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  1. Yes. They are in rows 4, 5, and 6, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. ^love it! Here are a few of mine.
  3. Thanks for the friendly welcome, Palmer! Great shot of Afterburn as your avatar. I'm happy to have Carowinds as my home park. It has a decent selection of coasters and rides. What are your favorite rides in the park? My obvious favorite ride is Intimidator. In fact, as we continue to travel and experience more parks and coasters, it remains in my top 5, primarily because I'm an air time junkie. I'm hard pressed to find another steel coaster with the amount of air time that Intimidator gives. Afterburn is also a great coaster, and often underrated, primarily because Carowinds hasn't done much to make itself a travel destination beyond Intimidator. Other than Woodstock Express, the rest of the coasters in the park are average, at best. They really need a great woody. But getting away from coasters, my favorite ride is Boo Blasters. While it's not as good as Spiderman or WWHP at IOA, it's hard to go wrong with a classic Sally shooting dark ride. EDIT: Wow, how could I miss the flyers? They are also a favorite of mine!
  4. I've used Paint before and it works well. I find it degrades the picture quality a little more than I like although that's kind of a moot point for general files that get posted online. I thought I would share Paint.NET, a free program that seems to retain better picture quality while still significantly decreasing picture size. www.getpaint.net/
  5. I hope you had a good time, edh, and didn't get a fast pass beforehand. I stopped by for a few hours on Sunday and the crowds were light. All the lines were very manageable and I don't think there was more than a 10-15 minute wait for anything, except Nighthawk. I only ride Nighthawk about once every year or two when I'm either at an enthusiast event or taking someone to the park for the first time. I am trying to get some credible scoop as to what is coming for 2014. If I hear anything, I'll post it here. I'm new to TPR's forums but I live close to Carowinds so go throughout the year. I see some previous questions about Scarowinds, which I love - it's a great event but VERY busy. You can find a couple of entries in my travel blog on Scarowinds (not that I'm trying to put a plug in for it - if needed, I can post that information directly here).
  6. Although you are probably aware, if you stay at an on-site resort for Universal, it includes express passes. With the express passes, you should easily be able to do everything you want at Universal in two days. We were easily able to do Busch Gardens Tampa in less than a day. We went in early June and all of the lines were very manageable. If you want to save a few bucks, you might want to consider the Orlando Flex Ticket.
  7. Yes, the pool, Haunted Mansion, and Black Diamond. If you go to the fifth vertical slider on this page, you will find more information. www.knoebels.com/index.php/rates
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