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  1. Visited so far: Universal Studios Orlando Islands of Adventure Six Flags Over Texas Six Flags Fiesta Texas Sea World San Antonio Waterville USA Carowinds Knoebels Hersheypark Six Flags America Still to come: Lunapark Pleasure Pier Disneyland Knotts Berry Farm Six Flags Magic Mountain Adventuredome Not a bad year even after canceling a couple of trips.
  2. Yay! I have finalized our plans and made reservations at the KOA beside the Adventuredome for New Year's Eve. I made my reservation early enough so I was able to get an upgraded site with 'real or artificial grass "yard" with trees and/or a shade structure.' That night should prove to be quite an adventure. Hopefully El Loco will be running by then.
  3. Kraken takes the top spot for floorless coasters in my book, too.
  4. This is exciting news, especially for those of us whose home park is Carowinds. While $30 mil isn't bad, I'm happy to see that it is in fact $50 million. That should mean a new coaster as part of expansion. The onsite resort is a rumor that has been floating around for years. The only factual basis for it from what I've seen are some off-handed comments from Bart K, the park's GM, during Q&A sessions, that yes, Carowinds would like to have one. I don't see one coming in the near future.
  5. Yeah, the numbers don't match between our local news and Cedar Fair. I'm assuming the $30 million is the more accurate number.
  6. Here's the source: www.wsoctv.com/news/news/local/cedar-fair-announces-50m-investment-carowinds/nZctj/ Here's the official press release from Cedar Fair: cedarfair.com/ir/press_releases/index.cfm?current_root=15&mode=story&story_id=388
  7. Carowinds is my home park. It is not my favorite park but I'm happy to have a park so close.
  8. I agree. I think Carowinds consistently has an above average staff. Carowinds is lacking on quality restaurants if you're looking for more than average fast food. I think they really need a signature restaurant that serves fresh food. The SCarowinds Haunt website is up. There are two new scare zones and one new maze. Two of the previous mazes 1 scare zone are gone. Mazes: (7) Silver Scream Sinema FURY Defex Cornstalkers The Asylum Last Laff Zombie High School Scare Zones: (5) The Playground Mass Acres Feeding Frenzy Scary Tales London Terror
  9. There are no In-n-outs anywhere near North Carolina.
  10. This is a great report! I've always been particularly fascinated with the Imagineers so I found that part the most fascinating.
  11. Most of the rides stay open unless it is a heavy rain.
  12. Double Loop at Geauga lake the year it opened. It was also my first non-kiddie coaster.
  13. Redd's Apple Ale. Not bad for a non-craft pale ale with apple flavoring.
  14. ^^As a long-time Cleveland fan, anytime they do good it is a surprise to me. Since I don't get to see many Browns games since I moved south a long time ago, I also pull for the Panthers. They have a lot of potential this year. If they can get their act together, they may surprise some.
  15. That is great news! Hopefully iRat will be open during Holiday in the Park.
  16. Hopefully they finish it on time and it's open by the time I'm there in late December.
  17. Season Pass Appreciation Day is this Sunday, 8/18. The most notable event will be the unveiling of the new haunted attractions for SCarowinds at 3:00 in the Carowinds Theater. https://www.carowinds.com/events/plan-a-visit/special-events/Season-Holder-Appreciation-Day
  18. I was looking forward to a trip here in the near future but I'm not sure if it's worth it, now, based on comments in this thread. Would I be best served ignoring this park for now since it's so far away from me and focusing on enjoying other parks we haven't been to? (I never thought I'd ask if it was worth 'skipping' a park I've never been to...)
  19. I donated $25 yesterday when I saw the post. I hope everybody who participates in these forums will donate at least something. GKTW is a very worthy cause.
  20. Parks do need a collection of mild thrill rides to appeal to the masses and continue to help bring in revenue. Without that revenue they can't continue to build new more aggressive thrill rides.
  21. ^I guess we hit the park at a good time, then. We went in mid April and all of the coasters were operating. That doesn't sound like the norm.
  22. I'm sure it will be here for many years to come. I'm just not particularly fond of stand-up coasters. I would like it better if it were more like Georgia Scorcher.
  23. ^yeah, that was my thought, too. It must not have been anything major. When I heard it was down, I was hoping they were starting to take it out.
  24. Yeah, I heard it was a cross support that failed safety inspection. I don't have any further details. Regarding the pictures I took of the markings at the front of the park, it appears to me that this will lead up to something for 2015. I'm hearing rumors there are some things going on at other areas of the park. When I get a chance to get back to the park, I'll scope out that area and see what I can find.
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