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  1. Sorry for the double post. I'm thinking of heading to Kennywood Saturday night for the last fright night of the season. Unfortunately, the weather is calling for a ~60% chance of showers, and it's going to be fairly windy and cold by opening (potentially low 40's/upper 30's). I know this could obviously change, because Pittsburgh weather is unpredictable. My question is, is there a certain temperature where Kennywood does not operate some coasters or other rides? Anyone have any experience with this? Also how is their rain policy? Their website doesn't touch much on the subject.
  2. Gotta love the Dive Machine. I love the anticipation that builds when going around the turn after the lift/before the drop on Griffon. Not to mention the rides themselves all look amazing. Inverts get the honorable mention.
  3. Out of the rides I will realistically get to next year: Impulse at Knoebels Out of any: Fury three two five
  4. ^Yikes I've never seen it that bad on PFN before personally. Although that could have been due to it being Columbus Day Weekend. Agreed on that last part though. With only 5ish hours to work with, you're going to have to skip some attractions, even with light to moderate crowds.
  5. Haven't been to PFN yet this season (hopefully will make it on the last night of Sat. 11/1), but in the past crowds have been pretty minimal in my experience. Since next weekend (10/24 and 10/25) is not half price college nights, the college aged crowds will not be heavy like they are on those half price nights. I can't think of anything else major happening in and around Pittsburgh to attract/lighten crowds, so it should be a pretty typical night. I wouldn't expect any waits for major rides to be much longer than 15-20 minutes, possibly slightly longer if the weather ends up being really nice. Enjoy!
  6. Hopefully I will get to make my first ever trip to Kings Island. KD and Carowinds are also possibilities, but stretches. As for places I go every year multiple times: Dorney, Knoebels, Hershey, GADV, CP, and Kennywood. I'd really like to get back to BGW if I'm down in Virginia at any point next summer, haven't been there in a couple years now.
  7. The Flying Snake Dive on Storm Runner takes the cake here. Honorable mention to S:UF's pretzel loop and Gatekeeper's wing-over drop.
  8. First of 2014: Talon Potential Last of 2014: Gatekeeper First of 2015 will be something at either CP or Dorney
  9. Was it only there in 05? My first ride on Ka was spring 07 I believe and I don't remember an infield queue. Interesting, never knew they utilized that space for queuing. I really like how TTD utilizes the infield for its queue.
  10. A point that is reiterated by each parks' Halloween events. Just the names of the events show how the two chains have completely different objectives (Halloween Horror Nights v. Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween). It's like when a rated G movie and a rated R movie come out on the same weekend. Do you think the studios really care about such competition? Probably not because the core demographic going to each will overlap very little. Sure, you will always have people that will see both, but that demographic is the minority. In my opinion, the same hold true for Disney and Universal. Universal caters to the teens and young adults with just enough for the younger kids to keep them satisfied if they decide to visit. Disney caters to the families and the "family experience" (meaning rides that the entire family can ride together) and includes just enough thrill rides to keep the teens and young adults satisfied that may visit. Not to mention that the Magic Kingdom pulls in more guests per year than the two Orlando Universal parks combined and Disney's least attended Orlando park (Hollywood Studios) pulls in more guests per year that Universal's most attended Orlando Park (IOA). While I've been to all six of the U.S. Disney parks several times, my wife has never been to any of them. We're planning her first for next spring. She asked me what to expect... I told her, "when you go to Disney, don't expect to ride the most thrilling or heart stopping attractions you've ever been on... instead, expect to ride some of the most fun and memorable attractions you've ever been on." I'd be really surprised if Disney went in any other direction than that. Well put.
  11. I feel so spoiled having grown up with this park right in my backyard Also for anyone wondering, material started to pop up on site for Flying Turns late summer of 2005 and construction began not long after, I could remember because it was right around my birthday.
  12. So they could put two hand-me-down coasters right next to each other! Joking aside, I would take Laser any day of the week over Stinger, no questions, but I find it hard to believe people genuinely enjoyed it more than Talon/Hydra/Steel Force. I could remember having some rough rides on it. To each their own I suppose.
  13. Knoebels, or at least they used to. I could remember riding the Phoenix 3-4 times in a row on slow nights as a kid.
  14. I'd be happy to get a disk-o/midway revamp similar to CP's Gemini midway for 2015. Didn't get to ride Pipe Scream during my couple trips to CP this season but could definitely see it being a good addition to Dorney.
  15. My first ride on Skyrush definitely gave me the most "Oh Sh**" moments I've had in recent memory, especially that first ejector airtime hill. Legitimately thought I was going to fly out of the train.
  16. Growing up near Knoebels makes me pretty biased towards their food. I could eat Cesari's Pizza all day
  17. Nice report and pictures! Glad you enjoyed Dorney. I'm with you on Hydra at night, that first drop into rock-filled darkness is one of my favorites.
  18. Still no news for 2015? Starting to get even more pessimistic, if that's even possible
  19. Whenever I go to Dorney I never wait more than 5-10 minutes for anything, granted I never go on weekends.
  20. There is. Look at the picture above. Aye, just spotted it. Didn't look too closely at the pictures/misread the press release
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