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  1. ^I'm not sure but I feel like Knoebels doesn't need GCI to retrack a station and pre-lift. Didn't Lenny Adams of Adams Amusements take care of Phoenix retracking in previous years? He does amazing work and I'm pretty sure he has strong ties with Knoebels. I personally know the work he has done at Conneaut Lake Park is very impressive considering the budget that park is working with. When I rode Phoenix just after its retrack it was PERFECT so whoever did that job completely owned it!
  2. I'm pretty sure Six Flags received bad press and might have been sued for being unwilling to give free water to someone experiencing heat stroke. I am not sure but I've heard some kind of story like that somewhere at some point.. Don't take that as fact because I am completely unsure, I just recall something along those lines. I do think it is in good taste to offer free water, especially in the summer, regardless of whether or not it is required by law. It's not like that many people take advantage of it anyways so I doubt it is impacting their bottom line very significantly.
  3. Oh yes. Mamba at Worlds of Fun was the coaster that made me an enthusiast, and it's really great, but once I got to experience Magnum, my opinion of Mamba changed radically. Everything I loved about Mamba was just destroyed by Magnum. It's just the best hypercoaster, and it's my #2 steel coaster behind Millennium Force. I actually like Magnum better than Maverick, and that's not a popular opinion among enthusiasts. Last time I was at Cedar Point we opted to marathon Magnum and not bother with Maverick anymore. Maverick is an amazing coaster but I'm more impressed by Magnum. Those return airtime hills are better than pretty much anything on any other coaster. I'm not sure I'd go that far. I'm still riding Maverick as much as possible. Last ride of the night, though, and Millennium Force is closed for some reason, I'd choose Magnum over Maverick. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Maverick and it was a contender for my #1 spot, but after riding it a few times and riding Magnum a few times, we realized we had more fun on Magnum (especially at night). Both are insanely amazing coasters though.
  4. According to everyone I talked to when I visited the park, it is "can-ah-bee" ...I was calling it "ken-oh-bee" and I still can't get used to the right way.
  5. Wow, this is a pretty sizable expansion! Very exciting!!! I've always been fascinated by this park and hopefully some day I will visit.
  6. I mean... you aren't wrong. Based on the coasters I love that everyone else hates, clearly I have a problem. *returns to watching POVs of Vortex at KI while wishing I could marathon it all day*
  7. As a Georgia Cyclone fanboy I take offense to this. For those who are concerned about the park, SFOG is in one of Georgia's "tornado alleys" and almost every time we have storms, news stations use SFOG as a nearby landmark when a tornado threat is west of the city. I wouldn't take it very seriously unless actual reports of damage come out.
  8. Last year I was at the park when it was open until midnight during Fright Fest and they had season passholder ERT on DDD from midnight to 1am. By 1am it was 29 degrees and still running. Similarly, I have been to HITP when it is below 40 and everything was still running. You should be fine, but if the park is not busy they will quickly use that as an excuse and close the entire park early. This happened to be before when the temp was still in the 40s. They do not have a consistent policy at all. No VR on DDD as others have mentioned, but the line can still easily be two hours long. I was at the park the first Sunday of November and Goliath was 2/3rds empty, yet DDD still had at least a 30 minute line.
  9. Oh yes. Mamba at Worlds of Fun was the coaster that made me an enthusiast, and it's really great, but once I got to experience Magnum, my opinion of Mamba changed radically. Everything I loved about Mamba was just destroyed by Magnum. It's just the best hypercoaster, and it's my #2 steel coaster behind Millennium Force. I actually like Magnum better than Maverick, and that's not a popular opinion among enthusiasts. Last time I was at Cedar Point we opted to marathon Magnum and not bother with Maverick anymore. Maverick is an amazing coaster but I'm more impressed by Magnum. Those return airtime hills are better than pretty much anything on any other coaster.
  10. I love the name for the Super Loop. I know enthusiasts are over these rides since they are so common now, but they really are fun rides and crowd pleasers. I'm mostly excited for the new trains and work on Thunder Run. Also, the general improvements to assist park capacity management sound great! It seems boring, but that will really help improve the park. That is something I wish a few Six Flags parks would announce.
  11. ^Since next Friday isn't a holiday weekend, I don't anticipate it being busy. Friday nights are usually not busy and Holiday In The Park historically doesn't get nearly as busy as other times of the year like Fright Fest. I've gone to HITP about 10 times since they started the event and have never hit very long lines, even on a Saturday. That being said, anything can happen and if the weather is really nice it may draw more people. It's best to get there at opening but since you can't, hopefully it will not be busy and you can ride everything that's open. Dare Devil Dive will likely have an hour long line even on a slow day though. If the line is down to the bottom of the ramp that leads to the station, that's 30 minutes at best without VR. Usually the line is longer than that. You can refer to coasterqueue.com throughout this weekend to get a feel for the lines. I'd say Sunday's lines will likely be similar to next Friday if the weather is similar. The line tracking on this site is usually pretty accurate and I use it frequently.
  12. Having eaten at the Big Skillet (both sides) multiple times with my wife and kids, plus never hearing another similar report, I'm inclined to think it's something else. To go with that my wife and daughter were there for Dolly's concert last week (Tues and Wed) The both were sick after, ended up being respiratory infections when they got checked Sun. And their traveling companion picked up strep. I agree, I'd say it's not good poisoning, now I will say that my stomach does get a little tore up everytime i eat Dollywood BUY Dollywood is the only place I eat greasier food at.. Now I'm not talking puking my guts out sick.. I'm talking, overeating and not used to grease blah feeling is all.. I normally get this feeling everytime i travel just due to eating out more than normal I'd never associate it with food poisoning Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk I have this exact same problem and it totally bums me out. I can eat 3,000+ calories a day at home without issue, but going out, everything is so heavy and it hits me really hard and makes it hard to enjoy myself. I just feel physically sick and tired. It's unfortunate because the food is all so tasty lol...
  13. I'm just going to chime in and say I think cargo shorts look sexy on guys.....
  14. This isn't really the worst theming but I hate how SFOT and SFOG gave up on their original six flag themed areas. The bones are there and it's so simple to highlight the themes with a few signs and small attempts here and there. At SFOG all the "flags" lie within the railroad and the new themes are beyond that. It's a great layout if they would care about it. I know the GP doesn't care but I still do anyways.
  15. Mind Bender at Six Flags Over Georgia I find his box track design superior to his other designs and I thought Mind Bender was better than Shockwave at SFOT and wayyy better than SooperDooperLooper even though I love that ride too. I love all Schwarzkopf creations. They are truly design genius and they have stood the test of time better than any other coaster brand. Mind Bender is definitely my favorite Schwarzkopf in the United States. I can't speak worldwide because I know he has some great designs that are portable in Europe and South America. Plus the other Mind Bender in Canada looks amazing too.
  16. There should be two trains on most, if not all coasters. Remember, Superman, GASM, Blue Hawk, and Sky Screamer are all closed during the event. I would expect decent crowds considering it is HITP and basically a holiday weekend. Nothing terrible, but nothing like last Sunday where everything was a walk on with empty rows. I would expect 15-30 minute waits on the more popular rides at their peak, and of course a longer wait for Dare Devil Dive. That's just my guess though. You may luck out with no lines. From my experience, most days of HITP are not overly busy (unlike weekends in the summer and Fright Fest). I'm sure Saturday will be a bit busier than Sunday too of course.
  17. I rarely use the tram but it is still sad to see their tram capacity can barely handle the crowds leaving at 2:30pm on probably the slowest day of the season. I've been watching the Superman progress too and I am really excited to finally see three completely built train! It will be amazing seeing Superman (hopefully) operate like it was designed to and like a Cedar Fair park would operate it. SFOG desperately needs more high capacity rides so bringing one they already have back to that standard is a great start. I just hope they fix all the issues with the trains not locking. The manual efforts were causing major delays as the op reads off the seats that need locked while the other employee runs around looking for those seats. It is slow and I could see how it detracts from the general public's experience or idea of safety.
  18. ^Magnum was the first hyper coaster and in my opinion it may be the best. Certainly in my top three and I've tried most of the U.S. hypers. That type of airtime certainly isn't for everyone though.
  19. Quick update from the park yesterday! As I expected, crowds were basically zero. The high for the day was in the low 50s. I was surprised to see two train ops on most coasters. Goliath was running 2/3rds empty for the first few hours. It was wonderful! Superman ...It looks like the park has bought new parts for the trains. It was one train operations, but the second train was in the unused side of the dual station (which is fully functional) and the third train is in the storage space completely built! It is no longer a parts train and you could see they had the back doors of the storage station opened up so they have been working. I have a strong feeling we will see the dual station back in use and all three trains on the track next season. Hopefully that will happen and last. Justice League ...the building is complete but nothing else new that I could see. GASM had two trains but the ops were only filling one and claiming there weren't enough people in line even when all the rows had at least 4 people in them. I've never seen the park do this on any coaster and it was very frustrating. The staff was extremely lazy. In fact, most of the employees were absolutely terrible. They do not make eye contact or speak to anyone, they have conversations and do nothing while looking like they wish they were dead. It's completely awful service and the park really needs to address this issue because it seems to be a plague that has affected 95% of the employees. It really is an unacceptable amount of disinterest and laziness. Food ops were awful as always too. Even with the park being empty, food lines were a few people deep, but it would take 5 minutes for each order to go out. Painful. The park also needs to expand their tram capacity as well. Anyways, overall a good day and it is nice when the park is so dead that it can actually function even with terrible ops!
  20. Most small boats are pulled out of the lake in the winter. Unless someone on this site owns a container ship I don't think this is viable. Also this... Personally I think if someone, who takes as much time as Tony to interact with enthusiasts and work with groups for special events, makes it clear pictures for now are not ok then maybe the response shouldn't be how to try and circumvent their wizhes I was just curious what the law is.
  21. Is there any kind of law for how close you can bring a boat to the property? They don't own the lake...
  22. ^I would generally agree with this rank. I have trouble ranking because I think the entire line up at the park is between very good and amazing, so anything after #5 seems somewhat unfair to me, but obviously not every coaster can be in the top half. I definitely agree GASM needs some love, because when it is running smooth it is a great classic coaster with great airtime. I happen to love Cyclone because it is forceful and the airtime is great, but I do agree they need to work on it extensively. I don't really want to see it get the RMC reprofile so I was hoping they would've continued the topper track throughout the course. They may have stopped due to RMC apparently not offering this service for the time being, but I am surprised they didn't already have a deal to complete this project. The topper track areas are very smooth and don't take away from the wooden coaster feel, but when you hit the old track after the second drop, I agree, it just adds insult to injury. I still don't think any part of the ride is unbearably rough, it just throws you around a lot.
  23. Same here! Magnum is obviously better but Vortex is such a great coaster in my opinion, even though it is rough and everyone hates it.
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