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  1. Yeah, because Cedar Fair is SO much better at taking care of their aging wooden coasters. *Cough*.. Mean Streak.. *Cough* Thunderhawk.. *Cough* Wild Beast.. *Cough* Ghostrider.. I think I'm catching a cold. Seriously though, if there is no contract, it's only a matter a time for someone else begins stealing Six Flags' thunder with hybrid conversions. I hope it's Cedar Fair.
  2. I haven't given up yet. Reread my post. If Mantis IS relocated to Dorney, then I will freak out. I'm good for right now.
  3. If this is Dorney's next coaster, I am officially GIVING UP on my hopes of ever seeing anything innovative at this park. What will it TAKE to get a freakin' *NEW* CUSTOM ride in this park??? Please no...... no......
  4. ^^ Wow, that is crazy that he filmed them. HOWEVER, am I the only one that actually agrees with some of the decisions on inappropriate apparel? I really do think the shirt was inappropriate for a "family atmosphere," even if the meaning was disclosed on the back.
  5. I visited SFNE two years ago because it's only about 5 hour from me. I had an absolutely horrible time with employees and did not enjoy the park much. I will never return, even with the RMC, unless changes are made.
  6. I just feel sympathy for people who rely on drugs. It makes me sad. Great job SFGAdv Security though! They're very thorough.
  7. Whether or not you're serious, I have said for years that an enclosed El Loco would be so awesome. I so wish the Dark Knight rides were El Locos instead of ordinary Wild Mouses.
  8. I'm quite sure that the pad was originally laid down with the opening of Stinger in 2012, and was introduced as "event space."
  9. I will be at the VA Beach area this upcoming week, and will be at the park for one day, most likely on Tuesday with just my mother who doesn't do rides.
  10. I sure hope so. I walked through Splash Works quickly after exiting SkyRider, and damn that water park looked weak. It felt like I had stepped back in time. None of the attractions seemed all that new, or thrilling really. I would take WWK at Dorney any day. I just find it surprising for CW to be so lacking in such a large area.
  11. Skyrush, Skyrush, Skyrush! I just can't believe Hershey couldn't figure out a way to squeeze in a staircase on the opposite side of the station to eliminate having to load and unload guests on the same side.
  12. I'll definitely agree with you there. I forgot how Millennium Force is almost void of airtime.
  13. It's been a while since I've ridden Millennium Force, but I would say I like them equally. The only thing MF might have over Leviathan is the tunnels and the surrounding foliage. Leviathan is just plopped over the entrance. And sadly, I have yet to experience I305.
  14. Hey everyone! I have a short trip report and figured I'd plop it in here. So I finally made my first visit across the border into Ontario to Canada's Wonderland! I visited the park for a few hours each day from Monday 7/21/14 - Thursday 7/24/14, and I can definitely say that overall, I was quite pleased with the park. The park was very clean, restrooms (or "washrooms" to the Canadians) were spotless and well maintained. Food prices were average (gotta love that 15% off Season Pass perk, and all rides were up and running very well. Staff was friendly (for the most part). Ride Reviews: •Wonder Mountain's Guardian (1x) - Waited about 30mis. It was good, but the quality of the video screens and the theming of the ride did not seem all that well done. It was absolutely a fun ride, but it would have been a total let down without the drop section at the end. 6/10 •Leviathan (6x) - Awesome ride! The speed is insane and the airtime is a bonus! I like how this ride traverses close to the ground at a few points, as the close proximity heightened the sense of speed. Definitely re-rideable and the total gem of the park! 10/10 •Behemoth (4x) - The speed obviously isn't on par with Leviathan, but the airtime was great (from all seats, even front row), and the length of the ride is a plus! It's a quality ride, and totally re-rideable. At some points the line for this was longer than Leviathan. 9/10 •Backlot Stunt Coaster (1x) - Short, but packs a punch. As the only true "launched" coaster at Wonderland, it definitely fills a void, yet is still family-friendly I think. The restraints weren't all that comfortable, but the ride was still enjoyable. 6/10 •Dragon Fire (1x) - Sat in the front row, and did enjoy it a bit. Restraints weren't too comfortable, and I really dislike that Arrow "whip" on the turns. The loops were incredibly forceful as always. 5/10 •Drop Tower (0x) - It broke down while I was in line, so I decided to head over to Leviathan instead. The drop did look pretty strong though! •Flight Deck (0x) - Sat down in my seat at about 9:30pm, and it closed due to lightning in the area. I think I was spared though. This thing looked brutal. I could see the heads smashing the harnesses from the ground. Yikes! New trains please! •Mighty Canadian Minebuster (2x) - Rode in the front seat twice, and thoroughly enjoyed both of my rides! A few bumps a long the way, but the layout was paced well and that helix at the end was intense, but not too rough! Definitely re-rideable in the front seat at least. 7/10 •Wild Beast (1x) - Rode in the middle. Wow this thing SUCKED. It tracked horribly, and not one person seemed to really enjoy their ride, unfortunately. It has potential to be a nice little woody, but it's not up to par sadly. 4/10 •Vortex (2x) - I really enjoyed this ride, though it made me a bit dizzy! There is some unpleasant back-and-forth movement around the turns, but nothing strong enough to severely diminish the quality of the ride. This thing swung like crazy, and appeared to be very popular despite its age. Definitely re-rideable. 7/10 •Time Warp (1x) - Wow, this thing SUCKED! Head smashing over and over and over. Would look great as a pile of scrap metal. Unacceptable. 0/10 •Thunder Run (1x) - Cute. Families seemed to really enjoy it, though the theming was sub-par in my opinion. 5/10 •The Bat (0x) - I've been on Sidewinder's new train at Hershey many times, and didn't feel like ruining my opinion of boomerangs since it has the old trains, so I skipped this one. •SkyRider (2x) - All I can saw is WOW, I WAS IMPRESSED! I know many people have posted negative things about this ride, but I found it to be the best stand-up I've ever ridden (only others I've experienced are GL at SFGadv and RR at SFMM). The airtime, if that's what you call it on a StandUp, was INSANE and my feet were repeatedly off the floor! I found the restraints to be comfortable and I just loved the whole experience overall! 9/10 So that's everything I rode! Unfortunately I didn't ride SledgeHammer or Psyclone as I can't spin or swing without feeling nauseated. Thanks for reading! Some pictures: The park was very crowded on Monday because the weather was beautiful. Wonder Mountain in all it's glory! I loved the stunt diving show off the falls! BEHEMOTHHHHHHTHTHTHTH LEVIATHAN!!!!!!!! Hey, it's me!
  15. If Intamin took so much time out of their day to make the restraints idiot-proof, why couldn't they have just created a comfortable restraint in the first place? Mind boggling.
  16. Aaaaaand you're wrong. It's impossible to prevent getting stapled on Skyrush. The bottom of the first hill staples riders regardless of how of they're positioned, but my way of riding prevents the lap bar from crushing my thighs, while stapling my waist/pelvis instead. And you are damn right that if the restraint system sucks, I'm going to alter my way of riding to make it best for me. Have a great day.
  17. For all of you complaining about leg pain on Skyrush, there is a way to ride it without any pain at all. I used to be in AGONY after every ride before I discovered how to do this. TIP: When you sit down in your seat, DO NOT sit all the way back, but instead SCOOT UP a few inches from the back of the seat so the restraint, when pulled down, meets your hips/waist and not your thighs. Works every time!
  18. I was at the park yesterday, and Stinger is showing no signs of life whatsoever. Didn't even see anyone working on it. It's just sitting in limbo. As far as the "sending out empty trains" issue goes, Talon and hydra both sent out several trains either empty, or with only two riders. Demon drop sent several empty cars, and the log flume sent several empty logs. It was dead yesterday. Even WWK didn't look very busy at all.
  19. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some useful advice/information for my upcoming trip. My father and I will be visiting Universal and Islands of Adventure this upcoming week on Monday 6/23 and then Saturday 6/28. We know absolutely nothing about these parks and could really use some information! Are crowds insane? My dad doesn't do roller coasters but will probably be riding everything else. What is the best way to get two-park, two-day tickets? Which park should we do Monday, and which Saturday? Since we will be going on a Monday and a Saturday, should we opt for Unlimited Express both days, or should we be okay on Monday? Thank you in advance for anything and everything you guys can provide! We want to make the most of our visits!
  20. Was at the park yesterday for Father's Day. Weather was gorgeous but crowds weren't too bad. Stinger is still closed with train missing. Hmph.
  21. All I have to contribute to this is that I visited Knott's Berry Farm on a West Coast vacation last July, and GhostRider was honestly the most terrible roller coaster I've ever ridden. Maybe I was in a bad seat on a bad day, but damn that thing HURT. I've ridden Mean Streak many times and I would take it over GhostRider any day. Instead of guessing which one will be first to have the RMC conversion, I just hope they all get done sooner or later.
  22. Just watched the video and I'm actually surprised at how quickly the thing moves! Looking great and I'm very excited.
  23. Hey! Welcome to the US! I'm from Northeastern Pennsylvania, so I'm very familiar with this part of the country, though I've never been to Lake Compounce. Out of the ones you've listed for a possible day trip in addition to SFGadv, I would definitely vote for Hersheypark. Skyrush will knock your socks off, and Storm Runner and Fahrenheit are great as well. The park's wooden coasters are pretty much all great, and Hershey is practically an American icon, so I think that's your best bet. Dorney is nothing more than a small regional park. If you were to choose Dorney, you'd still enjoy your time there absolutely, but Hersheypark's coasters are better (in my opinion..again Skyrush is awesome). Dorney has a fantastic water park, but that doesn't seem to be your main interest. You did miss Knoebel's, which is in Elysburg, Pennsylvania. It's a fairly small park (though it's the largest free-admission park in the world I believe) with two great traditional wooden coasters, and the Flying Turns coaster, and a bunch of great flat rides. Overall, if you're looking for a large park with great rides, SFGadv and Hersheypark are what I would suggest for you. Good luck!
  24. All I have to say is that X2 is absolutely in my top 10. I rode last July twice in a row. It was the most insane coaster experience I've ever had, and loved every second of it. That's just my experience, but I experienced no pain, and just thought it was exhilarating.
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