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  1. What are their vests like out of interest? I'm surprised they're still using them as I don't think Tripsdrill's new invert has them.
  2. Thank you, hope you had a good day. So it looks like they have the usual measures like markings in queue lines, lots of signage and are loading every other row (and keeping groups apart) on coasters. Did you notice anything else? How were they loading Villa Volta? I was thinking the two rows are very close together on Mad Houses, so I guess just one row each side with gaps between groups?
  3. I saw on Vekoma's Instagram that they've posted a picture of Abyssus's trains/boats.
  4. Lot of videos from Citywalk's first day of post-lockdown operation on Youtube. It's obviously quieter than normal but a nice amount of people and it appeared to be well organised with the majority of people following the rules. In the car park, every other space was being filled until people had left their cars, then the empty spaces were filled which seems like a good system. There is a contactless temperature check prior to security and markings on the ground but no obvious queues as it's such a fast process. Some parts of City Walk are quite cramped/congested compared to Disney Springs, so it will be interesting to see how queues outside places like Starbucks are managed when more places open, particularly when the parks reopen and there's additional foot traffic.
  5. Also, when we talk about reduced capacities, we have to remember that the actual net capacity of the park is reduced by some attractions being closed, shows not taking place, attractions running at reduced capacity, queue lines having allowance for social distancing etc, which means 17,000 will actually feel busier than 17,000 on a normal day because there aren't as many things to soak up the people.
  6. Hopefully they have some water-filled dummies kicking around that they can use as this is likely to be a long-term thing.
  7. Update from what's left of the UK: The hospitality industry (which I would assume includes theme parks) will be able to open 'at the earliest' from July. This is conditional on certain targets on the number of infections and the R-number being met. With the lockdown restrictions being relaxed from Wednesday, it seems quite optimistic but we'll see. I'm sure Boris knows what he's doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Thanks for this. The last point is quite interesting, I guess it's to stop people from different households mixing which would possibly help spread the virus? The only other thing is that I guess family groups are more predictably sized generally? All the other points seem pretty standard, but that one piqued my interest.
  9. Europa-Park resort will be reopening in phases towards the end of May, with the park itself open from 29th May with pre-booking required. They will also be introducing an app to manage queues and social distancing - I think we will be seeing more apps like this, particularly with Holovis offering their social distancing integration for theme parks. Full details (and discussion) in the Europa Park thread
  10. Europa-Park reopening 29th May 2020 - Hotel restaurants reopening outdoor areas from 18th May - Hotel restaurants indoor areas open from 25th May - Park, Hotel Accomodation and Camp Resort reopen from 29th May - You must pre-book tickets for specific days - available from 13th May - Shows, cinema and Rulantica will remain closed for the time being - Masks must be worn in queues, indoors and on rides - Digital technology, including a new 'Distance Radar' app introduced to manage queues and social distancing From https://www.europapark.de/en/info/all-information-regarding-re-opening
  11. The trains aren't left on wheels when in the maintenance area so they won't go square. Testing now isn't really a sign of anything, it's just the next logical step to handing over the ride to Hersheypark so there's no reason to not test it now if they are able to, and then if/when the park opens, the ride will be ready if they wish to open it this season. It also makes sense to get the testing done now so it doesn't hold up periphery work like completing the new entrance area.
  12. I think that's a bit unfair. I just read through the whole document and thought it was pretty exhaustive and offers a lot of guidance for parks for everything from height checks to loading rides. It was only ever going to be guidance as IAAPA have no authority over how parks operate, different countries have different rules, and different parks operate in different ways. I think as a starting point it is very useful, particularly for smaller parks.
  13. I think we're over-analysing masks a bit. I can't see any situation where they would fly off. They are lightweight, elasticated, hook over your ears and mould to the contours of your face. There will be situations like eating and water rides (assuming water parks even open) where you won't be able to or need to wear them but that doesn't make them pointless. So long as most people are wearing them most of the time the overall risk reduces. Masks aren't a magical silver bullet, they are just one of many measures aimed at slowing the infection rate. Good luck to the parks, there's a lot to think about when you consider everything that makes up a theme park. We talk about queue lines, but they need to think about every pathway, every shop, every restaurant, every show, and every attraction and work out a way to impose social distancing while still trying to maintain a sense of fun. I will probably be revisiting the parks out of misplaced loyalty and to support them, but I am not looking forward to it.
  14. The main takeaway for me was that I should wear jeans instead of skirts in case the person next to me pees on me.
  15. Thanks for the photos, particularly the Magnum construction ones! Banshee was going to be the name for Mantis, right? I never knew they got as far as designing a logo for it, and I definitely didn't realise that the King's Island logo design was basically an updated version. What a nice touch.
  16. Merlin (UK) Suspending monthly payments and adding months for duration of the attraction closures (ie, if they are closed for 5 weeks, two months are added for free). The UK annual pass includes Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Chessington, Legoland Windsor, London Eye, Warwick Castle, Dungeons, Madame Tussauds etc. https://www.merlinannualpass.co.uk/coronavirus
  17. It's perfect for them - it's a clone of Sierra Sidewinder, but the theming in the whole area is great. I think with such a large investment for a relatively small park it makes sense to delay it to next year when they're more likely to get a proper return on investment.
  18. Paultons Park in the UK have delayed the opening of their Tornado Alley area to Easter next year. I think we might see similar announcements from other parks in a similar position. This is a family theme park in the UK who have really been punching above their weight recently. They put a lot of care and attention into everything they do, and their last few additions have been really well done. Tornado Alley looked to be really well put together with 8 new rides including a Mack spinning coaster, Zamperla Discovery Revolution and more, all themed to a 1950s midwest town. I'm really sad for them, but for such a big investment, the park currently closed and social distancing likely to be a thing for the rest of the year at least, it's the only decision they could have made.
  19. I'm surprised Vistaprint don't do one where they print a photo-realistic image of your mouth on the mask so that you can enjoy the peace of mind of a mask without looking like you're wearing one.
  20. May seems optimistic to me, at least for larger parks, but I agree with pretty much everything else. I think the main difference between parks and fairs is that with parks it will be a lot easier for them to limit capacity, use virtual queuing and social distancing measures, so it's quite easy for them to create a safer and more predictable environment. I think people will go, but not in huge numbers, and bearing in mind everything said above that's not a problem because it's not like things will be running to full capacity probably for at least the rest of the year.
  21. Parks are either opening or preparing to open in Asia. Here are some of the more visible changes at both Shanghai Disneyland and Fanta parks. Oriental Heritage Jingzhou loading every other seat. Masks are mandatory. Photo: https://www.facebook.com/rcdchina Shanghai Disneyland with markings in queues. Photo:
  22. Also Sweden has a small population. Their number of deaths per 1m people is actually worse than America.
  23. Chessington World of Adventures opened yesterday for annual passholder preview day. The UK is maybe a week behind Spain in terms of the outbreak and cases are accelerating quickly. Almost all large events have cancelled and I'm surprised Chessington opened. This could last until 2021 with cases peaking in 10 weeks, dipping a bit during summer and then increasing again next winter. The impact this will have could be enormous. If this is right, I'm not sure how even events like Winter Wonderland in London can go ahead.
  24. That hotel facade is just incredible. I've never seen anything like it. It looks really classy despite being a wall of rust.
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