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  1. Awesome! I'm glad to see Yolo is back to two trains. Every time I view this thread I start to choke up... All I want in life is to go back to the West Coast! All of you west-coasters don't know how good you have it! So beautiful. Maybe I'll plan a trip when MM opens their next large coaster...
  2. ^ Agreed. If the restraints were flush with the waist, all problems (for me, anyway ), would be solved. It could probably be done quite easily, too, if they just shortened the length of the bars on both sides of the seat.
  3. I feel terribly that people think so poorly of Great Adventure. I really love this park (in fact I'm going again on the 12th), and I think the coaster collection is pretty spot-on for creating an enjoyable day. My home park is Dorney, and SFGAdv's coasters surely pummel Dorney's straight into the ground. I've never really had a bad experience here, too bad that others seem to frequently have them. Oh well. I'll always enjoy this park! And that's all that matters for me
  4. ^^ That looks like it would be awesome! That side of the park could definitely use some revitalization (especially Nitro's queue - but that's an entirely different rant). I'd love to see this built... so let's hope they have something equally as exciting up their sleeve. *crosses fingers and toes*
  5. ^ Dr. M is right. If I don't push my butt up a little bit so the restraint hits me directly in the waist and not the thighs, the ride is so unbearably painful that I absolutely cannot enjoy it. Since I've found my solution I love the coaster. But I can 100% understand others' complaints and I know for a fact that most are not exaggerating.
  6. Hmm... I've never thought about that. Good thing I'm young! But I might really start to feel it in a few years.
  7. Hello all! I've never posted here before, but I figured I'd take this opportunity to join and contribute my two cents to this discussion. Anywho, I feel that I have "cracked the code" for how to ride SkyRush without any pain from the restraints. At least, it works for me and it seems to work for everyone else I tell. The trick is to push your butt a bit forward so you're not completely against the back of the seat. When in this position, the lap bar no longer makes contact with the thighs, but hits you directly in the waist. No legcrushing, no pain. I tried to add a picture but i can't figure it out!
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