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  1. I was trying to find the apprpriate adjective to describe such a horrific logo, and you hit the nail on the head. So,
  2. I absolutely agree that the park has become lackluster and "stale." I drive down to the Lehigh Valley once in a while for work and I drive right by the park. For me, I look at the park's skyline and I just truly have no desire to step foot inside the park any time soon with the current attraction lineup. That, along with the unimaginative and bland environment that Brassinthegrass has mentioned, Dorney just doesn't have what Hershey and SFGAdv have... which is just a shame.
  3. That actually ended up not to be true. After the processing fee and tax, the online ticket came to about $51. I ended up buying at the park with a Subway coupon for $47.99. I ended up having a really terrible overall experience at the park yesterday. I've always heard about Saturday crowds, and they were in full force, and quite a "rough" crowd too - Definitely worse than anything I've ever experienced at Great Adventure. I encountered some of the most class-less and unfriendly people yesterday, and in conjunction with terrible service, horrible employees/lifeguards (I watched a grown man collide with a young girl going down a water slide because the lifeguard was clearly more preoccupied with coworkers than keeping people safe), and the absolutely astronomical prices, I'm going to stay away from Dorney for quite a while. Six Flags has proven to be (shockingly) better at providing a consistent, mostly pleasant experience with spectacular rides. End rant.
  4. Sort of last minue, but I'm heading to the park tomorrow. The "processing fee" for online ticket purchases is $6 (ridiculous). Does anyone know of any fast food places that have the discount vouchers, or what those vouchers might offer? Wondering if buying at the park is the better deal.
  5. You can absolutely go over to the theme park on the same day you attend HH. Just show the attendant at the theme park parking entrance your pass, and they'll scan it and grant you access. I believe that with the Flash Pass, you bypass just the regular line for a tube at the bottom of the slide. If you rent a tube, I believe you can also bypass the line at the bottom. I'm not 100% sure on this though, so maybe someone else can chime in and help you out. As far as the weight limits go, it's only King Cobra that is 200lbs.
  6. Is it really that serious? Not everyone is going to like what CP is doing and they don't have to. Everyone has an opinion and that's what makes discussions interesting. If everyone was in agreement with everything, it'd be really boring. I second this! People don't need to bow down and praise Cedar Point if they're not entirely onboard with what the park is doing. Just because some people believe Cedar Point is "hands down the best park for coasters," doesn't mean everyone thinks that way. And that's okay. Personally, as someone who finds most B&Ms to be lackluster (especially the more modern ones, save maybe Fury 325), I'm not going to get out my mat and bow down in prayer in front of the Cedar Point front entrance over this addition. Does that make me jaded? Sure, call me, and the others who share my opinion, jaded. But we're paying good money to enter these places and to ride these things, and if they add a coaster that I, or others, are not really *ecstatic* about, my opinion is still valid. And so is yours, Texascoaster89. That's the beauty of the world. We're all different.
  7. The problem I have with the ride, at least, is those darn trains. As someone 6' tall and with a long(ish) torso, those Arrow trains are the only things I've ever ridden that give me discomfort. The restraint cannot close all the way and it really just puts way too much force on my shoulders. New trains like those Vekoma ones would make this ride really amazing for me. For right now, though, I can't really enjoy it.
  8. I'm looking for some advice on which day to pick to head to Great Adventure out of: Saturday, May 16, which is BAF for $14.99 Sunday, May 17, which is BAF for free. All dates from April 18 to May 31 (besides some Sundays which are BAF Free) are included in the $14.99 deal, so I'm thinking it's best to avoid the Sunday where it's free? Are the BAF Free days significantly more crowded? Thank you in advance!
  9. So the problem with Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro is solely loose articles, correct? If that's the case, would a few storage compartments/bins located in Kingda Ka's station solve the problem if they were absolutely mandatory? If every rider was required to place all items (including cell phones/wallets etc.) into the bins, could they run together?
  10. I also attended the park yesterday, Saturday April 18. Building on from what Nitro1118 said.... Operations: I too agree that operations were an issue throughout the day. Nitro was constantly double stacking. I think we were on the break run for almost 5 minutes. Also, Bizarro ride ops were probably some of the slowest operators I've ever seen. The two checking the restraints when I rode looked like they were going to fall asleep by the end of the train. El Toro could have been faster as well, but the crew there seemed to be much better than previous reports. Definitely need to give a shoutout to both Green Lantern and Skull Mountain crews! They were doing a great job making sure everyone was boarding quickly, and the crew at Green Lantern managed to pump trains out pretty quickly (for stand-up standards) while constantly checking each row to make sure people were in the proper position. Pretty good system there. Downtime: I'll also say that Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro are an unreliable disaster. They were both up and down all day. I didn't end up riding either attraction, however I did stand in line for Kingda Ka for about 45 minutes and barely moved through 1/3 of the switchbacks. No thanks. Something needs to be done to allow them to run independently of each other. The downtime and capacity issues (especially for Ka) are just ridiculous. Overall, I did enjoy myself greatly and the weather was absolutely perfect! I'm optimistic that the park will work towards improving the operations issues as the season progresses. Final Note on Nitro: Stay away from the back of Train 'A.' I know some others have mentioned it, but I'd just like to confirm it, as well. The rattling was really bad, and it was hands-down the worst ride I've ever had on Nitro. It was borderline painful. Hopefully they work on that as well.
  11. I don't know why, but I have a gut feeling about an S&S 4D Free Spin, too. Maybe because it's pretty much unique from all other coasters at the park? And since Six Flags likes to market records, maybe they would make it bigger and market it as the "tallest/fastest/biggest of its kind." Anyway, with a park that already has an Intamin pre-fab, an inverted, a floorless, a stand-up, a flying, a launched, and a hyper coaster, it'll be interesting to see what Six Flags chooses for 2016.
  12. Is 'Old Country' the section of the park that's currently closed by Movietown? If so, interesting.......
  13. In theory, it's great. But by the time this event rolls around, and the park for any reason can't get any of the B&Ms operating, I don't see myself driving an hour down to Jackson just to ride Skull Mountain. Maybe I just get really really desperate in the winter. I'd probably make the drive...
  14. Can we all agree that having a few coasters to ride (even if it is just Dark Knight and Skull Mountain on select days) is better than having no coasters to ride?
  15. Have you experienced any kind of intense drowsiness as a side effect? With Namtab coming to Great Adventure, I've thought about taking it, but I'm not sure it'd be worth it if I was going to be really tired all day.
  16. Is this actually happening 100%? If so, I'm beyond excited to try out the new trains, regardless of which style they are!
  17. ^ Those certainly are some funky-looking inversions, but it still looks so beautiful at the same time. The sea of supports kinda off-sets the weirdness of the inversions, IMhO. Makes the whole thing look even crazier!
  18. I just felt like they looked classless, sloppy, and were downright obnoxious, IMO. I'm sure we'll all still be able to identify employees without the neon shirts
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