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  1. People will definitely compare Beast to Mystic Timbers, as they seem to compare any two wooden coasters (I swear I heard someone compare El Toro to RT at some point, and RMC conversions to wooden coasters ), but hopefully over time will see Mystic Timbers and Beast for how different (but still great in their own ways) they are. I could be wrong, but I envision that Mystic Timbers might give us a surprisingly quick and air-time filled ride. I admit I haven't been staring at the photos, because I want to be surprised when I ride it (including the shed), but some of the humps looked promising. I remember when Gold Striker opened, we had high hopes, but it blew even our highest hopes away. I have my sneaking suspicion that this coaster might turn out like that too. The newer GCIs have really outperformed the older ones for me, with the exception being Thunderhead. If this rides anything like Gold Striker, Prowler, American Thunder, White Lightning, or Thunderhead, it will be amazing. I know the GP will compare any wooden coasters, but my point is that after they ride Mystic Timbers they will get over the fact that it isn't as long, tall, and fast. The ride will feel much more crazy and out of control than the majority of The Beast does. I don't think it will ever have the local hardcore fan base that The Beast has though. I've never seen a coaster as adored by the public at any park. Kennywood's Jack Rabbit (or all of their coasters really) are one of the few that seem to resonate so strongly with average guests.
  2. I agree. They started doing this at SFOG last fall as well. The park was incredibly empty though, with Goliath running with empty rows all day. I loved it but I hope the park doesn't decide it isn't worth it. Honestly, it Georgia it is usually warm in early November, so maybe they could promote it as a family fall festival. I'm curious to see what the turnout is like at other parks in the chain.
  3. Steel Force and Mamba are insanely similar, but Mamba is better in my opinion. The helix is more intense and the return airtime was marginally better, but still not that great.
  4. ^I can completely understand why it underwhelms based on stats, but the ride experience will change everyone's mind. It's easy to say "oh it isn't that tall, long, or fast" but once people ride it they will actually understand that the experience brings something that The Beast is mostly lacking, crazy directional changes and airtime.
  5. Based on pictures, it looks like they are just cutting into the inside of each curve to make it wider and reduce the u turn after u turn of the pathway. I don't think they are straightening it completely at all.
  6. I'm not a big fan of B&Ms for the most part, because many are rather tame and over-engineered, but Thunderbird is a very good coaster! The launch, setting, and pacing are all very good and the fact that it is in one of the best parks in the country helps too.
  7. 45 of 62 (73%) Rank: #18 of 316 users (Top 7%) Honestly, I didn't realize I have been on that many of the North American B&Ms. I can't wait to try the ones that are left.
  8. 64 out of 126 (51%) Rank: #29 of 326 (top 9%) Not too shabby! It was fun to see all the credits I don't yet have. I'm always traveling and hoping to experience new parks and coasters, so seeing all the ones I have left makes it hard to decide what trips to prioritize for this year!
  9. Luckily Superman is in the process of being repainted (although it is sadly losing the yellow rails). I agree Scorcher is a complete mess and at this point would come across as dangerously neglected to non-enthusiasts. I think Goliath looks fine though. Sure it is faded, but the shade is solid throughout and there is no chipping of paint, so it just looks like it is supposed to have that faded hue. It was gorgeous when it was new though. Overall, I agree that Carowinds does a significantly better job though.
  10. I think the park is almost always slightly understaffed for operational cost reasons, but they seem to be just as staffed during the spring, fall and winter so I don't think staffing would be an issue as long as they were sticking to weekend operations only. From my encounters and general observations, it seems like most of their staff is college aged (whether they are in college or not). I think many college age adults that are not in school use Six Flags as a second job on the weekends. It would be interesting to see the exact demographics but I don't think staffing is a major concern for them, unlike the horror stories I've heard from Six Flags St. Louis.
  11. ^I agree overall, I just think with Six Flags Over Georgia, they are hesitant to expand their operating calendar due to those two components I mentioned. They would definitely need to have a refurbishment schedule. They used to open the first week of March until a few years ago when they pushed it back to the third week, which I could see being due to weather. I remember quite a few cold and empty opening weekends (even two with some snow). However, last season they were actually too busy their first few weekends. The hype for DDD VR probably played into that, as well as other event promotions they were doing. I only say "too busy" because they were on mostly one train ops with long lines. Crowd management continues to be the number one issue at our park, stemming from slow operations and low capacity rides, food services, undersized infrastructure, etc. Sorry, I just kind of took that conversation to a few different places.
  12. Thank you for this info! It's disappointing that Superman won't have its full color scheme, but it is what it is. I'm terrified to think which coaster will be getting the VR handicap this season (probably Blue Hawk). Scorcher trains should look great with fresh paint and no more ugly Georgia Natural Gas wraps on them, but the track REALLY NEEDS to be painted ASAP. The last repaint was low quality and only lasted one season before chipping apart. They need to sand the entire thing down and do it right. I hope the color doesn't change either because I personally love it.
  13. ^I think it has to do with having time for off season maintenance. Since they have added HITP, most coasters are on one train ops in March now with the other train nowhere to be seen. It causes slow long lines on not so busy days. I feel like to be year round they would need to add a train to the fleet for many coasters or expand/alter their maintenance team and processes. Also, believe it or not, the park struggles to be busy on colder March days. I feel like without a major event like Fright Fest and HITP, it is hard for the park to get as many visitors on cooler days.
  14. Magnum is definitely in my top tier coasters (which probably consists of just 10 or so coasters total). Maverick is also top tier for me, but I usually gravitate more towards Magnum. It is just that good!
  15. ^Thank you for the update and pictures! I was unfortunately unable to go so these pictures are great. Was there anything particularly noteworthy/exclusive said by any of the parks that presented? Looks like JLBFM is coming along very well! Metropolis is going to look vastly different this year.
  16. ^As someone who works in marketing, this completely blows my mind. They don't seem to be in the position to rebrand themselves considering what they offer. They may just be trying to expand their target audience to a larger range of demographic but it's a terrible idea to cut back from marketing to your core audience while focusing more on a secondary audience. I mean I hate kids too sometimes, but that's why I don't own or work at a family fun center.
  17. ^I'm glad Six Flags Over Georgia wasn't the only one to have a branded flume. Luckily, Deer Park Plunge has been classically renamed Log Jamboree.
  18. ^If you go to Lakemont (and if you haven't been before) just be ready to be disappointed by operations and the overall quality of the park. It's run down and messy. It looks like a fair from the 60s that has been sitting there since. Personally I really enjoyed the quirkiness of it and thought the coasters and some flats were super unique and fun, so as long as you can deal with the run down "omg this ride is going to collapse" vibes, you'll have fun. As for Kennywood, just make sure you try out as many rides as possible. It's very easy to get distracted by the coasters and never do a lot of the more unique flats. Kangaroo, Turtle, The Whip, Log Jammer, Noah's Ark, and Black Widow are all must do. I'm probably forgetting a few. Also keep in mind that some rides close early in the Lost Pittsburgh area and if there is rain and the park isn't busy they will likely use it as an excuse to close even if the weather is supposed to clear up.
  19. That logo has become increasing more bland. Not sure I'm a fan but it looks fine. Website looks nice as far as I can tell!
  20. I can't decide if I love it or hate it. It is unique and makes sense for the theme, but at the same time it looks a bit tacky and is very hard on the eyes.
  21. I don't have one favorite, but I have a few that are, in my opinion, clearly far better than any others... - Larson/ARM drop towers - Falcon's Fury (Not that forceful but the tilt to face down before the fall is insane!) - Acrophobia (Forceful and the stand up and tilt to it makes it feel crazy like Falcon's Fury) - Demon Drop (all of these 1st gen Intamin free falls are amazing and it is sad only one is left in the US)
  22. ^Wow, that transformation of the kids area is just awful. At least add some vegetation...
  23. I feel like the more niche a hobby is, the weirder the biggest enthusiasts of that hobby appear to be. I've been to ACE events (and other coaster events) and when you get the diehard obsessive enthusiasts, yes many of them are very "weird" but I try to live and let live. I will admit some people can be downright annoying. I'm sure to the "general public" even I am a bit weird and annoying, but I try to tone it down a few notches at least, especially when I consider my audience.
  24. ^I've been on Spinning Dragons at Worlds of Fun (actually just a month before going to SFNE) so I have experienced what is basically the exact same ride. I agree they are great underrated coasters. Other than that, I can't really be that upset about missing out on a boomerang and a wild mouse.
  25. I miss having a GIB at my home park of SFOG so I was crazy excited to ride Goliath when I visited SFNE. I still absolutely love the ride and while the new trains look good and are more functional, I have to admit the ride experience is harsh even in the front. I still rode it a lot but if I did 3 times in a row my body was having trouble handling it. Most of the pain is from vertical jackhammering of the spine and then I was feeling it on the back of my legs where they were hitting the sharp edge of the seat. I'll still take a GIB with new trains over no GIB at all! I'm curious if the newer generation of these are any better. If the reliability and ride experience were improved they would still be great additions to North American parks.
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