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  1. Stick a Raptor train on each rail and bingo, you have duelling Raptors.
  2. What an amazing trip report, thank you. So many great photos covering every aspect of the event, real in-depth information and lots of useful tips. It looks like the resort have done a really good job of creating this Halloween Horror Days event and I'm really surprised/happy to see it included in regular admission. Regarding Velocicoaster, it's a pretty naff name but I guess not really important. The coaster isn't the prettiest skyline-wise, but I am sure we would have said the same had Incredible Hulk been built 20 years after the park opened too. I am not a big fan of the Lost World st
  3. I would imagine it will be a pretty conservative year at best. While I feel there will be more stability (covid will still be around, but the threat will decrease as medication and treatment improves), I think there will be continued cutbacks while parks try and recoup the money lost from this season.
  4. Iron Gwazi, other upcoming SeaWorld parks roller coasters delayed to 2021
  5. Great! Whether this is a great coaster/layout or not, the setting looks really unique which will surely add to the experience. 24 riders per train (artwork showing four-across trains, but seven rows), so we're looking good for tight clearances too. This is one park in Europe I've not been, but I think it's pretty much at the top of my list, even without Monster.
  6. First Drop was a really good magazine when I was a member a few years ago. Is anyone still a member and how does it compare now? Obviously nothing compares to the immediacy of the internet, but it was still a great coffee table read.
  7. None of the websites I've looked at have said much more than that the people were told to stay in the boat, but I assumed that the 'stay on board' message was only the usual one they'd play out as part of a breakdown. Maybe the log was caught in a breakdown and queued up with other logs and it began to sink. I would be surprised if a cast member walked up to the log as it sunk and told the guests to stay on board, but I'm happy to be proved wrong. Most of the articles I found were just eyewitness accounts, terrible videos or hyperbole.
  8. It doesn't make much sense to start promoting rides that people can't ride for the foreseeable future, and that's assuming they're even able to film from them.
  9. Drayton Manor has filed a notice of intent that it will enter administration. In the UK this is when a company becomes insolvent and is essentially taken over by accountants who will try and either sell the park as an ongoing concern or wind it down meaning job losses and the sale of assets to try and recover money for creditors. Mellors Group (who own Fantasy Island, and are an entertainments company who tour many fair rides in the UK) were rumoured to be taking over 'Drayton Manor Operations Ltd' which might suggest a pre-packaged administration, or possibly a straight-forward sale that
  10. Certainly not the prettiest element but it looks amazing, so much happening in such a short length of track.
  11. Thanks, that's great to hear, I want to make Disney my first foreign trip as I can easily drive through the Channel Tunnel and was interested to know how well the social distancing measures were being followed/policed. There are always people with selective vision so I'm prepared for a few people to ignore the rules. I'm really happy to hear the park is looking better too. My last visit was near the beginning of the huge park-wide refurb so I could see how worn some parts were looking, but also how much work they were doing to sprinkle some of that Disney magic. It's the most beautiful cas
  12. I wondered if they'd do a smaller, more exclusive event but it's almost an impossible ask for them to put together events at the moment with so much uncertainty. Plus we've had enough horrors for the year, right?
  13. There's a similar thread here: https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=19078&p=60152&hilit=roughest+coaster#p60152 Don't take this the wrong way but when you join a forum, it's good to hang out a bit and get to know members first. Introduce yourself, get involved in some of the threads and tell us what your roughest coaster is etc. This would be my advice for any forum, not just this one. Or in fact it would be my advice for any social situation whatsoever.
  14. You are no longer able to take your mask off while walking around eating and Drinking. Disney have closed the loophole by updating their face coverings guidance to say: "You may remove your face covering while actively eating or drinking, but you should be stationary and maintain appropriate physical distancing."
  15. Yeah, although parks here don't generally use metal detectors at the entrance, Thorpe Park has really needed them for a while now. I've not visited for a few years so maybe it's changed, but on my last visit you were just randomly selected to be screened, it was never mandatory to go through them.
  16. Scum. What normal person goes to a theme park with a knife? I literally hate the kind of people this park attracts now. The single bridge in/out of the park clearly caused bit of a problem here in that there was a crowd of people who couldn't leave the park, but also maybe meant it was easier to track down the people responsible.
  17. B&M have been smoothing out their transitions for years now. I think the vests just make an already less-snappy ride yet more passive. I really like B&M though so this isn't a criticism, however I'm not really a fan of their restraints now.
  18. I had totally forgotten about this one, and now this thread has reminded me, I realise I've also totally forgotten the layout. Really looking forward to seeing this one! I feel Intamin have really matured over the last few years but are still those playful rapscallions that we love them for.
  19. Yep, that's right, I think some of the latter turns have been reprofiled too.
  20. If you insist... Money saving tip: It's $5 to feed the Sea Lions at Sea World but you can now feed the gators for free! [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]-Facebook No mask, but she's taking social distancing seriously. One out of two isn't bad.
  21. Photo: mramusementmedia Photo: mramusementmedia Photo: skywalkingadventure Thought I'd post a few photos I've stumbled across on Instagram. They show the trains on track (complete with vest restraints) for the Transformers coaster which is a modified clone of Incredible Hulk. They also show ride vehicles for the Jurassic Park dark ride. Originally this was going to be a new ride system but they have opted to use the same tech (and layout) as Spiderman. There are loads of pictures on Themeparkx which I am unable to post here, but it shows how much progress has been made,
  22. Primeval Whirl (and that whole area) are a massive zit on the face of Animal Kingdom. Primeval Whirl itself is probably my least favourite ride at any Disney park.
  23. I watched a vlog today (yeah yeah, I know, but I enjoy the 5% of vloggers who aren't annoying), and one useful takeaway that I wanted to tell people was that in terms of masks, the neck gaitor styles which are quite popular are not allowed, not even ones with ear holes. Just thought I'd let anyone considering visiting know.
  24. Surprisingly, Intamin never used to have sensors on their restraints, even on rides where your life depends on it. I always found this surprising.
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