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  1. Is it likely to go inside that building on the left? I'm thinking if it is an indoor coaster then something like a well themed Intamin multi-dimensional coaster like Inferno at Cinecitta World might be good.
  2. Although Web Slingers looks really underwhelming, it's great they have a more cohesive Marvel area now that includes Guardians. Great work on the report, really enjoyed your photography!
  3. The only one I've not seen in real life is the new Hong Kong Disneyland version. For me... Disneyland Paris is the prettiest, by far, I love the landscaping around it and the dragon's lair underneath Magic Kingdom is a distant second. I like it a lot but it has always looked a bit utilitarian to me. Unpopular opinion but I prefer the current colourscheme Hong Kong Disneyland looked horrible in the artists' impressions and seemed to be a discombobulated mess, but I actually quite like the final result and I like the significance of how each turret represents a Disn
  4. Sorry you mentioned limiting capacity, but I thought parks were back to near-normal levels of busyness which is what I meant in terms of the illusion (the illusion being that they are limiting capacity). By having park pass but still filling the parks, reservations go fast because of FOMO and then people are staying longer and spending more.
  5. I'm not sure if capacity is being limited or if they're just trying to create the illusion of scarcity to give people a fear of missing out. I also feel that by making park hopping more difficult or less attractive, guest spending per head will increase because they are spending more time in the parks.
  6. Does anyone know what this thingamabob is on top of the lift on Monster? It looks like a small crane/jib. My only thought is that it is to help replace the chain as I guess actual crane access is difficult. This is the most unimportant question in the history of unimportant questions, but it is one of those things that always bugs me when I see it. Photo cropped from original by FABH.Adventures, of course!
  7. Wow, this is a great report. I'm glad you made the most of what seemed to be a really busy day. I think for such an ugly park, Untamed looks like one of the prettiest coasters RMC have done and I do actually quite like the 'nature is taking over' aesthetic.
  8. From the front the wheel cover decals look like eyes, so I think it's just that one of the monsters has green eyes and the other orange. You can see it pretty clearly in FABH Adventures' picture here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQDhY_h4-R/
  9. So Grona Lund finally ran out of space and needs to expand? I thought it would never happen! Fingers crossed the appeal goes through.
  10. Thanks for posting, it's good to see decent quality footage and that shows that it seems more often than not they're actually timed to run together. I wasn't even sure in the earlier video whether it had riders on or whether it was just testing.
  11. Great POV of a really nicely presented ride. That first drop looks so good, especially into the first inversion.
  12. I can't blame them that they don't have enough staff. It's been a problem for years and with covid it has been the perfect storm. But I can absolutely blame them for their terrible communication and promising the world when they can't even deliver the moon. Hopefully anyone who has booked accommodation etc has free cancellations, I'm not booking anywhere that doesn't at the moment.
  13. I can think of a pretty big one, and it's been the top news story for 14+ months.
  14. I think the 'Intamin rides are unreliable' trope is generally pretty outdated now, just like when people say 'Vekoma rides are rough'. People judge Intamin's reliability on rides like TTD, just like people judge Vekoma's smoothness on their SLCs. Hagrids was a mess, but the opening of that was really rushed and honestly with seven launches, three (?) switch tracks, two drop tracks (and a partridge in a pear tree) it is maybe the most technologically advanced coaster in the world, especially when you factor in the number of trains, conveyor loading etc too. Air at Alton Towers was hil
  15. Thanks for the honest review. I am always a bit when enthusiasts declare a new coaster to be perfect in every way, so I'm really glad you took the time to tell us what left you wanting more as well as what you loved.
  16. Big Thunder Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland which was 6,659 miles away as I think I was living in Valencia at the time.
  17. It's such a great locker system because at least people can still keep their belongings with them in the queue, and only have to put them away at the last minute. They are a pain in the posterior to retrofit to existing rides though because it relies on having the ride exit basically next to the queue because the lockers are double-sided. Obviously unlike the lockers on Forbidden Journey for example they can't have incoming/outgoing riders mixing otherwise people can skip the entire queue.
  18. This looks so good. So much packed into the layout, and the ending looks so chaotic. I cannot wait to go to Belgium and ride this. I really hope you get to ride it soon and give us a review!
  19. Thanks for the review, your thoughts definitely seem in line with my expectations of this being a ride of two halves. It's nice to see that with two decent coasters in such a short amount of time that Universal are restoring a bit of balance to their line-up too after several screen-heavy years.
  20. I guess it's easier said than done, but even if Dolly wants to step down it would be nice if they were able to continue using her name like they do at Bobbejaanland.
  21. Oh wow, that's pretty high to be fair. Blackpool do actually do Big One lift walks, so knowing them they charged the riders for the walk down.
  22. So that's half of Skyline's operating Skywarp coasters possibly removed after just a couple of years. How does Sea World's version compare to this (experience and reliability)? To be fair I think these would be decent filler rides if they used LSMs instead of their clunky tyre-drive system and used a nicer train design. But they don't, so they aren't.
  23. Yes, the park has a super-strict height restriction but they are also really focusing on the family market now so it was always going to be a family drop ride. The dividers I believe are just due to covid.
  24. It's not something I'd do, but if you're a local I can see the appeal of going for a ride opening. So long as you accept the early morning, possibility of disappointment though breakdowns etc, then I can totally understand why you'd want to go - it must have bit of a festival-like atmosphere and at least you can enjoy the ride before over-exposure to all the reviews and everything. I'm definitely not going to look down on someone for wanting to be a part of it.
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