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  1. According to all the reports I have found, Facebook has 1.1 billion users and Twitter has 500 million users. Here's one of the links I referenced but other links confirmed the same. I didn't personally count. expandedramblings.com/index.php/social-media-user-stat-infographic/
  2. I've only been tracking states that I've been to with my family which is around 25. We should be picking up 4-5 more 'state credits' this year. I also desperately need to make a New England trip.
  3. ^that's good to hear, especially since we'll be stopping by for HIP this year. I can finally get this credit.
  4. I didn't even consider that angle. Good point, although I wasn't really paying attention to the number much. This is just the first number I've seen published since the opening of Transformers. I did notice they didn't use the word 'average' which always throws a red flag for me since mean, median, mode, and midrange are all averages that can yield significantly different results yet are still technically all averages. Truth. We make it to Universal about once a year, which we did in January. While the new attractions and areas are something we look forward to, we'll still be going sometime next year as planned regardless. What is really drawing 'us' is the Potter expansion. I've been told by the ladies in my family that we *will* go to Universal next year if I want to go to other places.
  5. I found this an interesting read about Universal Studios:www.orlandosentinel.com/business/os-universal-to-add-thousands-of-hotel-rooms-20130911,0,7922928.story Most of the article tends to lean towards Universal adding more rooms than just Cabana Bay which is scheduled to open next year. This is what was the most interesting part of the article to me.
  6. USA Canada Puerto Rico Norway Tunisia Spain France Italy Greece Sicily Israel Turkey Iraq
  7. It's coming together nicely. I loved the picture commentary. I guess I need to make it back here soon since I only have half the credits.
  8. I am going to a SCarowinds preview on Friday night. I will try to get some pictures posted here when I get back although it will be past my bed time.
  9. ^I'm sure you know this but the 5C comes in a plastic case and the 5S is the standard aluminum case. From my understanding, they are coming out with the lower cost 5C to help them be a little more competitive with Android in the mid-line smart phone market. I read back through a few pages of this thread since I'm new on the forum and I think it was you mentioning placing the screen against your leg instead of out. I almost always do that too - except in January when we were at Universal Orlando. I forgot and left the screen of my android facing out and the restraint from Dr Doom's Fearfall shattered my screen. I replaced it with an iPhone 5 when I returned home. I've been very happy with my iPhone 5 although I liked my Android too. The selling point for me personally was battery life (which I observed from my wife's iPhone 4). I had to carry a spare battery for my droid. It couldn't make it 8 hours with low usage and I certainly had to charge it every night. I often go two days without charging my iPhone, now.
  10. This is awesome! I hope they don't keep it as a concept and it turns into reality.
  11. I hate inexperienced hackers. Anybody can search the Internet and download the tools needed to easily do small scale DDoS attacks. That doesn't prove that you know anything. You can tell what I've been doing the last few days at work... tracking down some inexperienced 'hackers.' I do use the term hacker *very* loosely.
  12. ^^Same here. I mentioned something along the same lines when I donated my first $25 and I just donated another $25. While I'd like the Bag-o-Crap and some DVDs, I'll be getting some of that through my Club TPR membership. I'd rather focus on the charity. If TPR would like to donate what it would cost to send me the stuff, that would be fine. Thanks for the offer, though. It is appreciated! Hopefully you can hit your goal. We're almost there!
  13. ^Thanks. I haven't been to LA since 1988 so I don't remember what traffic was like. I do know that I was driving one of these down I-5 and everybody stayed out of my way. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
  14. ^That's where Google comes in handy. BTW, I was saying this with humor intended. It is a joke we use at work - IT humor...
  15. A screaming swing would be a great addition to the park.
  16. Is LA traffic always that bad or did you happen to be there around rush hour? Nice trip report, btw.
  17. While I wouldn't consider this the 'best view' from a lift hill, it does fit the general topic of this thread. The top of the lift hill on Wacky Worm at O.D. Amusement park in North Myrtle Beach had a really good view of the Atlantic Ocean. This is from 2012 and I'm not sure if it is still there. Yes I did credit whore this although my main visit for the stop was the Zyklon across the street.
  18. Despite my age, I'm newer enthusiast so I shouldn't even be commenting compared to some of you with all your knowledge and experience. I wanted to put in my 2 cents, though. We really liked Cedar Point, but we loved WDW, Univsersal, and Busch Gardens for completely different reasons. I have never understood how to compare an amusement park like Cedar Point to a theme park like Walt Disney World, for example. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Once you get past the point that they are both fruits, everything else is so uniquely different.
  19. They haven't done anything major to the water park in years. While this is purely speculation on my part, I suspect that part of the announced 3 year $50 million plan will include another water park attraction as well as rebranding it to Soak City.
  20. Thanks for all the great pictures and updates! It looks like everybody had a great time. I can't wait until I can go on my first TPR event.
  21. ^^This is the most we have heard so far which has led to some speculation: That is quoted from one of our local news channels: www.wcnc.com/news/local/Carowinds-plans-50-million-expansion-221248521.html I do anticipate the $50 mil will include a new coaster. I'm keeping a close eye out over the next three years and will have pictures as soon as there is anything to report. Thanks for adding those logo pictures, ernierocker. I also had those but didn't think to include them. I'll include them next time.
  22. ^I agree. While I personally am not a fan of water parks, I understand their importance and know lots of people who like them. I've been saying for years that they need to add some new slides in the water park. This is a great addition! I just got the official information from the park about the announcement. Here's what they have to say about the food options.
  23. Carowinds just announced what's new for 2014. https://www.carowinds.com/what-s-new/new-for-2014 I also heard there are going to be some restaurant upgrades but I don't have any details on that yet.
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