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  1. Well, I've conquered the great Ka so that would be my tallest steel. Tallest (operating) wood would be El Toro. However, I was fortunate to get ONE, and exactly one lap on the tallest wood ever built, Son of Beast, in mid-May 2009. About a month before it closed for good.... The line was insanely long I considered bailing multiple times, but thank goodness I endured the wait. What a clutch credit that was! The next time I visited KI that year was late June, after it had closed.
  2. Another hilarious thing I love to look for in the top 50 wooden list every year is finding where Blue Streak (CP) ends up... #41 this year... Above... #45 T Express #47 Hades 360 Lolz... Whatever "enthusiasts" voting in the GTAs that keep putting Blue Streak in their top 10 either... - Need to ride more wooden coasters - Are CP fanboys - Are being directly paid off by Cedar Fair ---Or some combination of the three...
  3. The most common and notorious rumor about Kings Island that has been said by coaster noobs for the last 20 years or so has been that... Vortex is sinking into the ground and will need to be removed soon.
  4. 2010 -Shoot the Rapids 2013 - GateSLEEPER (YAWN) 2015 - Rougarou (If that counts) 2016 - Joker SFGAd 2016 - Laff Trak
  5. ^As much I love Beast and Voyage, I would say that I actually really agree with this. The best rides should be great regardless of where you sit, day or night etc. I can ride Voyage basically non stop as long I'm not in a "-1 seat, (front row of CAR, not necessarily of train), but can only do it two or three times in a row in a "-2 seat". Virtually every time I ride Beast its in 6-2, which is smooth as glass, but I am aware that 5-3, 4-3, and 3-3, as well as many other seats, can be pretty rough. But speaking of Holiday World, I think my most overrated coaster has to be Raven... I literally, DO NOT, understand the fascination with this coaster (and never have). Legend and Voyage are both far, far, far, superior to this thing. I'm told its a great backseat ride, but even when I ride there it's about as exciting as counting up the metal planks that hold up Voyage. Raven : Rather uneventful and VERY SHORT.
  6. Lol, I don't see anyone can justify Disneyland or WDW never being awarded Best Shows. The'yre usually not even in the running. That fact alone is pretty damning to the GTA's integrity. I've never been to Dollywood and I'm sure their shows are great, but I don't see how anyone can top Disney. There are people who will literally go to Disney parks just for the shows that's how good they are. Then there's the issue the major of Japanese steel roller coasters (Steel Dragon, Dodonpa, Fujiyama, Eejanaika) being snubbed every year. They usually don't even receive an ounce of recognitio in the Top 50. I've never ridden any of them, but just by looking at Steel Dragon and Dodonpa they look like they'd be worthy of at least Top 50 honors. With all that said, even though these Awards are deeply flawed, I still can't help to feel a little proud when my home park coasters do well... Beast at #5. Mystic Timbers at #11 Diamondback at #10. Banshee at #29. I gotta say, after being starved half to death of quality roller coasters during the Paramount years (SOB had good ambition, horrendous execution. FOF is good now, but was hardly even enjoyable until the OTSR were replaced with lap bars in 2001), KI has been quietly building a solid collection since. Throw in that 'mystery B&M' were supposed to be getting for 2020 (giga, hopefully), and we'll have quite the formidable "starting five" if you will.
  7. "Jerry Rice admits using stickum after criticizing deflate-gate" http://blog.sfgate.com/49ers/2015/02/09/jerry-rice-admits-using-stickum-after-criticizing-deflate-gate/ Oh Jerry, you're such a hypocrite... Does this mean YOUR 3 Super Bowls and 2 of Montana's Super Bowls should have asterisks on them? Especially considering there's really no evidence so far to prove the Patriots did anything with those footballs, and it's turning out to be about nothing now that new reports are saying only one of the 12 balls were seriously underinflated. Ten others were just a "tick" under: http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/2/1/7959649/deflategate-psi-legal-limit-new-england-patriots-bill-belicheck-tom-brady-ball-boy
  8. I'm going to rephrase this. You know you're a Six Flags park if you tear down an old, rickety, unpopular wooden coaster with a totally kick-a** RMC hybrid coaster that will be much more popular and a much better ride. Being a Six Flags park doesn't necessarily ALWAYS have to be a bad thing
  9. I'm hoping to finally make a trip back to Great Adventure this summer, and I also might go to Six Flags America if my family visits Washington DC...
  10. If all that matters is the Super Bowl, then that makes the Seahawks' 2014 season as successful as the Buccaneers' 2014 season... oh nevermind... But yes I would agree that it's indisputable that they're both the best of their eras, but the argument of better overall could go back and forth forever. Another thing to note is that it's a lot harder to sustain success in the salary cap era than it was back then. But about those interceptions, I would just like to point out Brady's first 3 Super Bowl interceptions happened way down field and were practically punts, with the third one sacrificing at least a field goal, and the 4th resulting in an ensuing touchdown by the Seahawks. Only one of them was really that costly, but he ended up making for it and that's all that matters...
  11. I know, but it's still an accomplishment nonetheless(you get a shiny trophy for it after all). How is winning your conference not an accomplishment? Or at least, more successful than losing in the first round of the playoffs, or not even making the playoffs for this matter. It basically means you were the 2nd most accomplished team that year. The different eras is a fair point, which is why Joe Montana's raw stats wouldn't be as good as Brady's, but I would say winning games and Super Bowls is something that mostly swings both ways no matter what era were talking about. Especially considering that while Brady played with some great defenses early in his career Joe Montana not only had comparable defenses for the years he won his Super Bowls, but on average had better defenses over his entire career, in terms of points allowed. Average defensive ranking of 49ers (1981-1990) ~ 3.111rd (excluding 1982 as an outlier and only 9 games that season) Average defensive ranking of Pats (2001-2014) ~ 7.929th Defensive rankings of Patriots when Brady won 4 SBs : 1st, 2nd, 6th, 8th Defensive rankings of 49ers when Montana won 4 SBs : 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/sfo/ http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/nwe/
  12. I see what you're saying. It's just that Brady was already comparable to Montana before the game even started and arguably better, based on how much more overall winning Brady had done in his career compared to Montana, both regular season and post-season (160-47 to 117-47 regular season records and 20-8 to 16-7 playoff records). So matter how Brady's fourth Super Bowl and 3rd SB MVP was won, it just makes it a helluva lot easier to put Brady above Montana. It's just how sports are. Beside, the Seahawks were lucky to even be on the 1-yd line with the assistance of the 2nd most improbable catch in Super Bowl history and they were lucky to even be in the Super Bowl. No one would be taking anything away from Russel Wilson if they had won... As unfair as it is sometimes, quarterbacks' Super Bowl legacys are usually decided by a few plays here and there, or whether their defense can make a stop with ~2 minutes left. Brady never got credit for his go-ahead touchdown to put the Pats up 14-10 with 2:42 left to play in Super Bowl XLII. That drive had Joe Montana written all over it, just if it only would have been 2 mins later in the game, or if his defense could have intercepted Eli Manning on the play right before the helmet catch like they should have. This time Brady does get credit for his epic go-ahead drive. No one would be calling Eli Manning a great Super Bowl quarterback or Tom Coughlin a great coach if a few miraculous/fortunate plays didn't go their way not only in those 2 Super Bowls they won, but in the NFC title games as well leading up to the Super Bowls. I'm not saying that situations like these are right. It's just that years from now memory will fade and people will see both Montana and Brady as 4-time champions and 3 time Super Bowl MVPs, and not Brady as "barely" a 4-time champion. Not many talk about Eli Manning as "barely" having 2 Super Bowls, so think it's only fair NOT to refer to Brady as "barely" a 4-time Super Bowl champion. All I'm trying to say is that the what if? game could be played indefinitely. After those comeback and go-ahead drives, it's only fair that Brady got credit for them with his team winning at the end. What if the 49ers defense gives up a touchdown in the remaining 34 seconds of Super Bowl XXIII and they end up losing 23-20? There goes "the Joe Montana was never defeated on the biggest stage" argument. They'd blame him for "only" putting up 20 points, even though it was an amount that should have won them the game (if it was this year Pats' defense out there, evidently by witnessing the end of the first half of this Super Bowl, they very well could have given up a touchdown in that short amount of time!) But by that logic you're penalizing Brady for winning more playoff games and thus winning 2 more extra conference championships. If making it to the Super Bowl and not winning is so bad, then that means it would have been better for Brady's legacy if he were just knocked out in the first round of the playoffs in 2007 and 2011, instead of winning the playoff games that got him to the Super Bowl...
  13. I love how Sherman made it out to be like Revis got burnt on that that TD pass, despite the fact that the ref got in the way of Revis... And I also find it quite funny that not only did the Seahawks lose the game at the end, but also their dignity Brady > Montana
  14. If I'm not mistaken, even with just two trains running on Millie during 7:30-9:00 AM ERT, I think the crew still was almost hitting interval...probably due to the fact that we are enthusiasts and so none of us were unfamiliar with how to quickly board MF... I for one am grateful that Cedar Point does this every year. After all, they don't HAVE to do anything for us, but they do anyway... The MF crew worked their butts off for approximately 17 hours straight all so we could have a third coaster to play with during nighttime ERT... I'm pretty sure the water main broke a lot earlier than around 10:25 AM. The reason your toilet flushed is because it already had stored water in its resevoir. Everyone could flush their toilet once, but it would not be filled up back up after that
  15. Avenged Sevenfold A Day to Remember Brand New Bullet For My Valentine New Found Glory Rise Against Senses Fail (LOVE them!)
  16. Banshee in the front row on Opening Day. Took about three hours to get on including the downtime. It was stacking... a lot. Hopefully next time I go the crew will be used to the ride and it will be more efficient...
  17. Here's some footage of the newly-repainted Bat I took on Media Day: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]It's a little shaky at the beginning, sorry. And also, check out my Banshee music video: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] The song "Hearts Burst Into Fire" just fits so well I think...
  18. Banshee absolutely blows Raptor out of the water, and then some! I got on for my first ride at about 6am and it was still dark. I rode in row 8 right side... Analysis: 1.) Station is amazing, and the que is very well-done. When it is real dark, the lighting packages are incredible! Also, I loved the memorial to SOB they had, but I'm surprised they did the considering the reputation it had...I figured they wouldn't want to risk getting any more negative PR from it... 2.) Lift is steep and very fast. 3.) The drop is especially amazing on the right side for the fact that you are quickly turned around going over the crest of the hill. 4.) Dive loop is ginormous...nuff said. 5.) Both of the vertical loops were a bit more forceful than I was expecting. 6.) My favorite part was probably the dive into the valley after the zero g-roll. B&M really did use the difference in elevation to their advantage! 7.) Batwing is solid, but not one of my favorite parts of the ride. 8.) The in-line twist was very cool and very unique, not many coasters at have them, let alone inverts... 9.) Now the ending helix is what REALLY kicked @$$, so forceful I was feeling the blood rush to my toes! Overall Rating: 9/10
  19. Rum is For Drinking, Not for Burning - Senses Fail
  20. OMFG... This looks like it could be the greatest coaster period.
  21. Those kicker wheels sure are a unique touch! And, after doing a quick rcdb search, I now know what he means by the "two seat-belts"... http://cache.rcdb.com/b40geuk00091c800008kb6.jpg
  22. And besides, El Toro wasn't down for as nearly as long as I305 probably because Six Flags' maintenance these days is better than what people think, as compared to Cedar Fairs' maintenance which is a lot worse than what people think!!
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