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  1. I think that was just the working name at the beginning of the project, I seem to remember hearing before that it was always going to change.
  2. The name is hilariously adorable and the presentation of the coaster looks stunning
  3. Super Nintendo Land, has been delayed due to the state of emergency in the Osaka prefecture. It was due to open on the 4th of February and they will decide on a new date once this has been lifted. https://www.usj.co.jp/company/company_e/2021/0114.html
  4. To be fair I totally get you, coastercoaster5, but I feel they would have already changed the name when they were trying to overcome the park's terrible reputation. The move away from the Californian theming was very much deliberate, and I think changing the name would have been a good way of underlining this, but as they didn't do this I think it'll keep the name for the foreseeable future. I feel the name is almost generic to the point it doesn't really matter.
  5. It's a difficult decision between the convenience of a pass that includes everything, or keeping both functioning kidneys. I'm thinking if/when I visit, the Express 7 with Flying Dinosaur might me my best option, then maybe try and use SRQ for everything else.
  6. Thanks for this. Can I just sanity-check this as I feel I missed out by not studying Universal Express at university, such seems to be the complexity of their system Their website doesn't seem to be up to date or even particularly good, so from what I understand, Universal Express 7 includes: Forbidden Journey Flight of the Hippogriff Mario Cart Yoshi's Adventure Minion Mayhem OR Freeze Ray Sliders Jaws OR Hollywood Dream Sing OR Backdrop OR Flying Dinosaur OR Space Fantasy Universal 4 I am less clear on. It used to include The Flying Di
  7. I don't think Six Flags really have much to do with this project, Qiddiya just pay them to use their name on license.
  8. Not sure they'd release a statement unless there were news stories about it, in which case it'd likely be a generic 'the coaster experienced problems while testing, no riders were involved' kind of thing. I can't imagine they'd willingly go into detail and voluntarily tell the world the wheels fell off their new rollercoaster trains.
  9. I think it's just because they are .heic files (maybe direct from your phone/camera) so when you uploaded they just appeared as attachments as they're not recognised as images. I think if you can somehow save as .jpg before uploading them they should appear in the post like normal. Thanks for posting them anyway, I appreciate it and welcome to the forum
  10. I don't understand how the detached wheel assembly ended up forward of the car it came from? But I guess all forms of logic go out the window when it comes to Premier's current POS train designs.
  11. A new tourist attraction "Fujiyama - King of Coasters Tower" Planning to open Summer 2021 will be a new 55m observation tower tucked into the turnaround on Fujiyama. Initially it was designed to help with inspections of the coaster, but now the plan is also to make it into an attraction in itself affording views of the coaster and the clouds in the distance that are probably obscuring Mount Fuji. It will feature: Observatory "Fujiyama - King of Coasters Sky Deck Skywalk "Fujiyama - King of Coasters Walk" Tube slide "Fujiyama - King of Coasters slider" Image
  12. You could be describing my first rides on Montu, too. I wrote that off as well, but then re-riding it a few years later it blew my socks off. Maybe you caught OzIris on a bad day (or bad days). It's honestly one of my favourite inverts Regarding Monster, at least even if it is like [your least favourite invert], I feel at least it has the quirky layout and near-misses to its advantage.
  13. Also don't forget as a transportable coaster, very little groundwork will be required, and the construction is likely to be very fast (and therefore cheap). I think it's more marketable than a lot of options they can afford/could have gone for.
  14. I think they look pretty cool, but I guess 'pretty cool' doesn't sound quite as good in a press pack. Overall the presentation of the coaster is a lot better than I was expecting. I didn't really expect the amount of theming we got with the paddock, the rocks and enclosed sections. I'm really looking forward to it - although coaster-wise I feel there will be better opening next year, Velocicoaster definitely seems to be the full package.
  15. I'm not sure if porn is allowed on TPR, but here are some recent photos from Walibi Belgium's Facebook page showing the new trains for their yet to be named hyper. Intamin are creating such beautiful trains at the moment. Also love the look of the wave turn in the background.
  16. I'm sure I read the Ice Breaker height restriction will be 48" - I remember they were really pushing the exact family-friendlier tone when they initially announced the coaster. On the topic of the trains, I think Premier's current rolling stock is just about the worst out there from any of the major manufacturers at the moment, especially when you compare them to Intamin and Mack's current designs. I think they're ugly, not easy to get in/out of and the comfort collars are a really stupid solution to a problem that doesn't really exist.
  17. I have mixed feelings about the prevalence of IPs at the parks now. The nostalgic side of me is a bit sad how the lines of distinction between each of the parks has been blurred and how we used to have e-tickets that became franchises and not the other way round. But the realistic side of me says money talks, get over it. Re: Epcot, I did love the idea that Imagineers couldn't include Disney characters hence we ended up with hidden Mickeys and Figment, but I always felt that the park was a good idea poorly executed and that places like Futurascope do the whole edu-tainment thing better.
  18. I think we can all agree this would be one and a half credits though
  19. I don't think anyone can judge a ride's speed by looking at off ride footage or POVs, especially when it's testing. Everytime we see a new coaster test it seems half the comments are about how fast it looks, while the other are about how slow it looks. Besides the fact there are so many factors at play here (empty trains, different wheel composites, trying different launch speeds etc), it's just difficult to tell how a coaster will feel by just sitting and watching it on a computer screen. For example, I always think Skyrush looks pretty average, but my shattered thigh bones beg to
  20. There are going to be a few of these dotted around the course, at least four I think. It seems like a good idea because it cuts down on the amount of supports and groundwork.
  21. I'm really happy to see the new forum live, well done everyone for all the work you did to get it back online and the work you have done since. The ability to react to a post is really useful to me because there are so many times when I want to acknowledge a post but don't want to reply for the sake of replying. Also really happy the topic sub-title is back as that is a great way of seeing at a glance the latest news is within a topic, particularly parks I'm less familiar with and don't normally follow.
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