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  1. I just finished reading "Carpathian" by David L. Goleman so I made mine similar to the Werewolf on the cover. It's an awesome read!
  2. I'm playing Civilization IV and Beyond The Sword both at "Prince" level.
  3. Club version of "You Are Always On My Mind" by the Pet Shop Boys. Retro!
  4. Mine was getting stuck in the heat on Jokers Revenge at SFFT for 20 minutes way back in 2001. We were just short of the station but could not get off the train.
  5. My pleasant surprise was both the Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant. I did not think they would be as exciting as the original Rattler and Giant. They were both better than the originals to the max!
  6. If Shockwave is running for Fright Fest then I'll go to SFOT for a 3 day weekend at Fright Fest for sure even though it is a 9 1/2 hour drive. That would be much better than SFFT Fright Fest with no Iron Rattler!
  7. Texas New Mexico Arizona Colorado Louisiana Georgia Tennessee Kentucky Illinois Missouri Florida Kansas Indiana Nebraska Virginia West Virginia Ohio South Carolina Maryland Delaware New Jersey New York Rhode Island Connecticut Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire Maine
  8. All the ads for cars and trucks are lame. There are so many of them you would think everybody can afford to buy a new car every month.
  9. Today it rained here, which is a very rare event even though we are on the Gulf Of Mexico, as we are on the northerm edge of the Mustang Desert. The high was 88.
  10. Good for you SFOT! Unfortunately Iron Rattler has been closed since Labor Day at SFFT and all last weekend too.
  11. Six Flags removing "Joker's Revenge" from SFFT and sending it to New Orleans Six Flags only to have it destroyed by Katrina. Then Six Flags replaced it at SFFT with Tony Hawk which is now Pandemonium. Jokers Revenge was much better than Pandemonium and themed better too.
  12. When SFFT announced their new water ride "Bahama Blaster" after saying that their new ride would have eXtreme thrills, eXtreme drops (plural) and eXtreme screams. They even posted a photo in Facebook showing a stick in the ground in a grassy field with an orange flag and lettering saying "First Drop", as if there would be multiple drops like a roller coaster would have.
  13. RCT2, RCT3 and Civilization IV Beyond The Sword are my favorites.
  14. Gorillas, Apes, Baboons, and Monkeys are not my favorites, and I am talking about animals here not members of congress.
  15. It would seem possible as SFFT is farther away from the San Antonio airport than SFOT is from DFW airport and the Texas Skyscreamer is 400 feet tall.
  16. The Vikings The Bible Under The Dome Merlin Primeval Robin Hood Sanctuary
  17. Pibb Xtra which is also known as Mr. Pibb.
  18. Avatar Stargate 10000 BC Apocalypto Total Recall Oblivion
  19. Taco Bueno is absolutely the best Mexican food chain.
  20. My favorite books are all the novels by Clive Cussler, James Rollins, Jeremy Robinson, Matthew Reilly, and Dan Brown.
  21. What are the best days of the week and time of year to visit in order to avoid the biggest crowds?
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