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  1. I didn't go over the weekend but I watched the queue times and yeah basically everything was near walk-on. Even Dare Devil Dive barely had a line. I'm surprised the park didn't market these bonus weekends more heavily. I love it though. I will definitely be there next Sunday. This reminds me of early March visits years ago before the park started promoting the hell out of those first few weekends. Also, it appears the entire park is open including the three coasters that will be closed for HITP. I can't wait to get my last rides on GASM and Ninja.
  2. You're right, Lagoon's is the only park with one, BUT Carowinds will also be opening one next year too! To add to this, there is at least one I know of traveling large fairs. My first Modial Top Scan was at the Georgia National Fair and it instantly became my favorite flat ever.
  3. ^The theming at Six Flags St. Louis really puts me off. I know most GP don't care, but I'm sure it resonates with them to some extent (even if it is subconscious). Six Flags Over Georgia has done a decent job preserving the themed areas, but unfortunately they are losing a lot of it as well.
  4. They have worked fine for me. They just scan my pass and I use the coupon. I had one incident where the employee was confused so I just showed him the coupon on the app and he gave me my season cup. Then I went to another location and actually scanned for another cup for free haha. The app is worth having/using. It has really made the Six Flags experience better (even though that isn't saying much)
  5. They're digital because it's cheaper for them to make them digital and because they know damn well that far less people will use them when they're digital. I'm not complaining, it's actually really smart but I would guarantee that far less people use these digital coupons than used the paper ones. Out of sight, out of mind. I use mine much more because they are so easy to access, but that's just me. I don't think Six Flags moved to digital so people wouldn't utilize the offers. I think they moved to digital because it is more efficient and they don't have to hand out tons of booklets during processing (which is also all digital, efficient, and streamlined now).
  6. ^You should probably go buy a lottery ticket today. Good guess!
  7. That is really repetitive with all the s curves but I bet it'll ride very pleasantly! One full helix in the course or a normal hill or two might be nice, but I'll take it.
  8. I just found additional history on the ride for anyone interested: http://www.ohio.com/news/local-history-akron-s-ride-of-the-future-arrives-in-1957-1.121791#.VsrXviSxhZs.facebook I was not aware that it could run at speeds of 60mph! It appears that Cedar Point wanted the company who built it to fund expanding it, so that it would travel the entire park, but they didn't want to fund it and Cedar Point ended up scrapping it. Sad to see so many interesting rides die out so quickly.
  9. The monorail at Cedar Point comes from Summit Beach Park in Akron, Ohio. It operated there briefly before the park closed down. It was built in 1957 originally.
  10. To be fair (barring Mean Streak somehow being a 2017 attraction), right now the 3 biggest coasters coming to the U.S. next year are this, another mid sized GCI and a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter thing at the Jersey Shore. It's really not even much of an underdog... there's basically no competition here. Unfortunately this is so true. It is a great year for smaller coasters to get some attention at least! I wouldn't consider Mystic Timbers to be mid-size though. If I am correct it will be the tallest GCI in the country and what, third tallest ever built? In a park like Kings Island and being compared to The Beast I guess would make it mid-size.
  11. ^From my experience at Six Flags New England, it is because they are seat assignment Nazis on nearly every ride in the park, which is both frustrating and unnecessary. Also, while assigning seats, they consistently screwed up and there were empty seats frequently. I was actually shocked by how friendly their employees were, but the seat assignment mess got old really quick. I requested front row for Superman and they said yes, then once next for that row, I was told by the op that I HAD to move to row 7 which had 4 people waiting and leaving row 1 would leave my row empty. I refused and it turned into a big meltdown in the station but I got my wish. It was not fun though and the op was possibly the most rude Six Flags employee I had ever met. Everyone else was super friendly.
  12. I have no doubt the current Six Flags business model will ultimately fail if changes aren't made. It is quantity versus quality for them, and by charging ridiculously low prices, they will bring in a ton of people. Unfortunately, while that works great for them, they haven't done anything to address the capacity issues that come with hoards of people paying way too little for season passes and dining passes. People will get tired of long slow two hour lines for rides and they will get tired of waiting over an hour for their free meal. The only reason I still buy into it is because I am an enthusiast and also really love my home park (other than the mobs of people and terrible operations). Cedar Fair certainly has the better long term business plan. They have acceptable operations and invest in high capacity high reliability rides that last a long time and their infrastructure in general is well maintained and improved consistently. I actually prefer Six Flags overall just because I love my home park, but they really should address their issues more aggressively.
  13. I haven't been on Thunderbolt but I have only heard terrible things and am surprised any park would get one instead of a similarly priced attraction from a different manufacturer. Thunderbolt had a really brutal shuffle at the top of the vertical loop, but other than that I really enjoyed the ride. Interesting. I have only heard terrible things even though it looks like a really good ride. I was just in NYC and did Rye and every park in New England but didn't have time to hit Coney Island unfortunately. Looking forward to giving Thunderbolt a try next time I am up there.
  14. I stick a big piece of gum to the top of my bottle so no one will want to steal it.
  15. I haven't been on Thunderbolt but I have only heard terrible things and am surprised any park would get one instead of a similarly priced attraction from a different manufacturer.
  16. Honestly I felt a bit weird going to this park without a kid, but once inside, I was surprised how decent the park was even if you don't have a kid with you. The addition of this coaster should make that even more acceptable. It's obviously aimed towards children, but there is a decent selection of things for adults to check out and I was surprised by the overall quality of the park.
  17. So I know that Superman, GASM, and Blue Ninja Hawk do not seem to be operating at Holiday In The Park this year, but will they be open the next two weekends before HITP begins? I have a feeling the park will be dead this weekend and next, and if those are still open, I will probably go to the park and take advantage of the light crowds.
  18. Dammit! That's more than Lightning Run cost. Have they never heard of a big coaster? A big coaster wouldn't really fit their target demographic and from the sound of it, that cost includes the themed elements and such. I was reading this news earlier today and I am really excited to see them getting a new coaster, and it looks like a good/unique one! Congrats to them and S&S. I can't wait to try it out!!!
  19. ^Thank you for bringing this to my attention! The ride looks amazing and I love skiing and mountain biking. This entire place sounds like it definitely needs to be on my list of places to visit.
  20. I really doubt that that will happen again I only mention it because before a few weeks ago (when I saw them use the other station) I was under the impression that it was not functional. I was surprised to see that side fully functional. It does give me hope. I know Six Flags is infamous for not caring about pph ops but Superman is made to have amazing ops yet always has a terrible line. I do have some hope that it is so bad they are trying to fix it. I've had the line from the steps into the station take a half hour. I couldn't imagine the usual where it goes down the long path near the entrance to the ride. That's 2 hours best. Crossing my fingers for a Superman upgrade considering it is still one of their most popular coasters.
  21. My only complaint about Knoebels (which is otherwise amazing) is the inconsistent snapping policy (or lack of policy). I never know what to expect. It would be nice if they would just allow you to snap all the time.
  22. I don't want to start a flame war either. So let me know start by saying Boulder Dash is fun. It's been on my bucket list for a while. However, it's a ride I can only do once. That triple up was so brutal it hurt to ride Phobia afterwards...... If GCI comes in an retracks it, I can see justifying it's #1 spot on the awards list. Until then... #LightningRod2017 I just rode Boulder Dash recently with very high expectations and I love rough coasters, but it was a bit too rough and that triple up made it where I didn't want to ride again. I ended up passing on a night ride because it was so brutal and honestly I am surprised they run it with the condition of that triple up. I hope it'll get a full retrack, or at least have the triple up removed/fixed as expected. I can't wait to try it again when it isn't so awful. I can tell it would be potentially my #1 if it was bearable.
  23. ^I noticed them using the second station a few weeks ago (not loading and unloading, but moving empty trains in and out from there). Do they normally utilize that side of the station? I was under the impression that it wasn't functional at this point. Could that be a sign of returning to dual station ops? (with three trains ideally but even with two it would prevent stacking and increase pph)
  24. Wow, this thread has become so much more interesting with this in depth history of Cedar Point's sky rides. Can someone please start this same type of conversation in the threads for all parks that have/had Von Roll sky rides?
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