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  1. That looked dreadful. Like someone else, the closest woodie I can compare to this is Ghostrider.
  2. ^How awesome is that?!? That so would have been me... I have the worst luck with water slides and always seem to be the one heading backwards.
  3. Better late than never... Alabama - Cannonball Run California - California Screamin' Florida - Revenge of the Mummy Georgia - Mind Bender Indiana - Raven Maryland - Wild One Nevada - Canyon Blaster New Jersey - El Toro New York - Steeplechase North Carolina - Ricochet Ohio - Millenium Force Pennsylvania - Phoenix South Carolina - Afterburn Tennessese - Thunderhead Texas - Iron Rattler Virginia - i305 West Virginia - Big Dipper
  4. ^I was also able to collect hearts without tapping on them.
  5. Disney still sells these tickets. However you cannot buy them through their website any longer.(over the phone and in person i believe) Thanks! That's good to know. I didn't know because I do everything I can over the Internet (even ordering pizza).
  6. Disney no longer sells tickets with the 'no expiration' option. I think that went away a year or two ago. You can still buy them from some authorized Disney ticket sellers like the one I've used in the past, though, just not directly through Disney.
  7. Since it appears these are going to go in touristy areas, I think it could work if priced and marketed properly. Even though it's been a few years since the last movie, I still think Shrek is relevant enough to draw people to these Dungeons.
  8. Awesome! Ironically that is one of the things I thought of when I saw this in the 2013 results press release: From my knowledge of the food service industry, you can usually significantly reduce food costs by buying fresh food and not processed/frozen food. I was hoping from that line in the report that CF is going in that direction and the KI tweet seems to confirm that. Since all the CF parks tend to have some of the worst food as a whole (in our opinion), this is great news and hopefully we'll continue to see more of this trend. I don't mind paying the high cost for amusement park food if it's going to be quality food.
  9. ...I think I can finally see through the tears after laughing so hard... I'm optimistic that this will be a good interactive dark ride. I guess it may be better than what they have at Universal or Disney...for those who have never been to Universal or Disney. Wow!
  10. Wow! Who'd have thought a small park like this would get such a great family coaster? This should be very popular among locals.
  11. Great pictures! I love seeing behind the scenes of parks in the off season. Too bad my local park didn't do something like this.
  12. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing. I wouldn't mind seeing Earth, Wind, and Fire. I also appreciate Sheikra for what it is. I consider it to be a good 'filler' coaster. While it will probably never make the top of most people's favorite coasters list, it is always fun to ride numerous times, and with its trick elements, it's memorable.
  13. These wheels were cool at first. Now with seemingly every major city wanting to add one, they've lost their appeal and iconic uniqueness to me. I wish future cities would pick something more unique to build.
  14. They have been GREAT to look through! I'm now dreaming of a trip to Asia.
  15. They've neutered that ride so much in the past 25 years, I'm not sure if it would be worth it. Used to be much more forceful, and the last time I rode it, the ride only went one direction instead of both ways as usual. However, it's one of the few flats that they have so maybe they should keep it. If they could find a spot in the County Fair area, it'd be a good fit there. Yeah, that's my concern. It isn't the best flat out there but I'd rather have it than nothing. Fortunately it's still listed on their website so I'm hoping it will remain for awhile.
  16. Screamscape posted an aerial photo of Carowinds that was taken recently. In it you can see where they are clearing the land for the proposed FestHaus-style dining facility. I sadly note that Gr8 Sk8 has in fact been taken down. Hopefully it has been moved to somewhere else in the park.
  17. If WMG works out as well as they expect (and as well as I anticipate), then I think it's an almost certainty to have this rolled out to a lot of the CF parks in the next few years. If that does happen, I sure hope it's not another 'Windseeker,' where all of them primarily share the same look and name.
  18. I have been denied a few kiddie coasters because I was too tall. Otherwise, I've never been turned town for riding any ride I wanted to. I wish they would have denied me a boomerang or three but unfortunately they let me stay.
  19. That's great! I look forward to seeing more info on their campground.
  20. This is looking awesome! Thanks for the pics and the update. Less than 8 months until we're back down there (if we can make it that long.) I specifically loved Zonko's. It's good to know the merchandise will still be available. I can't believe I never noticed pumpkin fizz before. I'll have to try that next time I'm there.
  21. Those look like a blast! Maybe Knoebels will surprise us some day with one of these.
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