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  1. Yes!! Finally!! That is definitely a step in the right direction. Those neon shirts were so terrible, and they just looked so unprofessional.
  2. I hate to be a backseat moderator, but come on, dude. How about you let others discuss what they'd like to discuss, and you keep your rules to yourself. If people want to speculate (as enthusiasts always do), they can speculate. It's not your call to say when it's "too early" to discuss something. Back on topic: I personally feel I'd ride a dive coaster more frequently (as I've ridden them and know what to expect) rather than Gatekeeper (which I've also ridden, to utter disappointment). Wing riders just don't do it for me.
  3. I'm still pretty shocked that anything like this is even being proposed at a US park. The US always seems like the last place on earth that an energy-saving, eco-friendly project would take place. Indeed, those parking lot covers look fantastic! But of course, does Six Flags really need another structure to maintain? Perhaps the forest is a better option.
  4. Woah. This is crazy, yet awesome. I'm sure some people will bash Six Flags and call them "cheap" for wanting to save money over the long run, but to me, (as someone who knows little to nothing about the logistics of solar power), this seems like a great idea. Especially if the park is planning on being able to power itself solely from the sun. Very cool.
  5. Uh oh. All this talk about how terribly SFNE operates is really making me nervous for my trip up to NE this summer. I had somewhat decent expectations. Is it really that bad? Any tips to improve my experience (besides just avoiding the park altogether)?
  6. To everyone inquiring, I believe these photos are all screenshots taken from "Twisted Colossus Construction January 2015" posted on Youtube by InTheLoop. The Video is available here:
  7. I think I have an interesting, different opinion on this because I have a slow heart rate. For me, many rides are too forceful for me to enjoy, because the positive G's pull the blood from my head and my heart doesn't beat quickly enough to replenish it. I dislike all Batman clones because they are way too forceful and I grey out going down the first drop and can barely see until the end of the ride! I know that I'm totally an oddball, but just remember that are ARE people out there who don't do well with strong positive G's. So yes, for me, there are few, but there are some rides that are too forceful for me to enjoy.
  8. Since you only received one answer, I'll give you my two cents! (Though I'm American) I made the trip up from Pennsylvania to Toronto this past July and I had an amazing time. We stayed at the Aloft hotel which was very close to the park in Vaughan. We felt that staying close to the park was the best option and it worked out well for us as we ended up being able to get to the park for a few hours each day we were there. When we weren't at the park, like nicman said is a great option, we were in downtown Toronto. The easiest way that we found to get to Toronto (and cheapest) was to drive to the Yorkdale Mall (about 30min from the park via the 400 and 401. There is a TTC (train/subway) station for the Yonge-University Spadina line that will take you directly into downtown Toronto (and even right to the iconic CN Tower if you choose). Downtown Toronto was awesome with tons of shopping all around the city, especially at the Eaton Centre, along with great restaurants. Walking around was a lot of fun! Vaughan seemed like just more of a suburb, while downtown Toronto offered a lot more excitement. Please note: If you plan on driving anywhere using the freeways (especially if you decided to drive to downtown Toronto instead of taking TTC) just know that traffic is heavy almost all day. It was very comparable to Los Angeles traffic (and I've heard several Canadians say that it's actually worse in Toronto). Have fun!
  9. I'm really glad to see this coming to fruition! I remember seeing that ugly orange facade years back wondering what would ever happen to the building, and now that it is being transformed, I'm incredibly excited. The place will be packed year round as it is just outside of NYC. It's like MOA on steroids and I love it!
  10. I rode it this past July in the back row, and god was that a bumpy ride. It wasn't terrible, and it was still fun, but it was bumpy as hell. I also found the restraints to be uncomfortable, but perhaps that was just due to the roughness. Ugh.
  11. I watched 45 seconds of the video and had to close it. I think I'll be passing on this "attraction."
  12. I completely agree. The first time I rode WMG, I couldn't really tell exactly what was happening...or if I was even hitting targets. The speed of the vehicles is really a big problem because it hinders the ride experience. I would imagine the Knott's version will include improvements in many areas. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. ^ I would think because of the cost. Seems logical. Though they do dramatically increase ride quality (and ridership?), they're not very marketable. I've ridden Sidewinder's new train at Hersheypark (who didn't market the new train at all) and I really enjoy the ride now. WOAH. What coaster is that? That looks absolutely amazing.
  14. I'm assuming the "fail" you're speaking of is the misuse of "were," which should be "we're." That is INCREDIBLY embarrassing. Yikes. The individual(s) writing these things should at least have a basic understanding of contractions. Nice one, Six Flags. EDIT: I also noticed the misuse of "well" in the last sentence, which should be "we'll." LOL.
  15. All you need to do to negate the gray out is tilt your head to the left. You can also squeeze your butt cheeks to keep the blood from leaving the top portions of your body (ie your head).
  16. Although I have been there many times (as it is my home park), I feel this way about Dorney, and I kind of feel guilty about it. But none of the coasters at Dorney really impress me, and I'm not really much of a flat ride person as I can't tolerate spinning or swinging. I would definitely drive by with no intention to go in, just thinking "meh...."
  17. Good for Kentucky Kingdom! People will do anything for some cash. It's nice to see that hopefully this woman will walk away empty handed.
  18. Although it bothers me that Dorney only gets used rides, Sky Rider is the one exception that would actually excite me if it was relocated to Dorney. I don't get the hate on this ride. I rode it 2x this summer and both times it was spectacular. I was devastated when I learned they were removing it.
  19. Why doesn't anyone like Intimidator? Although I get the backlash on adding a 2nd large B&M, the two at Canada's Wonderland really complement each other.
  20. Sure does! And there is no limitation to the number of entrances for the Haunt. You can go as many times as you'd like.
  21. They could have been lazy like they are with everything else and just left the ride alone and done nothing and it would have been great. The one time Six Flags decides that they should spend a ton of money on new trains for a coaster just because they want to improve the guest experience (not because they want to market it as something "new") it absolutely ruined the ride AND caused the newest coaster in the park to be closed for half of last season. But isn't this whole "crappy new train problem" more Vekoma's fault than SFNE's? Or am I wrong?
  22. Awesome photos! Seeing this is especially exciting for me because I'm studying abroad on the Gold Coast QLD AUS next fall and I will definitely be making stops at Dreamworld, Movie World, & SeaWorld. Looks great!
  23. FYI, I'm going to use "Metal Box" in place of the 'L' word, to avoid the word filter. As every park is different, I'm unsure of the exact protocol for bags at SFOT (whether or not they can be put on the ride platform). At Great Adventure (my home park), loose articles are NOT permitted to be left on the ride platform. However, I don't mind this because of their metal box setup. For $8, you get a permanent metal box assigned to you that you can move to all rides. These can be purchased at any ride, just select "Purchase a multi-use metal box." It actually works out better because you don't have to worry about the security of your phone or other expensive equipment while you are on the ride, as it is secure inside the metal box. Even if they do allow loose articles on ride platforms (again, I am unsure of SFOT's policy), I highly recommend renting an $8 all-day metal box anyway. It's very convenient. All in all, you will know if you are allowed to place your bag on the platform when you attempt to enter the queue at the ride. If bags are not permitted on the platform, the entrance attendant will ask you to place your items in a metal box before queueing.
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