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  1. ^ Wow, awesome! I can't wait to ride this in the summer. It should definitely be a great experience.
  2. Although I have yet to go, Warner Bros. Movie World on Gold Coast, QLD, Australia looks like a great park. The ride options might not be very big, but it seems like everything this park has to offer is of good quality.
  3. Yes, definitely stay at one of the hotels across the street from Dorney. For one, you save on parking. Also, I stayed at one of the hotels across the street last fall for the Haunt (though I'm not sure if it was a Comfort or Holiday.. I think there are two or three hotels right there) and they served free breakfast, so that was another huge plus. I think that's your best option. And no complaints here about the hotel. Was actually pretty nice.
  4. And since Great Adventure already claimed the "Largest Theme Park in the World" title with the annexation of the Safari, I just don't foresee them connecting Hurricane Harbor. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it, though.
  5. Dorney just posted this on their Facebook a few minutes ago. The tubes with the rainbow inserts look awesome! Construction is in full-swing, and Aquablast's structure is receiving some work as well it appears.
  6. I've never had a single problem with Maverick - I keep my hands up the entire duration of the ride. However, I am almost 6 foot, maybe my height has something to do with me not having banging issues?
  7. I actually really enjoyed Viper when I visited last summer. Rode it twice. If only it received new paint and new Vekoma trains, it would be even better.
  8. If Great Adventure got anything even remotely close to Maverick, I would be one happy camper!!
  9. I have the key to absolutely no pain on Skyrush. When I rode it the first few times after it opened, I vowed I would NEVER ride it again because it hurt my thighs so badly. The same was true with my partner - we were in agony at the brake run. So, one ride, I tried something out and it has been the "secret" for both of us! Before you pull the lap bar down, slide your butt forward from the back of the seat, so your lap bar doesn't sit on your thighs, but rather directly at your waist/touching your pelvis. That way, every time you pop out of the seat, your thighs are not being crunched into the bar. It works like a charm, and Skyrush is one of my all time favorite coasters now. Behind Maverick
  10. When I visited LA last July, I 100% knew I had to visit SFMM, and debated on either Universal or Knott's for the other park. I chose Knott's and I'm glad I did! Universal just doesn't seem like my cup of tea.
  11. I have to agree. I know this is only my personal opinion based on my own experience, but I traveled to LA to visit SFMM last July all the way from Philadelphia and I have to say I have very few poor things to say about MM. We had a GREAT time with decent ride operators overall, minimal wait times, and actually decent food. People go to SFMM for the roller coasters. If you want brand new park maps every other month, go to Disney. They are completely different markets. Just my two cents. I had a great time at SFMM and would rate it better overall (including ride operations) than SFGAdv in NJ.
  12. Does this have an opening date yet? I'm planning on visiting in July, and it looks like they still have a ways to go...
  13. Chickie's & Pete's is AWESOME! It began in Philadelphia (where I live) and has a few stand-alone restaurants in the area, as well as stands at Lincoln Financial, Wells Fargo, and Citizen Bank Park. I get it every time I'm at an Eagles or 76er's game. Dorney Park has two locations. One of which is a walk-up window (I've eaten there several times) and a new sit-down restaurant. The walk-up window has a very limited menu, offering only crab fries and chicken strips (about $8 each). I'm sure the full-service location offers the entire menu, or at least close-to. If you're in the park and want some great fries and chicken, Chickie's and Pete's is the place to go.
  14. I've been reading this and I have to jump in on this. I've been to Magic Mountain and I disagree. Colossus feels like it's not getting attention. The ride was good, but there was no line, and only one side was operating, while we waited over an hour for other rides. That whole section of the park feels cut-off and unloved, and converting Colossus to I-Box would draw more people to that area of the park and liven it to to feel new again. I think it's a bit bold to state that a ride is or isn't getting enough attention, especially by someone who has never been to the park. I prefer quality over quantity. A new coaster may be new and shiny, but Colossus and Scream feel like they're getting left behind. I, along with many other enthusiasts, I'm sure, would like to see Magic Mountain invest in bettering itself before adding more attractions.
  15. I remember riding Fahrenheit for the first time. That drop scared the bejeezus out of me!
  16. If anything, I'm sure it was profitability. My guess is as good as anyone's.
  17. I am quite sure that the options are either Cold Stone, Dippin' Dots, or Breyer's. I'm pretty sure Ben & Jerry's pulled out entirely last season.
  18. My partner and I are making the trip up to Toronto from NE Pennsylvania this summer for a mini-vacation. I'm extremely excited to see how this comes together! *prays for animations*
  19. I would have to say that X2 is the most forceful coaster I've ever ridden - it's so different from anything else I'm used to on the east coast at Hershey, Dorney, or Great Adv. It scared the bejeezus out of me the first (and second, hehe) times I rode it. That moment right before the brakes where you feel like the ride is trying to throw you off was terrifying. The rest of the ride is all a blur... but I still love the thing!
  20. Hey everyone, I have a general question regarding the quality of Great Adventure's Fright Fest in comparison to Cedar Fair's Haunts, like Dorney's. I've been going to Dorney for years to the Haunt and absolutely LOVE it. How does Fright Fest compare? I know the mazes at Six Flags are an "up charge" which I think is ridiculous, but how much do they actually cost? And are the mazes "better" justifying the cost? I have a Great Adventure season pass, but I might just pay the $40 to get in at Dorney if you guys think the Haunt is better. Please help me make a decision
  21. This is EXACTLY right. I've actually commented on that possible "fix" for the restraints in the past. It's a shame that it will probably remain how it is now forever.
  22. I've only been on the trap door slides at Water Country USA and I loved them! The best water slide experiences I've ever had.
  23. Anyone have any guesses!?! Is it that wooden coaster we've all been hoping for???
  24. Usually the employees aren't very reliable and neither are those signs in the queues. (Nitro's signs are almost double the actual wait time!) So I pretty much just get in line, and if it's moving then I'm content. If they really tell the employees to lie to the general public, that's soooo shady.
  25. ^ As long as there isn't any lightning or thunder, you should be just fine. One bit of advice, though... Try not to ride Steel Force in the rain. Ouch.
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