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  1. 82 of 126 (65%) Not too shabby! I do love wooden coasters the most and would love to get every credit someday.
  2. I rather enjoy Georgia Scorcher. Certainly not misery. I've been on a few stand ups and I've never enjoyed any of them, I should have said personal misery lol I’ve hated or at least disliked all stand ups but Georgia Scorcher is one of my favorite coasters.
  3. ^Thank you for posting this! Glad to see Superman and Justice League are being included. At this point nearly the entire park will be operating which is awesome!
  4. ^first row of any car is acceptable too. The back row of a 3 bench is always a disaster though. I wouldn’t blame a park for warning guests that those rows run rough. It’s really a make or break experience.
  5. I haven't been on Nighthawk, but I've been stuck on Firehawk's lift hill and brake run. The sun was beating on me both times, but that didn't make me hate the ride. Everyone likes and dislikes rides for different reasons. Nothing wrong with that. The dual loading station is wasted on two trains. The slow dispatch doesn't help either. Agree to disagree. The dual station is actually very helpful so you aren’t wasting away on the brake run for 10 minutes. If two trains stack with one station, two stations isn’t a waste. Plus, when I was last at the park, one station was designated for Fast Lane which worked well I thought.
  6. Where does that ridership info come from? I love that. Anyway, I generally agree with you but I also know most of the Arrow mega-loopers have been removed in recent years so I wonder if they just have a shelf life due to their design. I mean honestly couldn’t it come down to how thick the tubular steel track is or something as simple as that? At a certain point a steel coaster requires retracking or removal and obviously due to cost most just get removed. I wish they could just replace track easily like a wooden coaster.
  7. Please be Invertigo and not Vortex. I absolutely adore Vortex.
  8. Loving this trip report! Regarding Lake Winnie... Yes that’s the owner riding around. She’s really nice. The entire family does a great job with their park. Fly-o-Plane, as you know, is not around at the time. I reached out to the park about this and they would not confirm if it is coming back. I do know they absolutely adore the history of the ride so much that they wouldn’t even change the padding on the inside because they wanted to retain it in as original of form as possible. I really hope they bring it back because it’s an amazing ride! Possibly my favorite flat but certain up there with the best of them. I like it more than any classic flat ride. Too bad Tornado was down because it’s actually very fun and unique. I agree Conestoga is amazing! Cannonball currently has one train at PTC and the other still on the ride. I assume they will send train two over to PTC after the park closes for the season. I hate to hear about the buzz bar issues because PTC would neither confirm nor deny the possibility of Cannonball trains being retrofitted with ratchet bars. That would be terrible but seeing how the park keeps getting unfairly attacked for their safety standards I wouldn’t be surprised if they have been pressured into changes like removing Fly-o-Plane and changing the coaster restraints due to either the media or their insurance company. If you ever go back, I suggest checking out their water park too. It’s not particularly big but it’s very nice and if you ever have a full day there it’s nice to set up in the water park and casually go between the dry park and water park.
  9. I’m really excited for this! It’s exactly what I wanted and expected to see in that spot (or a 4D) but I didn’t expect it this year! Not that it makes a noticeable difference but I wonder why they are getting the 150 foot version when the other parks are getting the 170 footer.
  10. I’ve been waiting for so many years to see an arched launch strip like this!!! Now I get one just a few hours from home. This is awesome.
  11. If the artist rendering is realistic I would say this is going in place of the old Thomas Town. The building shown in the art looks like the one in the old Thomas Town which I believe is still standing. If that’s the case, I have no idea what’s happening with Splashwater Falls. I guess we will know the true location soon enough.
  12. Six Flags Over Georgia has a knack for building smaller coasters that pack more punch than most bigger coasters. Goliath is my #1 B&M hyper (have yet to ride Mako or any of them outside of the US but have been on the rest) Georgia Scorcher is the only stand up I really love. Dare Devil Dive is the most comfortable of its kind. Twisted Cyclone seriously shocked me. Yes it is short and I hate that but it has the best ending of any RMC I’ve been on. I’m like Lightning Rod, Outlaw Run, and Wicked Cyclone better but I much prefer Twisted Cyclone over Goliath (SFGAm) and Storm Chaser. All RMCs are amazing though. Goliath at SFGAm is the only one that has disappointed me slightly. I just figured a custom RMC of that proportion would be more memorable.
  13. Seriously? Did you really think they were including the Toboggan when they said "coasters???" No, as I stated, I did not think they were keeping it. I was hopeful that they would keep it but not expecting them to at all. I know most people dislike the ride but I enjoyed it. Glad Little Amerricka still has theirs.
  14. I knew they were selling toboggan even when they said they were keeping the coasters. It’s too bad. I really enjoyed it and all the classic rides they had. Like a vintage carnival with some heart and oh the world’s oldest operating coaster. I hope they make it and I’m sad they lost these rides. It is what it is though. Leap the Dips was crazy though. Never thought a 9 foot drop could scare me so much. Great ride.
  15. Is there an official last day of operation for this coaster? Trying to get down there before it is gone.
  16. ^The water park arguably has more demand than the dry park, which is crazy considering it’s a lazy river and one slide essentially. People just love water parks. I really think reopening the water park has greatly attributed to the large rise in attendance that CLP has had year over year. It’s great people pay full price for it too. One thing I noticed by stalking public Facebook posts for years is there are a lot more people from Pittsburgh checking in. I also see a lot more “we are planning to go in a few weeks” comments and a lot fewer “I thought that place closed down years ago. I haven’t been in decades” or “never heard of it”. That transistion gives me a lot of hope since the park can’t survive just on locals and enthusiasts. The park has stated they want to add a used flat ride next year. While the enthusiast in me loves that idea, I think they’re better off focusing on general park improvements, a water park expansion, or some kind of adventure park attraction. I just don’t see how adding a used carnival ride is going to have ROI.
  17. Today is $5 Second Sunday. The dry park is $5 and the water park is $10 as normal (unless you have the GroupOn). They were slammed Friday with normal pricing so I assumed today would be busy but it looks like it’s actually too busy. I hope they are handling the crowds ok. Some pictures from a fan site below (original source unknown).
  18. I visited Mt. Olympus for the first time On a Sunday a few weeks ago, and I have to say I actually had a pleasant experience. I anticipated it to be awful but it was basically just a poor man’s Holiday World (I felt like it was everything Holiday World offers, just not as good, but still decent). I will say the ops are slow and it’s weird how every employee is imported, but they were mostly all very friendly, the park was clean, and the coasters were more intense than I would’ve ever guessed. I will say they were also shockingly rough. I am not surprised Zeus closed down the next day and is still closed pending complete retracting of portions. It was so brutal I honestly was concerned for my life. Too bad because it was possibly my favorite coaster in their lineup, contrary to the opinion of most enthusiasts. Hades 360 was great too, but had a few random spots that were terribly rough. One train with a dispatch every 12 minutes didn’t help either but luckily it wasn’t too crowded. Still a 30 minute station wait at the peak of the crowds.
  19. The Beast is the best example. During the day it’s mostly disappointing. At night, it’s legacy shines. Other good ones: Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park Prowler at Worlds of Fun Everything at Holiday World Mind Bender at SFOG Boulder Dash (already amazing in daylight but at night it is crazy) Lightning Rod I wish all parks stayed open until midnight regularly.
  20. Whatever this ends up being, it’s going to be good. The numbers they have teased, the early announcement date, and the fact that the US has had a few years that have disappointed compared to what we became used to from the late 90s through the mid 20000s... this has to be pretty solid. Is there an announcement time set for tomorrow?
  21. The wristband is $10 and completely worth it. I would buy it to ride just Blue Streak but Tumble Bug, Devils Den, and the carousel are also can’t miss rides. Their other flats are good too especially if you love classics. Their Tilt-a-Wirl and Flyer go way back.
  22. Now that Six Flags Over Georgia has Twisted Cyclone I’m not sure what their one two punch would be but they have quite the trifecta now with... Goliath Mind Bender Twisted Cyclone
  23. ^thanks for the suggestion and that link. Very helpful! I am a huge log flume fan and was excited that they have two separate flumes. Sad to see Loggers Run is down for the count but at least all the coasters are running. One last question, is there any way Flash Pass is valid during Coasters After Dark? I am assuming no and will find out one way or another but I am curious.
  24. I’ll be visiting the park this Friday for the day and for the 3 hour season pass night event. Should I anticipate it being very crowded? Also, according to the app, all the water rides and the family coasters are closed. Is this true? If so, any reason to believe they will be running by Friday? Any additional advice is appreciated too. Very excited to finally make it to this park!
  25. Not sure if this has been mentioned but they are preparing to paint Scorcher. It has test paint on the supports both in the traditional purple shade and a new dark red shade. I prefer the purple. Didn’t see any test paint for the track but I imagine they will paint that too. I was surprised because when I asked their director of operations about it he said there were no current plans to paint it. Looks like they’ve reconsider. They’ve also had to do some welding work on some of the track which doesn’t surprise me considering it’s age and the condition of the exposed steel. It’s about time!!!!
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