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  1. Cheers for the responses guys. So if we get day tickets online can you upgrade to front of line passes in the park for the price difference?
  2. I've got a quick question: I'm going to be at USH (from Australia) on the 3rd Jan 2015 for the afternoon. What are the crowds like? Busy enough for a front of the line pass or is the $189 not worth it? Cheers for your help!
  3. Here are some pictures from Dreamworld's neighboring water park, White Water World. The park opened a new topsy turvy water slide the same day Tailspin opened at Dreamworld. Here are some pictures of Triple Vortex: The new slide is quiet colourful compared to most of the others which have badly faded. This is the slide's run out lane which is across the path from The Rip. It is also where guests wait for rafts. Guests then make their way past some new landscaping and towards the BRO stairs. The slide begins from an extension of the tower, accessed from the BRO sta
  4. I have changed the name of the thread so now if I have any updates from any of the parks across the Gold Coast I will share them here. Sometime this week I'll be heading out to a couple of the other parks so I should get some more photos for you guys. Also, if anyone has any questions about the parks I'll be happy to answer them for you.
  5. The park did start to deteriorate and especially Ocean Parade. As you can sort of see in the pictures the whole area has been fixed up with new garden beds, repainted paths, repainted rides, Wipeout and Tailspin. Wipeout's makeover was literally that, the ride was completely dismantled and fixed up. Now it runs a different cycle which is equally as fun even though it is a bit shorter. I think they have done a really fantastic job with it. Tailspin is in Ocean Parade near Wipeout and Shockwave. It has replaced Reef Diver, the park's old Enterprise. I'm not sure if many people here have ridd
  6. Most of you would have heard about one of Australia's main theme parks, Dreamworld. Recently quiet a bit of work has gone on including ride rehabs, new food outlets and a new thrill ride. Below is a collection of photos I took on my last visit on Friday the 19th. We begin at Ocean Parade, which has received some much needed love. The whole area really does feel like a totally different park. The park's Intamin Gyro Swing, The Claw, got a repaint... and it looks great! Some of the ride's theming. Some cute little bollard poles have also been added in. F
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