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  1. I'm looking forward to my trip there the end of the year. I hope the Adventuredome is not too busy since it looks like we'll be there right around New Year's Eve. I do need to get our schedule finalized. Fortunately the Circus Circus campground still has a lot of sites available so that sounds promising. I would think the majority of people in Vegas for New Year's Eve wouldn't be there for the coasters and amusement park.
  2. I personally would be saddened to see Corkscrew go. While it wasn't the first one, it was the first one in the area. It was revolutionary when it opened and I still remember that year. We went to the park and I wasn't able to ride it. (I think I wasn't tall enough) I'm still getting therapy for that... well, not really. Anyway, it's a classic that is in a great location so I hope it's there for many more years for future generations to enjoy. (I grew up 3 hours from CP so we used to go to GL and CP once a year)
  3. ^I'm willing to bet that is a fake someone made based on the leaked blueprints. In the upper right corner it shows unregistered hypercam, a software program used to capture videos playing on your screen (like from NL or RCT). With as much money as the parks put into building a new coaster, they use professionals to create the POVs. Either that or KI purposefully leaked the blueprints and this POV video to keep enthusiasts off the scent until 8.8.13.
  4. That literally made me laugh. Clearly it wasn't caught by the editor and was meant to say *stories* instead of miles.
  5. You're welcome. They took out all of the single rider lines and replaced them with Fast Pass lines.
  6. ^Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're getting a new coaster in 2015. Since you work near there, let me know if you start to see any action starting as far as heavy equipment goes. Since I have to head to the nearby MS Charlotte headquarters tonight, I hope to swing in there before the park closes to take a look.
  7. Good point. I spent all of my time in the mountains hiking and exploring. I think we'll go back in 2015 so I'll make sure I hit up some coasters then.
  8. I can help with parts of that. For Six Flags America, you should be able to hit it all in 4 hours, especially if it's during on the day. The water park should be very busy but the park not so much. I'm basing that on our visit on a Tuesday about a month ago. I'm no expert on Hersheypark since I've only been there once. However we got there for twilight on a Sunday night and were only able to knock about half of the park. Since school is still out, I'm betting you won't be able to do it all. You probably will be able to at Dorney. If you want to get all the coasters at Carowinds, I recommend a system. Get there first thing and go straight to Nighthawk. The line quickly backs up and if you don't get it first thing, you might have a 1-2 hour wait. Next head back to the main plaza and start to the right. Everybody wants to hit Intimidator so you can usually knock out Vortex, Ricochet, Hurler, Carolina Cyclone, Goldrusher and Cobra pretty quickly. Get any re-rides you want while you are there. Then head to Thunder Road, Afterburn, and then Woodstock Express and Flying Ace Aerial Chase. That leaves you back at Intimidator where you can get it in. Fridays are hit or miss, but odds are you may want a Fast Pass since it's often a busier day when school is out. Vortex and Hurler usually set the stage. If they have more than a 5-10 minute wait, you'll probably want a fast pass if you don't want to spend all day at the park waiting in line. Don't base it on Ricochet because it's low capacity and always has a line regardless.
  9. This is great! Nice work so far! It is something I've dreamed of doing but haven't made the time to move forward with it, yet.
  10. I tried to stay out of this but I just can't resist any more. I rode Skyrush twice about a month ago. I heard stories about the restraints but I always take everything with a grain of salt until I get to experience it first hand. Both times, the restraint clamped down on my legs so hard it was somewhat painful by the brake run. I checked with my teenage daughter (194 credits) and she complained about loosing feeling in her feet. I can see where it might give some good air time but I didn't get the maximum experience because I was clamped in so tight. The restraints in combination with the short ride kept this coaster from being one of my top favorites. Despite all of that, it is a good coaster that I will ride any time.
  11. I have been to Colorado twice and have yet to ride any coasters there.
  12. What do you think of Taco Bueno? They have come highly recommended to me but I haven't tried them yet. Looking at their site, they also have some in Texas.
  13. ^^Thanks for the update. US and IOA are two of our favorite parks. We can't wait to get back there next year.
  14. newsitem.com/news/turn-for-the-better-knoebels-close-on-flying-turns-after-7-years-1.1529000
  15. Both tacos look amazing. Thanks for the TR; I enjoyed reading it.
  16. Hello Theme Park Review! My name is Rick and I love theme parks and roller coasters. I've been posting in the forums for about a week so it's about time that I introduce myself. Despite my age, I'm relatively new to the enthusiast community. Until a few years ago I didn't even know that it existed. For me, it's less about the stats and mostly about the overall experience. I do enjoy hearing all of the technical information from other enthusiasts.
  17. We've had an average year so far. We have cancelled a few trips so far because we have replaced a furnace, air conditioner, and our water heater. Talk about budget busters! Our 2013 list so far: Universal Studios Orlando Islands of Adventure Carowinds Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas Sea World San Antonio Waterville USA Hersheypark Knoebels Six Flags America Family Kingdom Still left to visit: Luna Park Deno's Wonderwheel Park Galveston Pleasure Pier Castles N Coasters Disneyland California Adventure Knott's Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Adventuredome New York, New York Casino
  18. I don't think it has anything specifically to do with Kings Island. What tipped me off was the page source. You'll see that page calls an inline frame referencing That made me dig a little deeper and all of their parks except Knotts and Gilroy Gardens have the same page on their site referencing the respective park id the developer used for each park: - California's Great America - Canada's Wonderland - Carowinds - Cedar Point - Dorney Park - Kings Dominion - Kings Island - Michigan's Adventure - Valleyfair - Worlds of Fun None of them return anything, btw.
  19. While you can still purchase season passes valid for a calendar year, Six Flags is now offering memberships for an ongoing monthly fee. After 12 months you can cancel at any time or continue the membership. It looks like all the Six Flags parks are offering the same idea so I posted it in the general Six Flags thread. https://content.sixflags.com/overgeorgia/tickets/memberships/ I posted the link to SFOG since that is closest to me but all of park pages that I checked are offering the same thing, although the pricing per month varies per park. The price also varies at most parks based on the number of memberships that you buy.
  20. I wish it wouldn't take them so long to build one. We've delayed our next trip to WDW twice now. I guess you can't rush perfection. Their coasters are done well.
  21. Truth ^The only 'good' thing about the Windseeker shutdown this time is that it only took an hour to rescue the stranded people and not 3 hours like the first time.
  22. The time I remember was 2 years ago for the park's enthusiast event, CoasterStock. They put out some stakes the day before and removed them the day after. There is no enthusiast event scheduled right now so it's highly unlikely these are a prank. The last time, there were also no utilities marked, which there are this time. The general consensus seems to be that they are redoing the entrance and parking. What is interesting to watch is the scope of this project and if it leads to a rumored park expansion in the near future.
  23. There is a Great Wolf Lodge about 30 minutes north near Charlotte Motor Speedway so it's unlikely another one with the same brand would be so close. That doesn't rule out them putting one in with their own name, though. I'm hoping this is a rework of the front entrance that leads to the onsite lodge in the near future. It is kind of confusing the way it is right now and is a real pain to get out of the park at closing time.
  24. ^Yes, a resort hotel is still rumored to be in their master plan to come in the next 2-3 years. I'd love to join you in your celebration of #400. Unfortunately I have out of town family visiting then so I probably can't make it. I'll let you know if that changes. BTW, I usually don't go to Carowinds on Saturdays this time of year because of the crowds - you'll probably want to invest in a fast lane pass. When we went last Sunday after lunch, there was almost nobody in the queue and it was about a 10 minute wait because they were only running 2 trains. Yesterday, the queue was full and spilling out into the plaza.
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