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  1. It's funny how obvious a few key upper management people made this when I got the chance to talk to them about it a few months ago. I just wasn't sure if it would happen for 2018! I have to say I am REALLY sad to see Georgia Cyclone go. I wish it had the full course topper tracked. It is a great intense coaster that just was rough due to neglect. RMC Georgia Cyclone will most likely be amazing though so at least a great coaster will be replaced by another great coaster.
  2. ^The single rider lines are a joke. They basically took the space between row railing in the station, and turned them into a single rider line. It isn't even accessible until you are in the station and no one uses them. They are completely forgotten. I don't think any ride in the park has a legitimate single rider line. Where to sit on rides... Cyclone: Front row of last car Scorcher: Worth front for the view and back for the airtime. Back left is my favorite because you get surprise airtime on the sideways hill before the corkscrew. Goliath: back is best but the front is worth a try as well. DDD: Front Mindbender: Front of back car. Batman: Front for view, back for forces. Mine Train: Front of back car. Good airtime on final drop Superman: Front for view. Back for forces GASM: front of back car. Avoid back row of any car on the train. The wheel seats are incredibly rough. Blue Hawk: Anywhere but many people prefer front row of back car. Rides you should try that many people might skip... Monster Mansion: Great classic dark ride. Thunder River: Best rapids ride I have been on. Classic 80s Intamin with insane rapids after the final tunnel. The entire ride looks like a real river too. Plus the blasters people pay to soak you with are very powerful. Riverview Carousel: worth looking at even if you don't ride it. Joker Funhouse Coaster: family coaster but very good. First drop has great airtime in the back row. Acrophobia: The stand up tilting seats make the ride very scary. Plus, the brake stretch at the base of the tower is very short and low to the ground. It scares me more than any other Intamin 3rd gen tower by far.
  3. Other guests didn't ruin my experience but there are many ways that they make the day less enjoyable. There were plenty of line cutters, smoking in line, people just being ridiculously loud and many out of control children in lines. Meanwhile at Holiday World everyone was very pleasant. So no guests ruined my experience but it definitely has an impact for many reasons.
  4. Green Lantern That's the only coaster of theirs I've had a real issue with. It was fine as Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom but is awful now. Floorless would probably be amazing. Too bad SIx Flags Great Adventure already has one.
  5. I went to the park Sunday and Monday (yesterday) on my park trip and have updates for anyone interested. I was overall impressed by the state of the park. Last time I went it was a falling apart Six Flags property. It's better but the clientele was meh and the ops were pretty bad. A kid came out of the bottom of Deep Water Dive and got pretty decently injured like that child in California a few weeks ago. He was ok but his face was bleeding A LOT and his body was covered in blood from his face. Breakdance was down almost the entire visit. Same with Enterprise. The entire park lost power Monday at 6pm leading to some outrage since the park was so packed. Evacs were interesting. The park was VERY BUSY both days. Half the water park was closed Monday. This included all of Mt. Slide Hai (or whatever it is called). They were supposed to stay open late because of all the operational problems but then the power outage caused the entire park to close early. The ops are better than the Six Flags day but overall it was average to bad operations and average to bad clientele. I left early the first day after 2 hours and went to Holiday World instead. Too bad my second day was worse. I still enjoyed the park but with the crowds and lack of op performance it was pretty bad.
  6. ^It is a very good coaster. Fast paced, intense, and lots of ejector airtime throughout the course. Only down side is that it is pretty rough. The first two drops are topper tracked and wonderful, the next section has been retracked with wood not too long ago, and the rest is still pretty rough. Lots of shuffling in the turns too. It's all worth it for the insane airtime though.
  7. I absolutely love Georgia Cyclone and would rather see it topper tracked than reprofiled, but I have talked to people in upper management (I won't say who) and while I have absolutely no confirmation or way of proving it, I was told that basically everyone hates Cyclone and that there is a plan to do something about that. I'd say 2018 is a likely year but it could be later. I love the ride and don't want to see it go but between the tone set by higher up employees and the state of the ride, I won't be surprised if it gets reprofiled. It hasn't had major track work in years, is in desperate need for a repaint, the queue and station are a mess, ops are beyond terrible, it is down to one train frequently, and it seems like just about every mechanical device from the brakes to the tire to the air gates are wearing down. The writing is on the wall in my opinion. I still hope it stays and the park gets something like a fully custom RMC but that's wishful thinking.
  8. That ride seriously surprised me. I was barely able to stay on my horse. It took a lot of effort and was a bit terrifying but awesome. I love how the employees casually jump on and off as it runs like it's no big deal, and occasionally they have to desperately give advice to riders that are losing grip and about to fall off.
  9. I agree, anything that can draw people in is a good thing. It is just too bad the park can't bring in many people except for on those discounted days. I think the supply of customers is just too small for an amusement park. The water park and Camperland expansion should help that. To keep up with the park on a daily basis I just follow a few fan pages and also do a search for "Conneaut Lake Park" and scroll down to "conversations" and you can find mentions from random people on Facebook. Here is a picture of the line for Blue Streak on Sunday
  10. I follow conversation posts to get an idea of the daily crowd. For the most part this year seems the same as last with a decent but still small crowd most days. Not enough to make them profitable but at least they are working hard to improve the profitability. Today was a $5 Second Sunday and the park was PACKED with the line for Blue Streak filling the entire queue and spilling down the midway. I've been there when it is that busy and that's probably a 45 minute wait. I'm glad they were so busy but it's unfortunate people don't show at the normal $10 price but when it is $5 hoards of people buy into it. It goes from too empty to too crowded. It's always nice seeing the park packed though and the park is definitely in full operation and looking good.
  11. Talking North American water parks, Six Flags White Water in Atlanta continues to hold strong among the big tourist water parks that own the list, and it has had big growth too. It's amazing considering the park hasn't added much. It just shows that they have a monopoly in a very large city. I feel like another large water park could be developed in the Atlanta metro and be a huge success. It's the only big water park in a region that has some 10 million people. The only other sizable water park is Lake Lanier Islands which is well north of the city and more a part of a recreational resort.
  12. I really don't care for tunnels unless they are long enough to be pitch black dark inside. The exception would be any tunnel that provides a great head chopper even if the tunnel is brief/well lit.
  13. Kennywood is definitely worth a full day or you will feel like you have missed out on a lot and need to go back. Waldameer is more of a half day park but, that being said, there is a lot more to do at Waldameer than you would assume. Since you are able to spend a whole day at Kennywood, I would suggest doing Waldameer and Conneaut Lake Park on the same day since they are less than an hour apart. Conneaut Lake Park may be struggling but Blue Streak is awesome with insane ejector airtime in the back. The tumble bug is much better than Kennywood's version. The Devils Den is worth checking out (last season it was running more like a wild mouse than a dark ride, very fast around the corners). The property, lake, and hotel are all pretty cool too. The park may be a bit of a mess but the overall property is still very cool and unique. Keep in mind, the park is only open Friday-Sunday
  14. I've done the cave tour and seen people with small children but it is fairly strenuous with all the hundreds of stairs and there are definitely a lot of places to fall/hit your head so I imagine it would be difficult with children, but not impossible. It is VERY IMPORTANT you show up to the cave tour 30 minutes early if the park is busy. It fills in VERY fast and it is first come first serve. If you don't make it through with the group, you have the wait until the next one. We went 30 minutes early and barely made it on a busy day. The most important thing is, if you are visiting for one day only, get the unlimited Trailblazer Pass unless it is surprisingly dead. I went on a late summer Saturday and Sunday and the lines for some coasters were over an hour. Arrive to the park 30 minutes before opening if possible. Study the map ahead of time (I would suggest trying Google Maps to do a virtual walk through the park if that doesn't ruin the surprise for you). The layout can get a bit confusing and you will save time if you know your way around and the side paths you can use to avoid crowds. There is a great cut through in the middle of the park but I can't recall where exactly. I would also suggest doing the after 3pm deal the day before. It is a great park and I could spend 3 days there easily without being bored, so the more time you have, the better. Oh and I found the cinnamon bread at Dollywood to be significantly better, but both are amazing.
  15. I am a firm supporter of parks having metal detectors, bag checks, and wands. I am completely aware that if someone really wanted to, they could probably sneak weapons through still, or even carry out an act of terrorism, but that doesn't mean safety should be ignored. Criminals/terrorists/bad people in general gravitate towards easy targets, and these common security measures at the very least discourage them, if not actually prevent them completely. You also have to keep in mind that not everyone who may bring a gun (for example) with them is planning to shoot up the park, but people can act pretty irresponsible in large crowds. I am all for people carrying firearms with a permit, but in an amusement park setting like Six Flags Over Georgia for example, they already have gang and violence issues. The metal detectors and wanding probably prevent idiots from thinking they can just stroll into the park and bring their violence with them. As far as I'm concerned, there is no major downside to having extensive safety measures and any place that hosts thousands to tens of thousands of civilians a day should do what they can to keep their properties and guests safe.
  16. I am all for major parks having metal detectors and wands. I value my safety and while there is always a way someone could bring it weapons if they wanted to, the detectors and wanding do help prevent it and at the very least discourage people from doing bad things and keep the park from being an easy target. I do think it is vital that park gates are properly staffed and being operated efficiently though.
  17. ^I have to reiterate just how bad this stretch of highway is. Although I've been to KD and SFA multiple times, on one trip I decided to do both in the same day. Never do that. In its own day, I would say the drive up to SFA is definitely worth it if you have never been. The park gets a lot of hate but it is actually fairly nice now and has a few stand out coasters. You probably won't want to go back any time soon, but it is a lot of fun on a first visit.
  18. ^Glad you had a great visit! I agree that Cyclone is an amazing ride. Very intense and full of ejector air. I wish Six Flags would just get RMC to finish the topper track project. It runs so smooth in that section and the smoothness accentuates the airtime. I would love to see it topper tracked and left alone. No RMC reprofile please. I agree that Ninja is much better now too. The sections that had the track welded are now perfectly smooth. I wish they had Vekoma do a bit more of that in some spots where you still get tossed around, but with the vest restraints it really doesn't matter. Nice to hear the employees were mostly nice as well. That isn't always the case.
  19. This is a very good point! SFNE fits well in a New England area trip. I decided to do this and visited Rye Playland, Quassy, Lake Compounce, Canobie Lake, Funtown Splashtown USA, Palace Playland and Six Flags New England. Obviously not all of those are close but it really makes sense to at least combine Quassy and Lake Compounce on an SFNE trip. They are all so close together.
  20. I feel like combining Knoebels and Hershey into one day is a bad idea. I tried doing that once and it wasn't fun. Both are great full day parks and putting them into the same day with travel between the two is stretching your time too thin. I would suggest extending the trip one day or leaving SFNE for another trip. Edit: If you are really set on going to SFNE, it is probably possible to do your schedule but lines could be worse than expected and any driving delays could really throw you off too. You will definitely find yourself wanting to go back to Hershey and Knoebels to really experience them in full without being rushed.
  21. If you uploaded your picture when you purchase your passes (you may be able to go into your account and add the images too ...not sure) you don't need to take a picture and can simply pick them up. That is what I did for my passes and at Carowinds they had a few ticket windows dedicated to pass pick up. It's not as fast as the way Six Flags does it, but it only took 5 minutes.
  22. My worst waits were for food. There are very few times I waited for more than an hour for a coaster. I have waited 2 or 3 hours on a very rare occasion. 75 minutes for food at SFOG. Had I known it would take that long to move approximately 20 people through the line, I would've skipped on my food. 60 minutes at Cedar Point for garlic parm fries. There were only 6 orders ahead of us and I do not understand how that wait was even possible. Just when I thought Cedar Point had great ops all around.
  23. ^That liquor store was amazing! Stumbled in there accidentally looking for some pre-game and post-game vodka while at the park for the weekend and the selection was pretty awesome.
  24. ^I went on it for the first time a few years ago expecting it to be awful, but it didn't hurt at all and was rather enjoyable and exciting to me. I would say it is worth saving just because it is a rare classic, but in addition it is actually a fun ride. I know my opinion is in the minority though.
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