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  1. ^As an Italian, I can safely say you've just literally described every single Italian theme park in a nutshell. Yeah our parks are utter crap.
  2. I'm willing to bet money that it's going to be a Zamperla. Considering the fact that they've worked together for their last two themed area expansions, Far West Valley and Dinoland, I'm fairly sure they'll do that again.
  3. ^He's right. Maybe they're cloning this ride from my previous home park? From Intamin's official YouTube Channel
  4. This is a joke I'm not getting... You know... It's almost as if they lowkey know their ride is bad...? No...? All around me are familiar faces... worn out places...
  5. Hi. I'm planning on visiting Blackpool Pleasure Beach this weekend for the first time since I've moved into the UK and I was wondering what the crowds would be like at this time of year, because if it gets too crowded then I'll be more than happy to just wait out the Off Season and just directly go when Icon opens. Any response would be highly appreciated.
  6. Wow. And then people ask "Why are there no B&M's coming in the US next year?" China's become a real gold mine for B&M!
  7. ... And straight after that video, he uploaded another one showing how Merlin banned him from every single one of their theme parks. What did we learn? If you want to climb something climb a mountain, not a roller coaster.
  8. ^WHOA! The footage gathered from those drones looks AWESOME! I wonder if parks are gonna start using these styles of drone footage for their ad campaigns! That'd make even the most scared members of the GP want to go!
  9. Congrats Robb! This is a huge milestone for TPR! Look forward to getting this sooner or later! (probably later (much later) knowing how YouTube does things )
  10. ^That's some interesting speculation right there. I do hope it's gonna be something significant, since Divertical didn't really make that big a splash for the park. Pun intended. By the way, they're having a huge 2018 water park expansion! They've announced 6 new slides, a new wave pool, VIP areas, and much more! No details about what the slides are going to be, but still a very welcome addition. The waterpark hasn't gotten anything new since it opened in 2003!
  11. Awesome! Shame I didn't turn 18 on time to attend the trip on my own. Would've been fun!
  12. Ouch. This ain't easy. In no particular order: Olympia Looping - Winter Wonderland 2016 (Who said portable coasters don't count? ) Shock - Rainbow MagicLand Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland Magic Mountain - Gardaland Space Shuttle - Enchanted Kingdom Project One - Luna Park di Genova Olandese Volante - Rainbow MagicLand Cagliostro - Rainbow MagicLand Log Coaster - Sky Ranch Tagaytay (look it up. It has better views than Ocean Park.) Literally Any Vekoma Junior Coaster.
  13. ^It would've been nice for it to be even slightly longer, but I guess they chose to take a safe route and go for a pre-made (yet slightly modified) layout.
  14. Well. This year, Gardaland has officially hit a new low. Shaman, the new restyle of the historic Magic Mountain roller coaster, was supposed to incorporate Virtual Reality. After opening day, which was when the ride was SUPPOSED to open, the VR System continued to have various technical difficulties. Many theorize that it is because it uses the same VR system as Galactica at Alton Towers which has proved to be not very reliable, but TBH I'm not the one who has exact answers. Whatever the cause, the VR System could not operate until a few days ago (I don't know the exact date, but the earliest reviews of the ride date to July 6th). Anyhow, the ride continued to operate without VR no problem. This article explains both the functionalities and problems of the new system, but the highlights and their translations are as follows (I have only shown here the parts where it mentions the problems the ride has. I have also left out any parts which mention smartphone hardware, since it is still not clear whether or not Shaman uses smartphone based VR headset): TRANSLATION (Made by Yours Truly) Shaman Gardaland, the functions and problems of the VR Coaster This year, gardaland's newest addition is called Shaman, and it consists of a conversion of the old Magic Mountain into a VR roller coaster. The company chosen for the project's development is the British firm Figment Productions. A notable firm in the VR sector, which has already worked for Merlin Entertainments recently (for Galactica at Alton Towers and Derren Brown's Ghost Train at Thorpe Park). Shaman's mystery, at Gardaland It is not clear if the hardware used for Gardaland's roller coaster is exactly the one used for Alton Towers'. However, it is certain that something isn't working as expected. After a short opening for the medias, and lots of advertisement, the VR was never available for the public. There are no official declarations and the park is calling it a temporary technical issue. The fact that the VR system is not even being used partially, even for just for a few hours a day, shows that the problem is important, and there could be some controversy surrounding the manufacturer. Almost two months have passed with no solutions (this article was written way back in May). If it really were about just one dysfunctional component, would it not have been easy to just replace it in a few days? The critical issues Last but not least important, is that these rides are subject to syncing problems. Delay on the videos is not a rare phenomenon. When this happens, the sensations perceived by the guests are not consistent with what is seen on the screen. Other than it just being an annoyance, this may lead to even bigger problems. The real problem is that whilst the ride was having issues with VR for several months, the park was already advertising it as a new addition. And not as a small one, either. Their TV campaign IMO Rivals Oblivion The Black Hole's (shown below) (no longer airing). And this is just the TV ad! I'll be honest- if I wasn't following up with the Italian coaster forums, I'd be thinking the ride was open since the first day of operation! It may not seem like much, but to me this is just way too poor communication coming from what many believe to be "Italy's top theme park."
  15. Update time! Zumanjaro (GreatAdv) Atmosfear (Moreys) Demon Drop (Dorney) Acrophobia (SFOG) Drop Tower (KD) Scream (SFNE) Down Time (Compounce) Dominator (Dorney) Power Tower (CP) Voodoo Drop (SFA) Did you try out the new ones at Hershey?
  16. I didn't get to ride the smallest tower, but it appears to be an average Double Shot. Compared to Power Tower at Cedar Point, the other two are quite intense. Rode all 3 last week. The larger two provide a fun ride experience, with Reese's feeling more intense. Kisses tower felt like a tame version of Reese's, so I don't see the point in building it as I don't think many will ride that over the other two if they're afraid of heights. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk And to think a few months ago we thought Reese's was going to be the pointless one!
  17. Controversial opinion, but I really think Jebel Drop, the green slide next to the blue speed slidefrom this picture: Is more fun than the Leap of Faith. The way it dives through the rocky scenery and how it just zooms through the tunnel section gives such a rush. Liwa Loop (the park's AquaLoop slide) is tons of fun too, but the lines for that are INSANE. I love how for their funnel slide, Dawwama, Proslide put in a water coaster section before the funnel. Great combo. I adore this place. It's a shame you couldn't ride any of the slides, I really think you missed out on something great. Still glad you had fun on Bandit Bomber though!
  18. I think the main problem with the current Thunderbolt rides is the trains. This is just speculation, but would any of you guys think it would be an improvement if Zamperla worked with, say, ART Engineering to make the trains? ART Engineering is the company who manufactured the trains for Cannibal at Lagoon. I mean- it wouldn't be the first time Zamperla collaborated with another manufacturer to produce a ride. The Windshear for instance is a collab between Zamperla and Soriani and Moser.
  19. If you ask anyone within the Italian coaster community, they'll probably say that every park in Italy other than Leolandia is going downhill. Italy in general is going downhill now that I'm thinking about it.
  20. According to RCDB, they even changed its name to Do-Dodonpa. uh.... Ok...?
  21. Nice TR! I never knew Typhoon had trims down the drop! (if you look at the top of the lift hill, you'll see what looks like trim brakes. Correct me if I'm wrong.)
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