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  1. When Seaworld did their presentation to Orange County last month, they said masks would be mandatory and social distancing measures would be in place. If this continues not to be enforced, could Orange County take measures against the park? For example fining them or telling them to temporarily close? In the UK (not a model template in dealing with coronavirus, for sure) companies have to be 'covid secure' prior to reopening and can be fined/closed if they don't follow guidance. I was wondering if it was the same in the US as I'm not really sure how these things work there.
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland is reopening on 18 June after being closed since January. All the usual measures will be in place including requirement of online reservation, masks/face coverings and temperature checks at entry. Along with social distancing measures and additional cleaning guests also have to fill in a health declaration prior to visiting.
  3. This part of things just seems well intentioned but kind of pointless. They're going to block off half the seats and enforce that we keep a distance between everyone else on the ride...including the people we came with, that we live with and drove to the park with, etc etc? They'd be able to get much closer to normal capacity if they could just let groups distance from other groups. I suppose it's not like they can trust people to have common sense to just keep distance away from people they aren't normally on top of. Half the country has shown to have none of that at all. Normally th
  4. I'm really surprised and disappointed in Seaworld. It's generally a very quiet park, has a lot of space and has everything going for it to set the gold standard in safety measures. There's no point having rules if you let people break them, otherwise it's just meaningless lip service. There are a lot of rules in place to keep people safe in a theme park. If someone stands up on a ride they'll be told to sit down, just as if someone takes their mask off they should be told to put it on. If guests can't follow the rules, they shouldn't visit. If the park can't enforce the rules, it shouldn'
  5. Ah I think so! Thanks for that. My understanding is that the times you feel it are the only times it moves (it's stationary for the actual ride I think, in the same way Carousel of Progress stops to allow people to board), but nevertheless it's such a great solution and really seamlessly integrated. What I love about things like this (and the carousel screens on Forbidden Journey) is that it's this amazing tech that is basically invisible and the average rider wouldn't even know it exists. It reminds me of that Arthur C Clarke quote that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistingu
  6. I couldn't find a video which had an animation of this, but I found this image on Reddit which hopefully answers your question. I believe the doors you might walk past in the corridor close in such a way they're disguised with the panelling on the wall. Then all the ride vehicles are on turntables (apart from the ones for disabled riders) which slowly turn during the ride and in between loading/unloading of other ride vehicles.
  7. Well, I'm not about to start picking holes in South Korea's coronavirus response considering they have lead a masterclass in dealing with the outbreak. I think many countries could learn a thing or two from them.
  8. Yeah, I nearly mentioned this the other day that the B&M Wing Riders were basically built for social distancing.
  9. Oh this is shame, it's like the end of an era. Between him and Oscar Bruch they bought so many incredible rides to the German fair scene (and beyond). The model coaster is an extension that was planned for Olympia Looping which never happened. The economics no longer make sense anymore unfortunately, and the glory days of gigantic rides debuting at German fairs are now a distant memory unfortunately.
  10. I'll be visiting parks I have an annual pass for as I don't feel the pressure to ride lots of rides or even have a good day. I can just walk around, experience it for myself and ride whatever I feel comfortable with, and if I don't enjoy it or feel safe, I can just leave. If I lived in Orlando, for example, I'm sure I would have gone to Universal already but I don't feel I would have actually ridden much - probably a few rides here and there, eating a meal or something, but that's probably it. I will probably think about visiting a few smaller parks to support them later this year whe
  11. Running rides less will definitely save money, both in terms of staffing and maintenance. Things like shorter days, closing certain days of the week (like Seaworld appear to be doing) and shortening the season will all help achieve this. Likewise, operating with fewer trains will help. Alton Towers has run a masterclass in money saving over the last few years by mothballing some rides for a season (Hex), removing others that require lots of staff (Nemesis: Sub Terra), replacing others with upcharge attractions (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and removing maintenance money pits (Ripsaw
  12. Haha yes, I think I subconsciously assume it's 'just' France that's easily accessible through the tunnel, not Belgium etc too. I think I will want to do a lot of these quick little European jaunts once we can travel again, especially ones that avoid planes assuming social distancing will still be a thing, so I'll add this to the list.
  13. Oh wow, Plopsaland is literally 3 hours away from my house and I didn't even realise it. I'm the worst enthusiast ever.
  14. Thanks for the mini-review. I have to say this isn't a ride which has really interested me much but not sure if that's just because I don't know much about it and it's been off the radar for me, or because it's just a powered coaster which nowadays isn't super exciting as a ride system. This is nothing against family coasters because a lot of them are tons of fun. Does it duel all the time or just when you're lucky? I've not seen any POVs yet.
  15. I don't think it's necessarily controversial, I think most people would agree we can't just keep everything closed while the virus exists as the best case scenario says it's going to be around for at least the rest of the year and worst case that it will be around in some form for ever. But likewise there's a lot of concern that if you rush reopening, it could cause a second wave and mean things have to close down for even longer, causing even more economic impact. It's such a fine line.
  16. Sorry for the double-post but here are some photos. Hopefully this source is OK. I've also embedded a video. Source: Amusement Insider
  17. Yes, absolutely they will. Even ignoring the money they're hemorrhaging now, a lot of parks rely on being busy to survive and there is a lot working against them even once they reopen; loss of visitor confidence, decimated international tourism, capacity limits, difficulty in putting on seasonal events, loss of corporate events and functions being just a few examples. Many smaller parks will struggle, and many chains will have to make difficult decisions.
  18. Yes, I'm loving the look of this one. It will be interesting to see what shape the top hat takes as we're starting to see a lot of interesting transitions in and out of them lately. The inline twist and the little speed hill before look really fun, and the sightline across the lagoon with the Discovery Center behind should be a great photo opportunity. It should be a pretty fast coaster too because there's nothing of much height after what appears to be a very tall tophat. I was getting fatigued with the number of screens at Universal too (I think rides like Forbidden Journey and Transform
  19. Ah thank you! I guess that will be in the concrete area near the top left? And I guess that this will be another new area!
  20. The second family boomerang is snaking around on the left of this image - I missed it the first time too!
  21. The new Aqualandia area is looking rather nice. There is what looks to be some red track lined up against the trees to the top centre-right - is there another coaster I've forgotten about? I guess the land behind Aqualandia (as we look at it in this image) will be the next to be developed. Source: https://www.facebook.com/fomocoaster
  22. It's normally a false economy to build a big new ride to celebrate an anniversary as the marketing efforts for one will come at the expense of other. It makes sense to just do generic decorations/celebrations on an anniversary year because it makes something out of nothing - Disney are experts out of this having also celebrated 35th and 45th anniversaries, neither of which are particularly notable. Disney are obviously opening a ton of new things for their 50th, but in this case I think these rides were always part of their masterplan as they step up their response to Universal, and in the
  23. A moving melodrama by Europapark explaining the reopening measures they have put in place (turn on subtitles if required). One of the things I found interesting is that you now have to pull down and check your own restraint for obvious reasons. This is one of three approaches I've seen so far from different parks in Europe (other methods being to use a tool to check and also just having the member of staff kitted out with a face shield/PPE)
  24. The last time I visited WDW they were quite sloppy with making sure the exit doors were closed before the entry doors were open which kind of ruined the illusion!
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