerland. Have you visited all neighbor-countries from your country?
  7. Granted, but everything is down because of bad weather when you visit. I wish I get better grades in the new semester.
  8. Granted, but during the shipping process there is an accident and the can't build up V2 at SFMM so they have one less coaster! I wish that my wishes come true without anyone saying "granted".
  9. No Are your grandparents still alive?
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