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  1. "Wood Coaster" at Knight Valley in China is an awesome ride but the name sure could have been more original.
  2. Several times. Wacky Worm during a gully washer,Great White at SeaWorld, Jokers Revenge at SFFT and the original Rattler at SFFT.
  3. This was taken after riding the Iron Rattler 15 times in a row. Actually the photo is the 15th time. I'm in the white tank top. John and Lou (daniellazarus) on Iron Rattler for the 15th time on 15 August 2013
  4. On August 14 I was the only one on Scream at SFFT on the first ride of the day.
  5. Iron Rattler 78 times this year and planning on 6 more visits to SFFT this year Great White at SeaWorld Original Rattler at SFFT Shock Wave at SFOT Viper at SFAW
  6. Great White at SeaWorld San Antonio 70 times in a day (350 inversions). Steel Eel at Seaworld 29 times in a day. Old Rattler at SFFT 56 times in a day. When it opened I rode it 26 times the very first day. Superman Tower Of Power at SFOT 14 times in 1 1/2 hours. Viper at SFAW 15 times in a row in a day. Super Shot drop ride at a local fair 25 times in a day. Iron Rattler at SFFT 15 times in a row in 6 hours.
  7. Judge Roy Scream at SFOT is the worst I have seen as far as maintenance is concerned. Even though I ride it at least 4 times every day I go to SFOT.
  8. Superman Tower Of power at SFOT Superman Tower Of Power
  9. Six Flags Fiesta Texas Six Flags Over Texas Corpus Christi Buc Days Fair
  10. I was 8 years when I rode my first coaster which was a "junior" woodie near Washington, DC
  11. Batman The Ride at SFOT and Great White at SeaWorld San Antonio. Batman at SFOT
  12. Skyscraper, Vomatron and Power - which are all really the same ride. Intense but fun. Also, each of the 3 times I rode it the ride was 9 minutes long. Skyscraper Ride
  13. Front seat is the best for me, but the very back is a strong 2nd place.
  14. Iron Rattler at SFFT of course! Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
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