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  1. A pink woodie at Glen Echo Amusement park near Washington, DC when I was 8 years old.
  2. The Bayern Kurve! It rocks! Maximum velocity is 100 km/hr! Bayern Kurve
  3. The Zero G Roll on Superman Krypton Coaster at SFFT and the Zero G Roll on the Iron Rattler at SFFT. Zero G Superman on Superman Krypton Coaster Zero G on Iron Rattler
  4. 29 times in a row on Steel Eel at Sea World San Antonio on Easter. Steel Eel at Sea World San Antonio
  5. 70 times in a row on Great White at Sea World San Antonio in one day. It was a cloudy and drizzly day so not too many people. After about 35 times the ride ops let me stay on the train or the next train in any single seat they had available. It took me 7 hours to do it with a break for lunch after the first 15 rides that morning. I had a nice BBQ lunch to give me energy for the next 55 rides. It was fun experiencing 350 inversions in one day! Great White at Sea World San Antonio
  6. Goliath at Six Flags Fiesta Texas on the evening of August 21. Goliath At SFFT
  7. I'm planning on visiting the park the next 2 weekends (Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 15th). Are these good days to visit as far as riding the coasters is concerned? Is it less crowded after the Labor Day weekend?
  8. If you live in Texas, then the Temple area would be best. It is within 160 miles of Seaworld, both Texas Six Flags parks, and the Grand Texas park being built north of Houston. Each of the 4 parks would be an easy day trip from Temple.
  9. Wood - Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas Steel - Titan at Six Flags Over Texas
  10. 1 Zumamjaro: Drop of Doom 2 Falcon's Fury 3 Goliath at Six Flags Great Adventure 4 Medusa at Six Flags Mexico City
  11. Iron Rattler has the best first drop of any wooden coaster I have ever been on, even though it is a hybrid. Even after 78 times the first drop is truly magnificent!
  12. Now we know what Six Flags Fiesta Texas' definition of eXtreme is. Foghorn Leghorn's Barnyard Railway must be considered by Six Flags Fiesta to be SUPER eXtreme.
  13. My partner and I went to the park the last 3 days in a row. Even though it was bring a friend day on all 3 days we rode the Iron Rattler 25 times. Altogether we rode 42 rides in the past 3 days, so the crowd should be OK for you too.
  14. The lap bar opened up completely both times. It was the day the Texas Skyscreamer opened to Gold Pass holders in May. After the second time they closed the ride but that was my last day so I don't know if they really fixed it.
  15. Hopefully they will bring the Skycoaster back. I flew 9 or 10 times on the one they had previously. A 100 meter tall skycoaster like the one in Orlando would be awesome!
  16. I spent a week here in May and I rode the Judge at least 4 times each day. On 2 of my rides the lap bar popped up (once in the front seat and once in the back seat). It didn't bother me personally but some people might not be impressed favorably. It was at the bump just before the turn around. Any news on improvements to the Judge ?
  17. Has anyone used the Platinum Flash Pass this summer? As this has been a slow summer, has the Flash Pass been beneficial in the number of rides you get on IR?
  18. On Thursday 15 August the tunnel lights were both red and blue on all 15 of my rides during a 6 hour period. They ought to have some orange lights too. The mist is refreshing too. Sometimes the big fountain hits you before the tunnel which is also very invigorating .
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